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Let us have some fun!  This is the first article in a three-part review of Simon Goodfellow’s Tarot deck. Readers should consider the report is written as focussed on Simon’s deck. I have attempted to avoid...
Barrie John.
I had time to talk to Barrie John before the busy Nottingham Well Being Show. We talked about the promotion by LizianEvents of Barrie’s stage shows and his new online course. Initially, we will promote Barrie’s...
John Richardson : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Situations which become anchors and hold us back from living a fruitful life need to be closed. There is every possibility someone anchored to the past will revisit the situation many times. Breaking the anchor’s chain can be difficult. However, here is one method which is practical and permanent.
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Today we have a superb article based on Numerology written by Joylina Goodings. Joylina has many years of expertise in this complex and fascinating field of wisdom. I'm sure you'll find something which resonates when...
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Therefore, Rick will have a front page link on LizianEvents News. The link will take the reader to The Rick Paul Page. This page will contain links to all of his posts, all video and audio media recorded during the Well Being Shows.
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Analytical me will sometimes hint that I was lucky and where did that come from? Well, where did it come from? The answer is easy, spirit and the first part if it is luck then I am on one hell of a run, and long may it continue if my words help spark a change or inspire then I am indeed a lucky man.
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I am grateful for my busy life. A well-attended clinic, the regular bookings for consultations and regressions are the result of talking about my work and ideas. It is my opinion that you have to allow people to meet and learn about your work and ideas.
Rick Paul : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Wellbeing : Well Being
The changes in my life are working because people see my happiness even though I'm taking chances, they support me and help me during these changes. If I were unhappy and miserable how could they support me when I am doing something which makes me unhappy?
Rose Best : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Clients are helped to take control of their life experiences and situations; they are empowered, they are supported while they take new uncertain steps forward. Clients experience the boundaries parents have often been unable to provide.
Jane Osbourne
It isn’t life that defines us, but how we define our lives. What do we want to do? In the past, we may have felt dragged down, by events, but also by the negativity of others.
Simon Goodfellow - The Workshop Master
The subject of today’s and tomorrows insight is Simon Goodfellow, a well known, respected and loved spiritual healer and medium. Simon provides a sincere and in-depth appreciation of his work, workshops and administration there is...
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Today we have a short interview with Servet Ozen, the owner of Atlas Mind Spirit. He talks briefly about the uses of the high-quality crystal water bottles which he sells. Servet is an interesting man...
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Jon Richardson’s previous article "Don't Do It For The Money..." found many in agreement with its sentiments. It has become one of LEN’s most read articles. So popular is the article, I asked John if...
Sansaar : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Today's Article requires a little interaction! For those of you who have an interest in Indian Spiritual Mysteries here is an opportunity of a lifetime. Our friend Arti Ghattaora has asked us to share information...