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Another excellent week of trading at LizianShop in Nottingham and a great end to my Journey Through The Chakras on Thursday evening. I enjoyed the final part of the broadcast so much I have asked Ian to post it here on my Sunday Thoughts.

LizianShop Live – Root Chakra – Episode Seven


Barrie John joined Ian on a Tuesday morning LizianEvents facebook live. Barrie spoke about the progress of The Pure Spirit Show brand and the interest was incredible! With two hours we had over thirty enquires for information. With the Community Members who have either booked or shown interest in the Pure Spirit Show brand I predict a full house and high visitor numbers.

We all know that special feeling when something ‘feels right’ and Pure Spirit evokes a real sense of success. I was asked about PUre Spirit a number of times at the LizianShop this week so the message is getting out to potential Visitors. And let’s be clear about the format: people have tried paranormal conferences before and there are an abundance of MBS events. But there has never been such an event as this one.

And we have not revealed the full format of the event! There are a few more announcements to be made over the next few weeks. Ian and Barrie will be recording Facebook lives on the Pure Spirit pages in the near future. In the meantime, 11:00 Tuesday mornings at 11:00 is the Pure Spirit News broadcast time. Get involved and become part of a superb new event for your calendars.

Ian and Barrie’s Broadcast

Lincolnshire Well Being Market

Everything about the leadup to this show is positive. A superb attending Community List. The talks schedule will be varied and a great attraction for Visitors. The food menu is back to its pre-crisis choice. Ticket sales and booking interest is at an all time high! At this stage we usually have fifty bookings at the moment there are seventy-six people attending so a full house is inevitable. And this can only mean phenomial interest from Visitors. Yes! It’s looking good 🙂


If you would like to become a guest on either LizianEvents or LizianShop Lives contact me for details. It is an easy process and very rewarding. You receive good feedback for your interaction and people learn about your field of expertise. Do not be embarrassed to ask to become a guest.


I’m always interested in suggestions from Community and Visitors: Do not feel any suggestion is insignificant. Every aspect matters, and we learn something new every day. So, if there is anything to say use the email button.

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