Nottingham Well Being Show

The Nottingham Inspirational Well Being Show
Jubilee Conference Centre
Triumph Road

26 + 27 October 2019

The Nottingham Inspirational Well Being Show will mark a turning point for our events. The move to The Jubilee Conference Centre landmarks the long-term intention of utilising prestige venues and commitment to the highest quality shows.

Liz Clark Talks About The Show

Our Intentions Are Clear: 

The purpose of The Inspirational Well Being Shows is for The Community to guide and help Visitors to find ways to become Well Being.

First a word about Community:

Everyone who is part of a Well Being event is working to a common purpose. The idea of community means we help each other to succeed. We encourage the sharing of peoples work, ideas and skills. For examples: sharing an experience on LizianEvents News or helping with business or promotional advice.

This article by Rick Paul provides an indication of the power of Community:

Rick Pauls Article Acceptance Awards!

Keep the following paragraph sentiment in mind as you read about Nottingham’s Inspirational Well Being Show:

As organisers, we believe there are incredible benefits in understanding ethos of community. It is not a case of being a ‘co-operative’ where people pool their resources. The idea is to connect, share and mutually prosper. A unified approach is far reaching and ultimately, more people learn about the shows. The organisation goes further than renting a building and putting on an exhibition. The desire is for members to prosper well after the doors are closed.

Visitors Are Number One:

When a Visitor leaves the show with a feeling of belonging The Community have succeeded. Every one of our shows is made by Visitors and Community, because, they are the event. Whenever people meet and work in unison magic happens. Everyone knows this, and people sense this during their visit. The ‘vibes’ are amazing and keep Visitors returning time and again.

Visitors always enjoy a day or weekend of inspiration. They can choose from around thirty talks each day. And there are be ample opportunities to meet with The Community and talk about their services, therapies, information, and products. Of course, the show will enjoy a healthy mix of retail therapy which will accommodate many tastes.

During the visit, people can sample holistic and alternative therapies — everything from a full body massage, acupuncture, hypnosis and Reiki. Anyone interested in health supplements or organic foods will discover ample choices are on offer.

We will take the shows to new horizons. Visitors can expect talks about finance, relationships, and ways to overcome the real issues and problems. And there will be many inspirational speakers and people talking about spiritual ideas.

The stage area will enjoy mediations, tai chi and yoga demonstrations and musical performances. One day or a weekend visit will be inspiring and entertaining. There is something for every Visitor.

A critical word for this show is ‘diversity’. It must appeal to all members of society. And therefore open-minded and intelligent people will find the show to be balanced and entertaining.

Children are welcome:

And we have arranged for a designated area for parents to take some time with their children. Parents will also find a talk or two focused on aspects of parenthood and education.

One of the most critical aspects of this show is for local businesses to network with local people. There is high interest from perspective Community Members who see this Inspirational Well Being Show as a perfect place to promote their work. 

To this end, we will begin the promotion in early April. Expect to see our promotional work around the City, and it’s suburbs. April will also see this page change; it will be full of information and the initial Attending Community list.

The Community’s Inspirational Well Being Show’s are becoming a superb experience. The Nottingham Show is some months away; this introduction guides potential exhibitors and visitors to the essence of the event.

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