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    Any body wanting to talk development, spirituality etc glad to communicate.

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    Hi Rick
    How did you realise you were ‘tuning’in to messages? And how long was it then before you honed your skills with Simon’s training? Just curious to hear your story … thank you Liz

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    Hi Liz mine is a very long and winding journey that constantly evolves the more I work with it. To be honest and answering your question directly there wasn’t really a time where I thought I am tuning into messages I just thought they were thoughts and “knowings” because my head never switches off I just thought it was my random head musings. I never really gave development any consideration until I was working on a building site and saw my Grandad in spirit form, that raised an eyebrow I can tell you. Anyway I went to a spiritualist church and sat in development groups then onto platforms with a local medium, attended various courses did a 30 week development course and also all 3 of Simon’s development courses and the recurring theme was the need to trust spirit, incidentally I have never had a problem with this, I struggle with me, but know this and have no doubt spirit will put you where you need to be if that is what you want. Trust go out there be a lightworker be disciplined be honest and smile and most importantly be yourself, be humble remain grounded and the rest will follow.Hope this helps a little, blessings Tick.

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    wow, awesome post.Really thank you! Great. – Balasubramani

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