Newark Talks

Saturday 16 September 2017

11.15am  Steven Blake ~ OldPain2Go

How to talk yourself into getting a life you can only dream of

Our life is dictated by our thoughts that bring us what we think about. We don’t always ask for what we want, we usually ask for what we don’t want and then encourage more of the same by saying “that’s just what I needed” (sarcastically). Steven will show you how we can control and change those processes quickly and easily.

12.30pm  John M Harris ~ Soul Wisdom Psychic Consultant

Past, Present & Future using the Akashic Records

John explains the mysteries of how one can use what are known as the Akashic Records to find out who we are at soul level and explores what we can do with that information.  An interesting, informative and interactive talk.

2.00pm Erick Henderson ~ Northstar Organite

Orgonite – for healing, pain relief, psychic and spiritual development

Northstar Orgonite is a tool that allows you to discover and explore the multi dimensional reality of subtle energy and some practical applications.

3.00pm Brigitte Rix ~ Medium & Author of Channelled books

Mysteries of ‘the UNKNOWN’ explained by ‘The Afterlife French Lady’

During this lively and interactive session Brigitte welcomes your questions – such as:

· Why & how your life & health can be improved
· Why you chose to be a human
· Why you & your loved ones will survive ‘death’
· Why your departed can learn to communicate
· Why Humans & Animals are energy beings
· Why there will be more natural disasters
· Why orbs, premonitions, ‘past lives’ are real.
· Why this Universe exists…

Audience participation is actively encouraged.

Brigitte Rix is a clairaudient medium and author of 4 acclaimed published books, channeled from the ‘Spirit World’.

4.00pm Rick Paul ~ Spiritual Medium

Rick gives a fascinating talk about his work as a spiritual medium.  This presentation seems like a conversation and there is total interaction with his audience, culminating in a demonstration of mediumship

Sunday 17 September 2017

11.15am  Phil Bowler ~ Self Help Astrology

Shooting off on an Astrologial tangent

The title of Phil’s e-book, a collection of everyday anecdotes arranged to show how astrology actually works, using real life examples. These are amusing anecdotes, often with Phil himself being the brunt of the humour.  Delve into the fun side of astrology, rather than the stuffy, mathematical serious image that it often conjures up. Think Jupiter – have fun! Come and learn a bit about real astrology.

12.30pm  Campbell Wallace ~ Author 

Second Chance  

Real life stories take us on a journey of awareness.  Campbell discusses his journey to a Second Chance, from the beginnings of illness through chronic sickness and literally facing death.  This presentation covers the journey to his Second Chance and also addresses why people who have been given a second chance throw it away by not following guidance of their carers.  Signed copies of Campbell’s book are available after the talk.

2.00pm John Richardson ~ Feel Better Fast

Past Life Regression & Spiritual Connections

Including John’s fascinating demonstration showing you why hypnosis is nothing to fear!  John has been a professional stage and clinical hypnotherapist for many years and his talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun – yes fun!  You will soon see the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you too.

3.00pm Emma Gowshall ~ Animal Communication

Alternative Therapies for pets & demonstration of animal communication

A brief introduction on how to use alternative therapies with your pets, covering crystals, sound therapies, flower remedies and essential oils.  Emma will also present a short demonstration of animal communication.

4.00pm Carol Wallace ~ Crystal Carols

Working with Crystals & Chakras – a mini workshop

Carol demonstrates a chakra layout with crystals for self balancing and harmony – a simple and informative workshop on how to do your own chakra layout and how to choose which crystals to use.