Nottingham Trowell  26/27 January Review

Attendance Figures:

Saturday 307
Sunday 199
Total 506

This total is an incredible number of Visitors. Considering the venue is seven miles away from the centre of Nottingham in a small rural village the attendance figures are stunning. All Community Members were aware of the footfall. No doubting something impressive happened this weekend. No doubting the promotion is beginning to take effect.

The Community had queues at the door on both days. From conversations during the show, we discovered Visitors had travelled from places as varied as Newark, Lincoln, Leicester and Matlock. It is interesting many were Lincolnshire and Newark Well Being Show Visitors: this indicates our promotional activities are having a wide-reaching effect.

We are sure The Community would confirm how busy the show has become. One of the most consistent comment’s from Visitors was regarding the number of people attending. The carpark was full (yes Community cars do make up for over a third of the allocation of spaces) the surrounding roads and side roads were lined with cars. Many people commented on this fact. 


Most Community Members faired well during the show. Four Members just covered their costs. Although, during conversations with them, not a one complained about the footfall. They accept that we do not win every time. It is the nature of ‘stall style’ exhibiting. As readers and Community know transparency is an essential aspect of our ethos. Therefore to eliminate “Chinese Whispers” please acknowledge we have chosen to offer a small concession to a Community Member for another show. This is an exceptional situation, and Community Members are asked to accept our decision is one of fairness.

Community Members:

There was not one stall which did not come up to the highest of standards. One of the most consistent comments made by Visitors over the weekend was the quality of attending Community Members. Liz had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of Visitors while serving refreshments and she listened to nothing but the highest praises.

Top marks to everyone who has taken the time to work on the presentation. The messages you are sending out to Visitors is fantastic. You will be sure to reap a great harvest in the future. While walking the floor after trading on Saturday, there was a great feeling of admiration for the endeavours of the attending Community. 


Again Liz was in a superb position to hear Visitors comments regarding the talk schedule. She did not hear one bad word from Visitors about the presentations. Every talk was full to the gunnels! This is of no surprise because the talk room is small. It is fantastic that both Community Members and Visitors put up with this situation. However, it proves there is an immense thirst for knowledge and information.

Rick Paul, Barrie John, Eric Henderson, James Cook and Rachel Bevin would all agree with the demand for talks. Everyone who gave a speech benefitted from Visitor follow-up and appreciation.


We sold out of hot food on both days. Readers will be pleased to know our zero waste policy is fulfilled. All remaining cakes, chocolate, crisps etc. were given away after 16:30 on Sunday. The cold food supplies (sandwiches) lasted until 15:00 on Sunday. It is our policy NEVER to waste or throw away food. The catering is an ‘at cost’ part of this show and is provided to encourage Visitors to stay. Mugs of tea and coffee at 50p is a testament to this policy. The eating area was full on both days. There were times when we came close to running out of mugs and cutlery.


Such a significant increase in attendance figures indicates The Community is becoming a significant influence. Visitor feedback is brilliant and encouraging. All Community Members recognised the high numbers of returning Visitors. All regular attendees commented on the many new faces at the show. Mel Jones is an astute Community Member. Her final words to me on Sunday evening were “Incredible result Ian; no one could anticipate what has happened this weekend”.

I am confident, Community and Visitors would agree.

See You Soon

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! That’s FA-BU-LOUS results!

    It shows what happens when people always do their utmost , share and promote, keeping their goal in mind…guided and supported by the caring & hard working LIZIAN-Team-with-a-vision!

    Unfortunately I was unable to exhibit at, or attend, Trowell; but I am delighted for all of you. You all deserved it 🙂

    • Yes: As I mentioned to Rick. Superb turnout and result for The Community Brigitte. No doubting your contribution to promoting the show had an effect. Well done my friend – Ian xxx

  2. Something I was very proud to be part of, there is a sense of a momentum a movement, it is getting stronger every show, well done to everybody that made those two days at the weekend extremely special, bright blessings Rick.

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