Well, the final few days before the big day. And for myself and Ian, we have a four-day break and then back to work. And we will take a short break in the new year, and then the cycle begins again.

We are fortunate that the market is closed. It forces us to take a break. And I think this is a vital aspect to consider. Sometimes we have to make specific choices and follow the right way; rest is as important as working for the future.

Ian has written several articles over the last few weeks centred on wellbeing. We often fail to observe other people’s health. I wonder if the oppressive manager realises he is potentially the seed of long term illness in his staff?

I remember working for hard taskmasters. Believing they were always right and would never see their failings. When I finally left the corporate world, there were no regrets. In fact, the real sense of freedom is still experienced. As I look back, there is a realisation of how poor some of the leaders were. How do I know? Because the companies failed, some no longer exist!

It is essential to listen to people clearly good at their work. They often see the bigger picture and can make brilliant observations and suggestions to change. From my perspective, I consider constant evolution and change and decision making as a way to success.

Around us are people who talk about failure, darkness, and little to look forward to. I disagree. There are many opportunities available to everyone. But, for a chance to become a reality, one has to act and set the idea alight.

Ian has done this by opening a trading shop to fund The HeArt In Mind Exhibition. And he has worked to give the project a sound footing. He’s not only invested time but money in the idea. To the degree that his personal investment would come close to funding the exhibition! But the idea is not a one-off: it is being built as a long-term event that will be founded by trading and donations. I have looked to see if there is anything similar. And there is not. It is an innovation. The way it is funded to give opportunities to exhibiting artists is without comparison. 

I write about this not out of admiration for the commitment, not recognition of seeing a brilliant businessman begin a new venture. Or the openness of how the infrastructure is planned. I acknowledge the idea because it demonstrates that there are ways to initiate new ideas and realise one’s hopes into reality. The is no doubt in my mind the majority of people would have given up a project such as HeArt In Mind after funding had been turned down. Ask yourself if you would have set up a business to fund a project from which total strangers will benefit?

No matter where you are at this moment. I ask you to realise that we are not at a standstill. If chosen, we could find ourselves active and break down old and stale methods. We are being forced into finding ways to succeed and happiness. Forget the greed and ignorance of the so-called elite. You are in your place of life. Make the best of what you have and if there is a desire to move to different ways of life, know that dreams become a reality because of action.

Enjoy your week – See You Soon

Liz Clark
MD – LizianEvents Ltd

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