Doors Open NOW

LizianEvents Show
LizianEvents Show

Today the article is very short. The doors to the Nottingham Trowell Well Being Show are now open. The food is being cooked and visitors will be enjoying the experience. This show really has a major following and if you wish to get a taste of the incredible atmosphere ‘The Community’ generate comes and spend a few hours with us today.

Watch the video and meet some of ‘The Community’ – Come and enjoy the show we are open 10:00 ~ 17:00 on Saturday and Sunday – 27 & 28 of January.


Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show
Trowell Parish Hall
Stapleford Road


  1. What an awesome day, busy, lifting peoples spirits helping them with self empowerment and a demo as well, I am absolutely buzzing I only hope I will sleep tonight as today was only part one folks, looking forward to tomorrow.

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