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LizianEvents 2020 Schedule:

12 + 13 December
Lincolnshire Well Being Market
Epic Centre, Lincolnshire Showground, LN2 2NA

Pure Spirit – Spiritual Market
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Showground NG24 2NY

The Well Being Markets are an adaption of the Well Being Show: The Well Being Markets are an answer to the difficult situation of 2020. As market traders of 15 years, we have a unique inside into how this genre should be run. We have worked closely with local authorities to provide the best possible solution to help The Community keep in touch with Visitors, customers and clients. You can be assured we will take a pragmatic approach to the organising of the Well Being Markets and while some aspects of the market will be similar to a Well Being Show: there will be limitations due to the C-19 situation. Yes, we have had to make compromises but the Well Being Markets will still be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The name LizianEvents represents the ethos of community focussed show and events. LizianEvents Ltd looks after the administration, organisation and promotion of each event. Our work is to make arrangements with the venue and promote the community. We use our website, this WordPress site, the internet and postal ‘newsletters’ to connect to our visitors. We organise the event up to the moment the doors open, at this time the community takes possession of the Show or Event. The diversity and professionalism of Community Members and the superb reputation of the constantly evolving shows are the reason why Visitors attend the show.

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