One Year Ago

One year ago today Annie Webster gave us an opportunity to take over her events. It does not seem five minutes since the initial conversation. Liz and I already had ideas of where we would take the Well Being Shows. And we hope that Annie has not been let down in her trust in our endeavours. It is great to see Annie continuing and prospering with Moonlit Pathway Books. Without Annie’s decision we would not be here today. Thank You Annie x

The landmark steps of the last 356 days

Eight days later the First LizianEvents News Posts
Seven weeks to organise the Lincoln Show
Nottingham – Trowell is fully booked
We publish our Terms and Conditions
The first people join as Community Members
Newark Cedric Ford Pavilion reserved
Mailing list verified
Nottingham Show deemed a success
In three weeks The Community List is twenty-eight members
Banners are placed up at Lincoln
One week before the show we are forty-one Community Strong
The show opens its doors at forty-four strong (two failed to attend)
Newark is organised, and we have fifty-one Community
Newark enjoys a great atmosphere with low visitor numbers
The second Lincoln Show in November has fifty-five Community
Greater Visitor numbers and spectacular feedback


Nottingham – Trowell is a first class show
Fantastic Visitor feedback and a good increase in foot-fall
Newark has fifty-one Community
A substantial increase in Visitors
Brilliant Feedback from Visitors and Community
We Announce the Two facetted Lincolnshire Show
Excellent interest from new exhibitors

An enjoyable and fun three-hundred and sixty-five days – Thank You

Where are we today?

Well, think about this: LizianEvents News now contains 347 posts and has received 475 comments and in three days it will be a year old (the first week did not have a post each day). We have posted seventy-six Community Member Profiles (not everyone provides information). And LEN has been read an astounding forty thousand times. The classified ads are finally making headways, as is the ten-day-old free directory which now has thirty-six listings, and many are not Community members: this fact indicates people are watching and using the platform from outside of the Community. The inference of this information is the objective of building an important infrastructure of information, services and products which are accessed from a central point is making progress.

Todays WordPress Page Count
Todays WordPress Page Count

What is the size of the Community?

We have a list of one hundred and thirty Community Members. Out of this number, seven have found our platform does not work for them (five percent). Comments such as ‘I cannot make any money at the shows’ or ‘I do not like your terms’ are indicators of why some drop out of the Community and three we asked to leave. However, the numbers who wish to be part of this thriving and influential Community-based infrastructure is growing.

How can I evidence this?

Well, with just seven weeks to go before the Lincolnshire Well Being Show opens its doors we have eighty Community Members committed to attending. There are many more to join the show, and we have fourteen new members booked for November who cannot participate in June.

One Year ago today we started the journey, and the first Lincoln Show saw forty-one Community Members join in the experience. At the same marker one year later, we have already doubled the number of Community Members attending The Lincolnshire Well Being Show, and we have seven weeks to go.

Thank you to every one of the Community members who has made this possible. Thank you for your investments, time and faith in our organisation. Let us see where we will be in twelve months time.

See You Soon

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  1. Those of us who KNEW that your ethos would work, joined the community, helped build it.

    Hell, I even created a business to be part of it.

    Because I have NO doubt in my mind.

  2. Thank you from my heart to yours for the investment you and Liz have put into my development as well as a brilliant platform to advertise what I do. I have said this many times and I will keep saying it I am a proud community member, I believe in the ethos of Lizian events and I definitely feel there is more to come, pleased to be in on the ground floor. Huge love and light to you both.

    • Many Thanks, Rick, be assured our relentless determination to reach the objective of being a Nationally Recognised Organisation will not waiver or slow down. Thank YOU for your amazing contribution to The Community’s success. Ian

  3. HUGE thanks for your unwavering dedication& determination and your sensible and ethical way of working FOR THE GOOD of BOTH EXHIBITORS and VISITORS, Liz & Ian. I am extremely grateful to you both for your support, kindness and understanding. Congratulations too on your professionalism and clever new ideas to help us all promote our individual ‘niches’. I too am honoured and proud to be part of the LizianEvents Community. Looking forward to the bright future ahead! xxx Brigitte

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