Remaining 2021 Dates

Well Being Show
November 6 + 7
Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground

Pure Spirit Event
27 + 28 November
Lady Eastwood Centre, Newark Showground

Dates for 2022 may include some further additions – we’re looking to expand the reach of Well Being Markets for 2022 and beyond, the format works, and the infrastructure is in place to take the Well Being Shows to a wider audience.

2022 Well Being and Pure Spirit Event List:

LizianEvents Well Being Shows

Lincolnshire Showground:
4 & 5 June
5 & 6 November

Newark Showground:
12 & 13 February
9 & 10 July
3 & 4 September

Stafford Showground:
16 & 17 April
13 & 14 August

Pure Spirit Events

Newark Showground:
23 & 24 April
19 & 20 November

Return to The Well Being Show Brand

The Well Being Markets were an adaption of the Well Being Show: an answer to the difficult situation of 2020. As market traders of 15 years, we used a unique insight into how this genre should be run. We worked closely with local authorities and provided the best possible solution to help The Community keep in touch with Visitors, customers and clients.

With the lifting of restrictions, Visitors can now expect a full event food and eating facilities will return to normal for the events. Visitors will enjoy an excellent range of talks and presentations. The live performance will also be a feature, and children’s activity areas may be allowed.

It is great to see a steady return to normality. Although Visitors can be assured, we will keep a constant eye on the changing health and safety directives. LizianEvents has established beyond doubt an ability to recognise and keep up with the latest safety measures. And this is why we were able to present ‘Well Being Markets’ – In September of 2020 and the first substantial event in February of 2021.

The Well Being Brand continues to grow and is established as a Nationwide Enterprise. With Visitors now attending events from every corner of the UK. The name LizianEvents represents the ethos of community focussed shows and events. LizianEvents Ltd looks after the administration, organisation and promotion of each event. Our work is to make arrangements with the venue and promote the community. We use our website, this WordPress site, the internet, and postal ‘newsletters’ to connect to our visitors. We organise the event up to the moment the doors open. At this time, the community takes possession of the Show or Event. The diversity and professionalism of Community Members and the superb reputation of the constantly evolving shows are the reason why Visitors attend the show.

Those of you who are interested in becoming part of the Community-Exhibitor focussed events should watch the video below. It was recorded after the April 2021 Newark Well Being Market. Every Community-Exhibitor enjoyed a brilliant trading platform. And the Visitors loved the event. We build on the platforms to make the events more interesting and brilliant days or weekends of Well Being happiness.

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