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Dale Bannister, owner of The Alchemist – provides an insight into the core products of the business. Many readers will have read how it began and the direction Dale is taking the project.

Three Core Products

Rather than have a multitude of products, which could crossover in purpose: it is decided to focus (for now) is on three core products.

In my previous article (Object of the Business) it is evident that The Alchemist brand must be based on health and healing. The reader is left in no doubt of my intent and purpose of establishing a solid reputation for quality. To prosper and succeed in any business venture, there is a requirement, to believe in the products chosen to represent the identity of the business.

Of course, I believe in the products: but how does the customer learn about the benefits of using them? To succeed we have to take advantage of the adage ‘INFORMATION is King’.

Here is an example of the reasoning

A couple of weeks ago. I entered a Superdry store, looking for a new jacket. After 30mins I found one which ticked these criteria: It needed to be warm, wind and shower proof. The label revealed the jacket was made with a particular “quick drying” material. My concern was, it didn’t feel like it was waterproof. So, after searching for a store assistant (another thing that boils my blood, not being acknowledged when in a store).

I asked: ’Is this jacket waterproof?’
Reply: ‘If it doesn’t say so on the label, then no, it won’t be’.
‘What about the special quick-drying material? Doesn’t that indicate it could be waterproof?’
Our valiant assistant considered the question: ‘Yes, that would indicate it could be, but I’m not sure and could not commit to saying so’.

Did I buy the buy the jacket? The assistant was poorly trained, and therefore the replies did not: Install confidence in the product because of the lack of knowledge of the goods on sale. No sale Superdry.

Customer confidence in the products I sell is an essential facet to build success. It is my intention for customers will buy from us, because we have a clear and well-informed understanding of the products.

Not only do I need to demonstrate a personal belief in the quality and properties of my products, but it is also essential for me to know everything about them. The best ways to use them, the properties and sources. I need to have information aplenty for the customer to make their decision.

I cannot meet this criterion if there is a multitude of products on a table. The Alchemist is in its early stages of development. One step at a time is key to success. My retail expertise goes back many years, and I am fully aware of the requirement to interact with my clients and provide in-depth information to help them make their choices. I also know customers respect specialisation combine with exceptional knowledge of the products on sale.

There are three products which have contributed to my wellbeing for many years. And I have chosen them to be the foundational core products of The Alchemist business. Here is a short list of the trio:-

Emu Oil

The oil has been in use for over 40,000 years. First used by Aborigines for cuts, abrasions and general ailments. It is now a first line repair for treating sunburn and sore skin.

Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)

Knowledge of this oil goes back to Ancient Egypt. Even being discovered in Tutankhamen’s Tomb. Black oil seeds were found in a Hittite flask dated from the second millennium BCE. The oil has many therapeutic properties, for example, It is believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Natural Honey

We know the importance of Bees and the environment. We know that they produce honey. However few know of the various benefits of this golden nectar. The breadth of its properties is fantastic: At one end of the spectrum is a fantastic nail conditioner and at the other. It helps in the treatment of acne and eczema.

Finding the best products available for The Alchemist gives me a great deal of pleasure. The priorities are quality, purity and ethical source. And of course, knowing the benefits the trio on a therapeutic level, make the work a pleasant experience. The reader can begin to piece together my previous articles. In guiding you to the initial idea, blending the desire for a healing aspect to the business and now selecting a balanced trio of products you have become part of the creation of The Alchemist.

I am going through a personal transformational journey, and it is apt The Alchemist is part of my evolution. For future articles, I intend to write short essays about how using the products benefits my health and wellbeing.

Thank you for reading this article – Dale Bannister

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