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Past Life Regression   

From Royal Coaches to Lancaster Bombers

It’s true to say that over the years I have had some incredible experiences, ranging from the everyday strange, to the downright unexplainable. I’d like to think that I have the ability to rationally discern between fact fiction and pure scientific based theory. However in the passage of this life time I have experienced so much that is simply outside of the current paradigm of everyday life, These experiences are seated in the categories of both paranormal and esoteric of some description.

As a fully qualified psychotherapist with thousands of hours practice behind me. I specialised in the support of the elderly, and the bereaved, I also spent a short time as a sitter for palliative care clients in a Hospice, offering support in their final days or hours. On a more personal note I also  provided  24 hour care in my own home for my dear mother, until her last dying breath. I miss her dearly, but I would not be the person I am today without her calm caring nature to guide me.

I now spend my time travelling the country’s Mind Body & Soul Shows as a specialist Aura Photographic consultant, working with the general public.

The Aura is a direct reflection of our Physical, intellectual, emotional / spiritual balance. Dr Max Luscher, Theo Gimbel and Rudolf Steiner all made major contributions to the influence of Colour and how we reacted to it. Luscher discovered certain associations between Colour choice and states of mind. The benefits of having an Aura photo & interpretation  allows us to contemplate all aspects of our personality, it supports us in  making informative decisions form an informed prospective.  Colour energy is fluid, just like our emotion, understanding it opens up to so many new possibilities.

Past Life Regressionist Terry Baker

A few years ago now I had the pleasure of meeting Hypnotherapist Terry Baker at a weekend spiritual retreat. Terry was offering past life regression as a group experience, you could say I was somewhat excited at the chance to experience this process but was very reluctant to do it in a group. However curiosity  got the better of me and I decided I would give it a try.

I must be totally frank, over the years I have always had an unfounded dislike for Royalty for whatever reason, but nothing more. I’d also been drawn to Lancaster bombers for whatever reason. In a strange way I was captivated by them. In my late twenties I would become emotional when I heard the rumbling sound of their engines. I could even hear them miles in the distance before they came into view on the horizon. They just unsettled me somehow beyond any logical understanding.

First Regression 

Terry gave us some outline info on what could or would happen, and before we knew it we were about to start.

He talked us through a melodic process, I believe it was going down steps to different levels and being presented by different colour doors, and he asked us to stand in front of one then gave us more instructions individually. I very clearly remember trying to rationalise what was going on, but simply did not have the notion to change anything. I also intentionally walked past one door way because I just knew what was behind it. It was something to do with being in the RAF during the Second World War.

Next I made my choice and walked through a totally different door. Terry went around the very small group and each person was relaying different information, you could hear it without any trouble but I was to relaxed to react. Terry came to me and asked what I was experiencing, what was I wearing, I looked down and could see I was wearing breeches and shoes with square buckles on, he asked what else, I said a hat with  points on it. Now this sounds so weird but I remember observing myself at some level and feeling emotionally removed from the experience  but still knowing that this was without doubt coming from me.

The session went on, I was seeing and smelling cobbled streets with chickens, small animals and very shabbily dressed folk walking around. Terry said he would leave me for a while and then come back to me. When he returned he asked me for more details I started to relay these but suddenly stopped.  I said with no hesitation,” I must go I’m being called,” Where are you going, “I must go,”  It was like I was being summoned back to work. I said the coach is leaving. I must go and felt panicked. So in my mind I recalled getting on something. He left me again saying he would return. I could hear him talking to a lady, but it was not of interest I couldn’t be bothered again, and seemed to rest. When he returned he asked me about the coach. I said it was a very bright coach with a lot of horses pulling it. He asked where I was, I said on the back on a platform. He asked who did I work for, (now this did reverberate) somehow I said “Regina”. Now, he asked me many questions and I was almost replying with all this stuff, from where I did not know, but I didn’t care it just came out involuntary . After some more other less interesting stuff Terry asked me if there was anything else before we would close down. The last thing I remembered recalling was we had all been summoned to a very long room with huge windows up high, to be told off. I recounted she was dressed all in black with a very pale face; I said “She’s a miserable cow”. Terry closed the session and we all individually recalled our experience. So that was it my first regression.

