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What Talks for 2018

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    Ian Timothy

    Visitors and Community Members are asked for their feelings on talks: What subjects would interest you and who would you like to present the lectures?

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    I congratulate our Lizian Events organisers, who have the hard task to juggle Talks & Workshops timetables, when there are several rooms with a speaker each… Their programmes provide such a wide range for all tastes! It can’t be easy to avoid having 2 similar topics/themes going on at the same time, as interested visitors may want to hear both, but can’t have a foot in each room!

    As a medium and Public Speaker (hailed as ‘The Afterlife French Lady‘) I love reaching even more visitors at our Lizian Events, when I can have a Talk Slot.
    They get more opportunities to ask me questions on what puzzles or concerns them, and to hear me give detailed answers to even more queries, thus opening their eyes to a wide range of topics.

    Knowledge is reassuring. Fear is often based on the unknown

    Anything ‘unknown’ means there is a great lack of information! Fear is at the basis of most ‘evil’ and illnesses… BANISH FEAR.

    As a clairaudient and channelling medium, I aim at removing FEAR of death:

    I explain why there is definitely NO need to fear what happens DURING our discarding a (usually painful) body… or AFTER our waking up to a REAL WORLD where we feel FREE: Free forever from pain; free from earthly worries (dangers,finances, rules, politics etc); free to make exciting discoveries! FREEDOM is BLISS!

    So, I love to help people grasp:
    * what the ‘departed’ do;
    * where they can ‘find themselves’ according to their state of mind and
    * how they can learn to communicate with us, and why some don’t do so yet; * how they can be ‘just a thought away’ from you;
    * why suicides are not ‘punished’;
    * why hell is not a place but a state of remorse;
    * who chooses to reincarnate or not;
    * how we all met our departed during sleep time ‘astral travel’- etc.

    But many visitors also enjoy asking me about more profound topics:
    *what other worlds /dimensions exist beyond the various levels of thinking in the’Spirit World’?
    * Are there Beings who never had a physical body?
    * What are UFOs?
    * How can plants have some kind of Consciousness?
    * How did each one of us starts existing as a spark of Energy and Consciousness out of the eternal Intelligent Energy Source, to gradually become the beings we now are?
    *And much more…

    I can answer such questions because, for over 35 years, I have been channelling eye-opening knowledge dictated by Advanced Beings in the Spirit World…

    Those Evolved Teachers asked me to publish their explanations as books, to reach and help the general public.( Their 5th book is due out soon). My website gives you details of the first 4-

    I can sign and dedicate your purchases. These book make exciting, unusual & personal gifts whether for birthdays or the festive season.

    Of course, you can also peruse them at my stand at Lizian Events!
    And also ask me questions on the Afterlife by email:
    or via the Lizian Forum!
    I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you one day! Brigitte 🙂

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    Ian Timothy

    Thanks for your interesting reply Brigitte.I know you have brilliant feedback on your presentations. Incidentally, you also receive wonderful comments on your books which I can recommend to anyone interested in spiritual ideas and beliefs.Ian

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