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    • Crystals
      Conversations about any aspect of Crystals. You can post For Sale and Wants on our Classified Ads Page. If you are a Crystal Healer post your services and ideas on this Forum and the Classified Ads.
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    • General Forum
      General Forum - Ask any Questions - Feel free to add links to your website and promote your work and views - Be aware any obnoxious or demeaning posts will be removed - Positive and informative wins the day.
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    • Hypnosis
      A vast range of ideas and questions await this Forum. Post Ads on the Classified page. The Forum is for general questions. You can open a new thread or Topic at any time.
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    • Tarot
      Tarot has a vast array of ideas and concepts. Ask questions give answers. If you are a reader you can advertise your services on our free Classified Ads. You can also add links to your replies and questions on this Forum.
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    • True Opinion
      A follower of our work has asked for a Topic named 'True Opinion' - The premise is the reply can only be truthful and must not contain emotional bias. It is the follower's belief that unless we can only speak with accuracy and truth we betray our Being. This idea will test all who contribute to its conundrum.
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       Dale Bannister