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As with any new ventures, things change, things evolve, ideas come and go. Originally when I started “The Alchemist” It was about my own personal transformation and there was an idea/concept behind it. Those who read the articles, saw that take shape.

During this process, another idea came into play, which was the selling of natural health remedies, Emu Oil, Blackseed Oil and the Raw Natural Honey.

This is how Alchemy Products was born.

The website is still getting built, but so far, I’m very happy with it, once completed I KNOW, it will look very clean, sleek and professional. The blog area will contain information about our products, their uses, their benefits. The products will be listed with sharp images and the relevant descriptions.

The Alchemist Facebook page has had it’s linked altered to: whilst the name still remains “The Alchemist”.

Why may you ask?

Would this not cause confusion?

Well at first, I thought it would too, but now I understand the reasoning behind it, at some point “down the road” The Alchemist will appear in his own right, but for now “The Alchemist” is here to help promote/sell these wonderful natural products, whilst at the same time learning his craft.

Instagram and Twitter accounts have been created under Alchemy Products, this is to create consistency across the brand, so marketing campaigns can run across all social media platforms.

A new email address has also been set up, for communication with our clients/customers.

A design competition was started to help us find a logo for Alchemy Products, which was both exciting and interesting. We hope you like the new logo as much as we do!

There is a plan in mind, which includes both “The Alchemist” & “Alchemy Products” it is now down to me, to make sure this plan takes shape and evolves to where “my idea” thinks it will lead.

Thank you once again, for reading my article and I hope this gives you more insight, to my own personal journey.

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