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Barrie John.

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Barrie John is one of the U.K’s most well known Spiritual Counsellors. He has a formidable reputation for his Mediumistic Demonstrations. It is of no surprise Barrie enjoys a large and countrywide following.

He has a lifelong connection to the spirit realms. We all remember his amazing contribution to the ‘Most Haunted’ television series. Barrie says the program boosted his national and international profile, and he will always have fond memories of the show. He met many people during the production who continue to be his friends and colleagues.

Barrie talks about the future:

This short interview with Barrie explains many of the coming year’s program: The LizianEvents organised shows and the new online course.


In recent years Barrie has worked in many European countries and this year he will enjoy a Europen tour, working in Germany, France, Spain and Holland. The demand for him to return to last years European venues is evidence of this gifted man’s ability.


Barrie is the attendee’s choice for psychic and paranormal investigations, ‘ghost hunts’ and lectures regarding all aspects of spiritual awareness. He attends ‘mind, body and spirit shows’ in every corner of the U.K. He has a massive following in Ireland his shows are sell-out successes. One look at his website calendar is sufficient evidence of his popularity.

Stage Demonstrations

Barrie will entertain a select group of people during 2019. We will announce a series of special ‘Evening With Barrie John’ Shows which are sure to be amazing events. Barrie will captivate his audience with an event which goes beyond anything seen before. His amazing career is the basis for the show. Members of the audience will join him on the stage and test their own abilities. The show will conclude with a powerful mediumistic demonstration, full of evidence, laughter and the inevitable tear.


Barrie John.

Where Will Barrie Appear?

The first shows will take place in Thirsk – Sheffield – Newark – Nottingham. The venues will be top class worthy of Barrie’s reputation and ability. The shows will be compassionate and become powerful memories for all who attend. Therefore the venues although fairly large will allow for intimacy.

Barrie feels it is important to be close to his audience to answer their questions and deliver accurate messages. The venues have been selected with this in mind. Over the years Barrie has built an enviable reputation with his audiences who return to see him time and again.

The evenings will begin at seven-thirty and finish at ten. Guests will meet and work with a most compassionate and understanding man. An evening never to be forgotten.

On-Line Course

Barrie has a reputation of being a first-class teacher. His courses on spiritual awareness are fully booked months ahead. He teaches many aspects of meditation, spiritual growth, mediumistic development and of course The Tarot: Barrie considers the Tarot as a magnificent learning tool and other uses other than divination.

Barrie feels years of experience are needed to be able to transfer one to one spiritual teachings onto a worldwide teaching platform. He accepts there needs to be a special way to work with his students to overcome this one drawback. Therefore, he has taken over a year to work through every facet of the three-stage course.

The course builds in three stages. Each stage is made up of five modules and every module finishes with a test. The tests are not easy! Barrie insists that the course must reflect his years of experience. He insists his students must be fully aware of the fantastic potentials of course: The students can take the course to whatever level they choose, from personal spiritual development to eventual professional work. Therefore he expects the highest of standards.

The course will be filmed during March and will be available in late August: You can add your name to the contact form at the end of this page to express your interest.

Current Events

Barrie’s popular psychic events run throughout the year more details can be found on his website ☞ BarrieJohn.Com

Well Being Shows

Visitors to LizianEvents Well Being Shows can meet Barrie and enjoy a brilliant ‘Spiritual Consultation’ and he often gives Medium Demonstrations during the events. Details can be found on the events pages of LizianEvents News.

Pure Spirit Events

Barrie has always felt there is a need for a specialist type of show/event. He felt the old-style MBS events were becoming tired. This is not to write he does not know they have a place in the calendar. Barrie finds it interesting that all MBS shows seem to have tagged ‘Wellbeing’ onto their site name! His concept is for his events to be known as Pure Spirit. This means the Visitors will enter the show and the focus is on all things spiritual.

LizianEvents exclusively organise and promote the Pure Spirit Shows for Barrie. A new venture for 2019 and many new venues await for 2020!

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