The original article was written last week, for personal reasons, yet I have had a strong sense, that I should revisit and rewrite this article.

Depending on what you believe in, ALL life is one, and it has taken me some time to understand this concept, at last truly, I get it to the best of my ability.

No one likes flies, they are dirty and pesky, yet here I am with a strong urge to tell you a story about flies. Some of you may understand what I am trying to say, some of you may think, what the hell you are on about, regardless here is the story.

The time of year, the temperature has started dropping, the heating in the house has been on. This attracts all sorts of creatures, who want to find warmth, as they know “Winter is coming.”

Last three days, there has 2-3 flies in the house, now I usually would seek them out and dispose of them, can’t do with them!

Yet, every time I sit down, these flies, come to sit with me, whether it’s on my legs, hands or just at the side of me on the chair. This I have found interesting as usual, this wouldn’t happen, they would be either too busy “buzzing” around or would fly off at any sign of movement. My logical thinking is that they are a bit “dopey” with the house being warm. In days gone by I would wait for the opportunity to swat them and rid the home of them. This time I have sat and observed them, wondering what’s going through their tiny minds, why are they getting so close, why are they seeking what appears to be the company?

They are flies kill them, is the cry I hear?

Carrying on my thinking, could they just be looking for the opportunity to feed off me, which repulses me, I might add!

Resisting the temptation to swat them, I hold out my hand, just as an experiment to see if they would come to sit, surprisingly enough, one came and sat on my fingers, I observed, it sat there a while and then when I moved it flew off.

Is this fly just being stupid and risking its demise, if I should decide to swat it, or has the fly recognised somehow, that I’ve decided to sit and observe? Therefore, putting its life in my hands!

If that is the case (we will never know) has this fly somehow recognised I mean it no harm, has this fly put not only its life but also its trust in me.

How is that possible, its nothing but a fly?!

As I said at the beginning if ALL life is one, doesn’t matter what that life is, common sense dictates, that we emit the same energy, operate on the same frequency, is it ONLY our thinking minds that alter this perception?

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now, if we can access the “NOW” become present, then according to his teachings we should be able to see life, as it should be recognised. We should be able to see, feel ALL life and the energy contained within. If that is indeed the case and I’m beginning to acknowledge this, then common sense (I know it’s a dying concept) HAS to dictate that applies to how life sees US (humans)

How many stories have we heard about a specific animal/mammal that has formed an extraordinary bond with a human and we never truly understand why?

What if, just what if, that animal/mammal has connected on the same frequency as the human, what if the human’s actions have come from a place of pure love and has radiated this via energy, that the animal/mammal has understood. Therefore the bond has been formed?

For the above to happen, I do genuinely believe, a process has taken place between the animal/mammal and human, that consists of belief, faith and trust.

You’re talking out of your arse Dale!

Maybe I am, perhaps I’m not?

Back to the flies!

This morning I was sat in my cosy conservatory, drinking my coffee, talking to a couple of friends via messenger, when I got the urge to rewrite this article.

A dialogue began forming in my head, of how this article, should go, when one of the flies, came and sat on my chair arm, I could have sworn, it was looking at me!

With nothing to lose, except maybe my mind (might be a good thing!) I said “Good morning” to the fly, acknowledging its presence. I held out my hand slowly, but it flew off, landed on the coffee table in front of me. Carried on chatting to my friend, on my phone, when the fly landed on the phone just above where I was typing.

This we getting bizarre now, dopey or not, this fly honestly appeared to know what it was doing, I got the feeling, it was trying VERY hard to get my attention, for what purpose, I had no clue.

I carried on typing the fly did not move until I went to pick my coffee cup up.

The fly landed on the window just to the left of me and just sat there watching, cleaning its legs. I approached the fly very slowly with a cupped hand, meaning it no harm, but I intended to put it outside via an open window.

As I approached the fly is buzzed around, but didn’t fly off, instead, it landed on the back of my hand. I slowly moved my hand towards the open window some two foot away, expecting the fly to fly off at any moment, to my wonderment it did not, it allowed me to put it outside!

