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Jon Sharpe is a regular visitor on the MBS Circuit. I asked him if he would write an essay about the shows from his Wiccan perspective, it is an interesting read.

Jon Can Never Resist a Book

Jon Can Never Resist a Book

How I Discovered Mind, Body, and Spirit Fairs

I have been going to Mind, Body, and Spirit Fairs for over a decade now. It all began when I was going through a difficult time in my life health-wise. The ‘conventional route,’ of doctors and their prescribed pills and potions, did not seem to be solving the problem. I thought: “there has to be another way,” a more ‘holistic approach’ to treating the mind and body as a whole. By addressing the problem without resorting to a cocktail of chemicals conjured up by pharmaceutical companies, which are probably doing more harm than good. The leaflets in the packets, warning of potential ‘side effects,’ are enough to discourage anyone from taking the ‘medicine’ in the first place, no matter how much your GP will claim that ”it will help”!

When I went to my first Mind, Body, and Spirit Fair, it was a real eye-opener, I can tell you! I had heard of ‘Wiccanism’ before, but, like most people, I presumed it was akin to ‘witchcraft.’ And, at the time, I knew even less about ‘alternative therapies’ than I did about ‘conventional’ ones. I wasn’t prepared for the wonderful new world that opened up before me. I was a little uncertain at first but soon discovered, by meeting and talking to a wide variety of people, that Wiccanism is a broad umbrella indeed.

It is a ‘community’ of like-minded people, who are so helpful and approachable, that, over the course of time, I have made some magnificent friends. They are full of wisdom and knowledge and are keeping alive the traditions and ways of our ancestors in the fast-changing, hectic, everyday world. The Wiccan world draws from many cultures throughout history and across the globe. This means there are a wide variety of treatments and therapies for the mind, body, and spirit to help us cope with the daily stresses of our lives and demands on our time. We are bombarded every day with so many stimuli and so much data, from all directions, that it can be overwhelming and bewildering. Consequently, we take so little time to look after our own health and well-being, that we feel our mental, physical, and spiritual ‘batteries’ are constantly being ‘drained,’ with little chance to ‘recharge’ them.

This is the position I found myself in over a decade ago – complete ‘overload.’ It came as a relief that there are people who can assist us to de-clutter and detoxify our minds, bodies, and spirits, without the aid of the medical world’s cocktail of chemicals. And make us feel as though we really are ‘human’ again, rather than ‘robots’ with crossed-wires and confused programming. Even so, I took a risk in coming off the prescribed tablets without consulting my GP first. But I felt it was a risk worth taking, as I now knew that there were other ‘avenues’ regarding therapies and treatments that were ‘open,’ and worth trying. I have not regretted making this life-changing decision.

As the Wiccan mantra goes: ”you just have to find what is right for you”. And, believe me, there are so many ‘paths’ to explore, that you will find the Wiccan way that suits you and your life. You just have to ‘explore’ a little first, talk to people, and be prepared to try the unfamiliar. There are many books out there on the various aspects of Wiccanism, and the internet has many sites devoted to them. I am a firm believer in ”doing the research”, as at heart, I am still an academic. Yet my horizons have been broadened by going to Mind, Body, and Spirt Fairs, and I feel my life is all the richer for my discovery of the Wiccan world and the wonderful people therein. Now I have found my ‘path’, and feel it ‘is the right one’ for me.

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