The coach was something like this but not the same.

We had a break and Terry asked if anyone was interested he would do a second session. You guessed it, I was I there in a shot.

Second Regression 

Terry gave another brief talk and said this time the process would be much quicker as we were still open to the process. He was right this time. Before he had hardly started with the regression. I found myself like a very excited child waiting outside the coloured door which I had deliberately avoided in the first session.

With Terry’s guidance I remember walking through the door and into a very dark place, I said “I can’t see,” but then there was a flash. Terry asked “

is it night time,” I don’t think I answered, I was immersed in something very different from anything I had experienced in this life time.

Terry told me to rest quite for a moment and he would return. When he returned to me again he asked, what I was doing, I think I said “I don’t know,” I could feel myself being literally bounced quit vigorously in my seat. I mean I was doing just that, bouncing on my chair as if it was moving or vibrating.

The strangest thing is whilst I sit here recounting and typing this experience the shivers are going up my spine and resonating with me at deep emotional level, and the tears are running down my face.     Terry ask me what else was happening, I said I could feel the thumping resonating vibrations of engines very close to me, I began to feel threatened like my life was in real danger, Terry settled me. Like a shot out of the dark I said, I could see I was in a tunnel like structure to my left,  with others around me. I was moving sideways. I was in the forward section of a plane with big propellers and guns going off. Terry stayed with me longer this time…

The tunnel is to my left.  (It’s the fuselage going all the way down to the tail gunner) 

I continued to recount what was happening to me whilst uncontrollably bouncing on my chair, but then it kicked up another gear, I started to sway first one side and then to the other. Terry asked “what are you doing” I said “the Germans are shooting at us;” there were very loud bangs in my head and extremely bright light explosions all around. I don’t recall anything else, just felt I’d lost the plot. As I sit here now typing this I’m deeply moved to tears like I could burst.  But the strangest thing is I somehow believe that I was the navigator on that bombing run, and maybe I died that day many years ago before this life time.

I simply don’t remember how Terry closed the session but I do remember feeling emotionally and physically drained, I don’t even remember the talk at the end.


To this day I still can’t get my head around what happened in those regression sessions, but I do know for sure  that it’s still so vivid in my mind as if it were all just yesterday. Why ? I don’t understand, but there is such clarity to the depth of my ability to recall this experience, it’s just like recalling events from this life time.
Foot Note

I really want to share this last bit of information with you, as I hope it will help provide more validity to the phenomenon of Past Life Regression.

Last year I was walking through London in the early hours of the morning after just wrapping on an all-night film shoot working as a background actor on Night of The Museum 3.

I was feeling tired after a very busy night and instead of waiting for the first underground service I decided to walk back to the train station as dawn was just breaking. But I felt the hackles go up on my neck like something was happening to me. I don’t know London very well so I just following my instinct in the direction towards Liverpool Street Station. After walking for a while I turned a corner and found myself following the old city wall. Strangely I didn’t feel alone.  As I turned another corner my eyes seemed guided to look dead opposite. “Oh my God.” The energy rushed up my back like goose bumps. I was staring straight at a Gilded Royal Coach in its full splendour. And yes it did have a platform on the back behind the interim section just as I had recounted in my past life regression. Was it the one, I don’t know, and maybe I never will.

As for the Lancaster bombers, I still get the goose bumps  when I hear them but only time will tell.  I truly feel a weight of emotion has been lifted from my heart, since experiencing the emotional release that I have had preparing this appraisal for Terry.

I still feel incredibly drawn to visit old redundant WWII airfields. A couple of years ago I was invited by a group of paranormal investigators  to do an all-night investigation; it was at the Roughham Air Museum near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. During that night I correctly identified that USAF Marauder bombers had been relocated there from an airfield in Essex, from where I had once lived under the flight path in this life time. I also marked the exactly location on the airfield where one of the aircraft exploded whilst crash landing. Remarkably I also  named a tail gunner called little Joey. After carefully reading through many of the wall displays we found his full name Joseph Glen and his picture.  So you see there really must me more to Past Life Regression than coincidence.



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