Make of that story what you will, I find it bizarre, but the actions and apparent determination of the fly, couldn’t be ignored.

Or it’s a simple case of I need locking up in a padded cell 😊

Belief, faith and trust are not natural for some when questioned some will say they know what they believe and trust in.

We have all heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words.”

Or the phrase “You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk.”

More so lately, through personal situations, these words are, I can only describe as “SINGING” to me, which I have taken note of, now I have to apply them to myself.

Those who know me, would probably describe me as stubborn, critical yet caring and loving with a lot to offer, yet my mouth lets me down, and my actions aren’t consistent?

What people perceive of me as critical, I would argue as “truth” I have banged my drum over the years, shouting I’m always right, I’m just waiting for someone to prove me wrong! 

When people have asked me for my view or advice on a situation/matter.

That comes across as arrogant, self-centred, yet in my heart, I do know what I speak of is “true.”

Many of us, have ideas, concepts in our minds, what should be and what should not be, how we interact with friends, families, strangers. People rightly or wrongly make a judgement on us as people, via our words or actions.

So, am I being judged as critical because people do not like what I tell them or is it the way I do it?

Does it come across as arrogant, therefore leads people to believe I am critical, judgemental?

We have all heard the phrase “the truth hurts.”

Is it because people do not like what they are being told, therefore react from a defensive position?

I’ve been told over the years, it’s my “delivery”, yet my mind says if I am to be “true” to myself then this is me.

We ALL believe, trust, have faith in someone or something, many of us forget the most important thing, we should apply these principles to first, is OURSELVES!

If we are to have “true” belief, faith, trust in anyone or anything we can not do that until we apply it to the SELF.

Over the last few weeks/months, I have stopped saying “I’m always right” without making a conscious effort to do so, I have now started saying “I come from a place of KNOWING, I just know, what I am saying at that particular time, comes from “truth.”

Applying my common sense, if I acted that correctly, then the delivery, should by the natural order of things, change. Hopefully, how people see me and how they perceive the information given, should also improve.

This is work in progress and will take time, to see if my actions pay off, if they do, they will strengthen my belief/faith within myself, and the trust will become stronger between myself and others.

My last thoughts, though very personal, I now KNOW have to be said to reinforce the points made. Recently I doubted my belief, faith and trust in someone I love very dearly, but unaware at the time, which created a situation (now resolved) that caused us both pain. I had to go through that situation made by us both; I had to address specific issues and honestly SEE what I was meant to learn. That it wasn’t a case of my belief, faith, the trust had diminished in regards to this person, in fact, my sense of belief, faith and trust in what I know; I had IGNORED because I allowed my head, emotions to rule my heart.

Believe, have faith, trust in yourself and you can change the world, might only be YOUR world, but you WILL and CAN change it if you have no doubts within your heart.


  1. Dale, you are a deep thinker… and you don’t realise how right you are!

    Indeed All life is one- The LIFE FORCE is in every thing that exists. (Consciousness is too but at various degrees, according to what the ‘being ‘ does’ or not with it).
    All beings come from the fundamental & eternal Creative Energy… All that exists in various shapes and species ,is numerous ways for Creativity to manifest itself.

    If you wish for chance to come to your own fact-filled conclusion on this VERY IMPORTANT and fundamental topic, I’d be honoured & delighted if you had a chat with me ( if we can find time at Lincoln!) –

    Or first, keep an open mind and read what is explained in the books I have been channelling, on such topic, ( no dogmas/ no religion in them! And certainly NOT my own mind writing them)… specifically for ‘Truth Seekers’ like you…
    Vol. 1 is ‘Truths,Lies & Distortions ‘ –
    You might be surprised how close you are to grasping what Reality is …

    Hoping this encourages you with your thinking in the ‘right’ direction…
    And nowadays I no longer kill flies…
    I find ways of encouraging them towards the door /window…It teaches me patience! And I abide by the Universal Law: ‘Do not harm any other being: Treat others as you wish to be treated’ … Brigitte Rix 🙂

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