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There will be four workshops at this event – Simon Goodfellow will be teaching his workshop on Sunday (5th November) at 14:00 – 16:30.

The page will be updated as the seminar spaces are taken, in the meantime here is the information to Simon’s workshop.

Simon Goodfellow – Lincoln WorkShop 

Banner Links To Simons Website

Banner Links To Simons Website

The First Steps of Your Psychic and Spiritual Journey

Simon has become recognised as the premier spiritual teacher in the U.K. The incredible success of many of his pupils is evidence to this. John Richardson and Rick Paul began their first steps with Simon.

The students will be introduced to four specific lessons. Each lesson has evolved as the result of Simon’s thousands of hours working as Spiritual Medium and Healer. The four steps will gently unlock the awareness needed to begin your Psychic and Spiritual Journey.

During this two hour introduction, Simon will teach and demonstrate four facets awareness. Each one, once understood can be used for the rest of your spiritual journey. Simons skill as a teacher and his generous nature will shine through during the two hours. When there are questions, he freely gives from his years of experience. This workshop is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in Spiritual ideas. Whether your long term intention is to follow Simons footsteps or the desire is to work alone; or in small groups, the two hours are certain to be beneficial to your Spiritual Journey.

You Will Learn: –

• The Importance of ‘Clearing & Settling of the Mind.’
• Sensing The Energies which surround all people.
• The ‘Affirmation of Protection’ to awaken your Psychic Side.
• Working with the energies of the Pendulum.

Simon looks forward to meeting you at this exclusive workshop at The Lincoln WellBeing Event.

Cost of the workshop is £40.00
A £20.00 Deposit is required at the time of booking.

Please contact Dave Harper Events Manager
Tel Office: 01302 869051
Mobile: 07894 091702