A Celebration of Well Being Event

To Be Announced
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

We are pleased to announce an extraordinary and unprecedented event titled:

A Celebration of Well Being

After the extraordinary events of the first months of 2020, we decided to make changes to our calendar and make essential changes for our organisation and the Community who make The Well Being Shows so very special.

During March 2020, we decided to repay all monies paid to us by Community Members for 2020 Well Being Shows. Our reasoning was they would need every penny of resources to help in the difficult times ahead. We asked the fantastic venues we work with to help and support our Community and indeed they did! The venue’s management rearranged forward payments which means The Well Being Shows will continue to thrive.

People love something to look forward to: Indeed there would be a need for many who work in the fields of physical wellbeing, spiritual idea and mindfulness to be provided with an opportunity to work with Visitors who are so faithful to The Well Being Shows.

How could we make the show unique for all who wish to attend?

Well, the first idea is to run the show at cost, or even subsidise it from our funds! So we decided to lower the stand fees for everyone involved. And we have printed a thousand special badges. Any Visitor who arrives wearing a badge will gain a discount of one pound: and the Visitor discount will last for every one of The Well Being and Pure Spirit Shows for 2020!

Well Being Means: LizianEvents

Wear The Badge With Pride

The second aspect is to make the show open to everyone who wishes to celebrate new beginnings and see the future as bright and full of new potentials and opportunities. And we know that subsidised and lower-priced stands would encourage new people to the Celebration of Well Being Show.

At this moment of uncertainty (March 2020) we are heartened by the support for this show. And of course, we are not surprised, after-all The Community and Visitors have Well Being within their hearts, minds and spirits.

A celebration of Well Being:
A special event: 80+ Community Members:
50+ talks, demonstrations and Stage performances.
Real Well Being fun and entertainment.

More information will be published late in April, and then we’ll run up the full details in May and June. If you require more information and wish to become part of this Magical Celebration of Well Being: Or if you would like a badge: Fill in the Contact Form Below: