Show Dates


26 & 27 October

Newark Showground
16 & 17 February
14 & 15 September

Lincolnshire Showground
1 & 2 June
2 & 3 November


25 & 26 January
2 & 3 May
31 October & 1 Nov

Newark Showground
15 & 16 February
12 & 13 September

Lincolnshire Showground
6 & 7 June
7 & 8 November

The 2019 Lincolnshire Shows will be a spectacular combination of Well Being – Spirit and Well Being – Body. We are taking advantage of the Epic Centre’s two exhibition halls. The show will encompass everything from Yoga to the spiritual aspects of our existence (Well Being – Spirit). This year we have a full schedule of stage entertainment on both days. Music, Yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations and meditations will enhance the shows to a higher level.

Three words embellish The Lincolnshire Well Being Show: Friends – Family – Community and the large and interesting ‘Kids Korner’ will provide a respite for children who attend the show. Face painting and henna tattoos are loved by kids. It is our intention to make the show a memorable event for all the family.

LizianEvents is a community of incredible people who work together for mutual benefit. The community understands the wisdom of balance and sharing. And although, the community come from many differing walks of life. They unite at their events to produce and pleasant atmosphere of harmony.

Some are ethical traders; others are therapists and healers. Our spiritual mediums and psychic are also healers, working on a very refined level. Our community is unified in a single purpose of visitors finding ways of spiritual peace and inner-strength.

Visitors will enjoy a day with unique and genuinely kind people. Nothing more than this is promised. When people come together and assume responsibly for the success of an objective, they have a probability of success. There is no grey area to our guiding principle, and this encourages each of us to focus on being the very best in our sphere. Therapist, medium, healer or retailer, it makes no difference, the principle is: – ‘If we excel within our specialist area, the whole community will benefit’ How can there be any easier way to prosper?

The name LizianEvents represents the ethos of the community. In this role, the administration, organisation and promotion of each event are organised by LizianEvents. Our work is to make arrangements with the venue and promote the community. We use our website, this WordPress site, the internet and postal ‘newsletters.’ to connect to our visitors. You should consider we organise the event up to the moment the doors open, at this time the community takes whole possession day.

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