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All the people who attend the shows Visitors and Community Members know I walk the floor all weekend. There can be no doubt of my presence, a camera for video and stills and recorder for audio interviews. Incidentally, the audio interviews seem to be more popular than the video! 

Because I have worked for many years at Newark and Lincolnshire Showgrounds, I know many of the Visitors at a personal level. And this works to our advantage, because, they have no worries about giving fair and honest appraisals of what they see and how they feel about the shows.

I ask if there could be any improvement. There are two replies which stand out more than any other. One: the opinions about food and second ‘Do you feel you should do more to encourage people with children?’ 

The situation with food is we are in the hands of the venue caterers. We can offer suggestions and guide the caterers to what would be suitable for Visitors, and this is as far as we can go. Catering is a balancing act: To make a profit the manager has to combine the cost of facilities, staff and food, against the unknown Visitors attending. All we can do is pass on the comments made during the show and see if they are acknowledged.

Alice and Monkey : LizianEvents
Alice and Monkey : LizianEvents

The second observation is constant and needs to be addressed: To remind you it is: ‘Do you feel you should do more to encourage people with children?’ The answer is this: With the present format at Newark Show Ground there is little we can do to change the format of the show. We need space to entertain children, and although we have tens of acres of land outside the Cedric Ford Pavilion, there is no guaranteeing the weather. Another option would be to provide a marquee; the problem is financial, we cannot offer this facility without increasing entrance and stand fees. The number of extra Visitors would not cover the costs involved. 

Of course, the idea of a treasure hunt comes to mind, but this impinges on the original read of the ‘floor’ being relatively ‘adult’ only. So for the time being, the format at Newark will continue unchanged. Focus on the four words ‘for the time being’ there is the probability of a significant announcement for Newark for the 2021 season; If our negotiations come to plan something special will mean a whole family Well Being Show.

However, we can make adjustments at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. We have the space to provide Visitors children with something to occupy their minds, without impinging on the show and its ethos. 

Of course, we cannot as organisers become actively involved in the supervision, or take responsibility for the children. There is a need to have professionally trained supervisors or provide the opportunity for parents to have a children’s area which has plenty of paper, crayons and mind games for their children to enjoy. 

The first option would be very beneficial to Visitors with children: So LizianEvents are offering an opportunity to a local nursery or kindergarten. We will provide a free space for a nursery or Kindergarten to promote their business and work from. You may consider charging a small fee to look after the children during their visit. Or you may view the area as an area for promotion of your nursery or kindergarten. We will also give a concession to a face painter and henna or kids tattooist to attend the show without a charge. They must be fully accredited, and CRB checked. This idea is a real opportunity for The Lincolnshire Show to gain a more significant number of new Visitors.

We are fully aware of the implications of making this decision. However, the potential to bring new visitors to the Lincoln Well Being Show must not be ignored. This is a pilot scheme for changes which may be become part of the growth of OUR Well Being Shows. We have a good foundation, on which we can now reach out to new Visitors, by welcoming extra people and giving them more reasons to return to OUR shows, we thrive and prosper.

If you have an interest in contributing to this new aspect of The Well Being Shows, contact us with your proposals. Our Shows are growing in stature and recognition, anyone who becomes part of the shows today is bound to contribute to the future.

See You Soon


  1. A very good piece.

    On food – I accept that you are at the mercy of the venue.

    On children, I think that anything that enhances the visitor experience is worth doing.

  2. I agree with Gary, On the food I feel your hands are tied.
    On the idea for having the children’s area I think it is great, my thought being the more you can appeal to different demographics and promote inclusivity the more footfall you will generate which in turn will benefit all the members of the community.

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