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Communication with me.

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    Any body wanting to talk development, spirituality etc glad to communicate.

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    Hi Rick
    How did you realise you were ‘tuning’in to messages? And how long was it then before you honed your skills with Simon’s training? Just curious to hear your story … thank you Liz

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    Hi Liz mine is a very long and winding journey that constantly evolves the more I work with it. To be honest and answering your question directly there wasn’t really a time where I thought I am tuning into messages I just thought they were thoughts and “knowings” because my head never switches off I just thought it was my random head musings. I never really gave development any consideration until I was working on a building site and saw my Grandad in spirit form, that raised an eyebrow I can tell you. Anyway I went to a spiritualist church and sat in development groups then onto platforms with a local medium, attended various courses did a 30 week development course and also all 3 of Simon’s development courses and the recurring theme was the need to trust spirit, incidentally I have never had a problem with this, I struggle with me, but know this and have no doubt spirit will put you where you need to be if that is what you want. Trust go out there be a lightworker be disciplined be honest and smile and most importantly be yourself, be humble remain grounded and the rest will follow.Hope this helps a little, blessings Tick.

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    What an interesting journey 😊

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    I have an abiding drive impulse to help and inspire other people down this path. Over the course of 2017 I have met many talented individual light workers who could bring so much to the table and partly to the world that is at times starved of the light, it needs upliftment and the talent or connection with spirit can and will recharge the struggling. I see my role a little bit like a recruiter for spirit, inspire help people fan the flames then send them out with a renewed vigour this in turns motivates others, can’t be a bad thing can it, so what stops them usually lack of confidence or fear of being wrong. I see it this way there is no wrong when you work from a place of love and light,I see spirit work as signing a contract they have made the effort to recruit YOU,(note the recurring word you) that means they see something in YOU, they have brought YOU along a line and given you a forum to talk or meet the person that you can talk easily to. I leave this little post with this thought a contract has been offered with good terms and conditions, you can run with it a far as you wish you aren’t wrong you have a good back up team, the only one stumbling block is YOU nothing else can go wrong , do you want to sign a contract that is virtually risk free. DO YOU WANT TO SIGN, I know I did so all you light workers out there bring your skills to the table get out of your own way and repay that trust that spirit have put in you. Love light and blessings to you all, best wishes Rick.

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    Dale Bannister

    Great post, the only thing I disagree with is (And this is my view point)

    Is that the Universe require no signatures or contracts

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    Hi Dale, thanks for the reply I am still trying to get across to people the way it has been put to me, Me personally I have signed up to work spiritually and it is a job that I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to resign from. I wasn’t being literal you are correct in that there is no terms/contracts/conditions to abide by other than coming from a place of love and light. My thought pattern when writing this piece was to try and motivate/ illustrate to people that once you agree (sign the contract) they will work with you but also step back far enough when you are going through some of the more earthy stuff. Agreement rather than contract may have been a better choice of words, best wishes Rick.

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    Ian Timothy

    This is a fascinating thread. From my perspective, there is a need for me to enter into personal contracts with my ‘being’. It is important to look at the fine details of the requirements of any longterm choices. In a way, this is a facet of ‘critical thinking’ – Too many people formulate ideas without thinking through the connotations or outcome of the plan. For example: Those who decide to follow a spiritual path can become isolated from cynics and the closed minded. If the closed-minded cynic happens to be a friend or family member the result can be catastrophic.

    As to ‘self-doubt’, this is also a choice. We have either to accept we are unique or look to compare ourselves to others and their expectations of us, there can be no other reason for self-doubt. We are either who we are or who we think we should be, and there is no certain or specific ‘way’ of any human.

    If we exchange the idea of ‘self-doubt’ to one of ‘self-appraisal’ the wording redefines why we are questioning our ‘essential self’. self-appraisal guides us to become navigators of life’s path. It guides us to expect constant readjustment to keep us ‘on course’.

    Excellent thread – Many Thanks – Rick and Dale

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    I still want to keep this thread going as and as such offer to help anybody with any of their questions in regard to spiritual development, never ever doubt my passion for this work but also bear in mind I consider myself a recruiter for spirit as in my belief the more people that are doing the light work and carrying it out into the world surely we all benefit, just a thought…

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    I’ve looked your work and dedication Rick. You certainly have the attitude and drive to success. I’m wondering if you think your progress seems slow? If you do I wouldn’t concern yourself. There seems to be a many people around you who can see, as I do, you are destined to help many people. Janine

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    Hi Janine thanks for the reply you are right I do see my progress as slow at times but one thing I have learnt over the last couple of years is about divine timing when the time is right things will come in as and when they are meant too. I just have the burning desire to break out of the daily grind and work to help as many people as I can, I have wondered for years why I talk, does it have a purpose and now I have found it, a forum a vehicle and if a few words help sew a few seeds in people then I am thrilled to have played a small part, because none of this is about me, I am merely a conduit for spirit, they chose me and I am thrilled to be on board. Thank you for the lovely comment about being destined to help many people that is my reason for doing this.

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    Is there anybody out there who wants to talk development and inspiration for people I still want to keep this thread going, best regards Rick.

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    The Alchemist

    Evening Rick,

    Maybe you can provide guidance on how I deal with a reoccurring nightmare.

    Tried everything I know, but keeps coming back.

    I think it’s “fear” related, which I guess most nightmares are.

    But I have no idea, where it’s root lies.

    It also could be a message, if it is, I’m completely missing it lol

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    The Alchemist

    Realise might not be the exact thing you was after or meant.

    But maybe those “upstairs” can guide you to guide me

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