Sandi-Joy Pinkney – Exhibitor Profile

Sandi – Joy Pinkney

When making prayer beads, my creativity comes from many places and the things I see, hear and feel. I find inspiration when watching a Full Moon, the stars and the wonders of the Universe. We cannot ignore the majestic wonder of nature and the Planet which provides for us, and this leads me to the ways animal guides influence our lives. On another level, there is influence from the ideas within alternative beliefs. We discover catalysts of creativity when attending workshops and conversations with like-minded thinkers. My imagination is enlightened while studying the aspects ancient magic; for example understanding the meaning of Sigils. A sigil is a painted or inscribed symbol considered to have magical power.

I have a friend, an Angel Healer, who has commissioned many sets of prayer beads. The designs have arisen from researching Archangel’s who’s names are new to me. I love discovering the associations of the Archangels name and what it represents. For example, an angel can reflect or correspond to healing, love or strength. The pleasure received from researching these celestial beings and finding the gemstones which connect to them has no boundaries. All of the in-depth research goes into every one of my prayer beads. The sequence is, idea, thought, research and creativity. The beads represent hours of thought and investigation, and creative intuition is the last step before my jewellery and beads are made.

Items come with written explanations and meanings. It is important to consider which is right for you, if you have a specific question or requirement, I will advise how to consider your needs. You may feel a need for a necklace which corresponds to a particular Angel. Or you may wish to wear an item which represents one of the four elements. Earth of our realities: Air of our thoughts: Water of our emotions: Fire of creativity and spiritual awareness. There will be those who feel the benefit of a symbol representing their present needs would be right for them. The possibilities are endless, as is the wisdom which surrounds us, all that is required is an open mind.

When visiting my stall, you may also meet my wonderful partner Paul Asquith. He is a kind man and inspired healer. Indeed it is his support and belief in me which allowed me to follow every crazy thing I wish to do. His practical and emotional guidance has helped me to be where I am today. I remember when I learned my art, I practiced making different articles with his daughter, and the hobby evolved into a business. Paul has been by my side as I learned how to perfect my jewellery, he encouraged me to become a Hypnotherapist and Holistic Healer. My happiness and security are within all of my work.

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