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Alchemy Products

Alchemy Products is a growing business centred around health supplements and organic foods. Dale Bannister and Tracy Beebe run it.

Alchemy Products

They have taken the supply of health supplements and specialist organic food to another level. There are other suppliers, many who are high-street names. And there is no doubting their expertise. However, Dale and Tracy have researched their product stock with care: not only do they stock the most important lines. They stock the highest possible quality.

When visiting an Inspirational Well Being Show: the object is to be inspired. And no doubt you’ll be inspired when talking to either Dale or Tracy you’ll find the depth and breadth of their, wisdom, knowledge and understanding without peer.

Visiting The Alchemy Products website is an eye-opener. Take some time to read about the items available, no doubting there will be something which is worthy of purchase. Dale has also written articles about the core product Alchemy sells. Follow the help and advice link to read the fascinating essays:

Link To Help and Advise:

I have used two products with excellent results:


This product is used as a bath or foot soak or can be sprayed over the body after a shower. One must remember the effect is accumulative and should be used every day. It has many beneficial properties. But from my use the conclusion it is superb for easing aches and pains associated with ageing. And Magnesium is ‘knock-out’ for helping with deep relaxation and sleep. Anyone who has either of these issues is recommended to try a three-month regime with Magnesium. It is probable, one the three months trial is over. You will stay with it for the rest of your life.

Magnesium is a cheap product to use. I have worked out that it is less than fifty pence each day (probably less). So for less than a bottle of water, my sleep is deeper and no doubting there is relief from aches and pains.

Black Seed Oil:

This is a daily teaspoon of wellbeing. The ancients say black-seed oil cures everything but death. Well, I cannot say it will cure everything. However, I can vouch-safe that black-seed oil is good for mouth infections! My faith in this product must be without question. I feel the inner-being lets us know when something is ‘good’, and mine tells me it is beneficial.

Beware! The taste is not so good. My spoonful is taken with fruit juice every morning. Cost is less than twenty-pence each day. Again it is probably less. However, it seems better to overestimate than under.

Raw Honey:

No need to write about the benefits of honey. As a sugar replacement in coffee or tea, nothing gets better. Honey in Greek yoghurt makes for a healthy and straightforward dessert after any meal. Alchemy Products honey may be more expensive than a high street store brand: But we know the adage: “You only get what you pay for”.  If you like honey, try Alchemy Product’s range. They retail on with black seed, and this must be worth trying.

Alchemy Products : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Inspirational Well Being Shows

Tracy and Dale had no part in writing this article. It is written without bias:

During the Newark Well Being Show in February, I spent some time looking at The Alchemy Products Stall. The quality of the business is evident in the fantastic presentation of the stand. Tracy is happy to talk with expertise regarding every product. There is no ‘hard-sell’ or ‘crazy’ claims made about the stock. Ask a question you’ll receive an answer. Ask about a suitable product, and you’ll be about to try it, this is the way to success and building confidence in customers. 

Customers can feel safe and confident when choosing an item from Alchemy Products. Their online shop not only provides an excellent list of quality health supplements and food products. Customers can contact Dale and Tracy for information seven days a week. This is a professional and long-term business.

So, have a look at The Alchemy Products website and maybe ask Dale a few questions about Magnesium and Black Seed oil. I can recommend the honey too!

In tomorrow’s article you can listen to Dale talk about Alchemy Products, Magnesium and Black Seed Oil.

→ Alchemy Products Website

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