Carol Wallace – Community Member


Cedric Ford Pavilion

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison. Carol Wallace is an incredible supporter of OUR community. You can meet this lovely lady at the Newark Well Being Show 16 – 17 September – This weekend 🙂

Carol (Crystal Carol) Wallace

Carol (Crystal Carol) Wallace

Everyone knows Carol as Crystal Carol and rightfully so; if ever there were an individual dedicated to her work Carol is the lady. As evidence to this Carol ticks the following categories of success.

1. Knowledge
2. Understanding
3. Wisdom
4. Devotion
5. Communication

Carol was born in Manchester, her father English, mother Irish and she is married to a Scot: So, if you are looking for authentic Celtic connections, we would have to agree Carol has all the qualifications. As we know, Celt’s have ingrained spiritual connections. There is no doubting the Celtic roots have worked for Carol, read her comment: ‘I cannot remember when I realised how insightful my thoughts could be. I found it easy to resonate with people, situations, and places. There was a ‘certain’ feeling which indicated right or wrong. For many years I believed this gift was an imagination, to the degree I almost denied the message.’

‘Later in life, I accepted and began to utilise the heightened awareness, and soon my life journey was making positive headway. Answers to difficulties and so called tests became easier to see and work through. I  knew where my life was heading and success, happiness, and love would be within my destiny.’

Carol Continues…

‘A difficult situation became the turning-point. Many years ago I had a serious accident. Conventional medicine and surgery struggled to repair the damage and settle the pain. A friend gave me a crystal, and with that gift, horizons opened to a new world. When I comment New World, this is not an understatement.’

From small beginnings, Crystal Carol started to explore the World in pursuit of the finest quality specimens. She travelled to South America, America, Europe and over the years has built up excellent connections to mines, miners, and suppliers in Africa, Middle East, and Asia. Her catalogue of stock is second to none, as is her knowledge and understanding of the many aspects of crystals and minerals. By either visiting her incredibly well-stocked shop or visiting a ‘show’ a collector or healer will have something new to find to add to their collection. Beware though, making a choice may be difficult, the quality, depth, and breadth of the stock are simply fantastic: This is an aspect of the business for which Carol is often told off by her husband, Campbell!

Carol is proud to be a Melody endorsed and accredited practitioner – teacher. She recently (April/May 2017) returned from an intensive Melody Workshop in Dublin. Carol commented ‘Hard work for the delegates, my goodness there was so much to learn, Melody pushed everyone, but the rewards were worth the effort.’  Carol runs her workshops throughout of the year, and she can arrange ‘one to one’ lessons for those who wish to take their understanding even further. Although the Introduction and Advanced Workshops have brilliant reviews, and in constant demand: those who want to further their knowledge of the fascinating world of crystals and Crystal Healing will find no better place to begin, than a conversation with Carol Wallace – Universally known as Crystal Carol.

Carol and Campbell Wallace

Campbell and Carol Wallace

Link To Crystal Carol’s Shop

Annie Webster – Community Member

Newark Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison. Annie is committed to OUR success and future. If you are looking for a new book or deck of cards, there is one place to begin: Annie Webster and her Moonlit Pathways Shop.

Annie Webster

Annie Webster

I encouage the reader to click on Annie’s image above and download the Mp3 version of the interview.

Todays Exhibitor Profile is about Annie Wester owner of Moonlit Pathways Bookshop. Annie is a fascinating person. For example, few would know she a Literary Academic. This is the first of our ‘LizianEvent Community’ profiles which includes an edited audio version of the interview.

Ian interviewed Annie during a break at the recent Lincoln WellBeing Show. During the interview, Annie talks about her early book encounters. Her business Moonlit Pathways is a thriving specialist bookshop. Annie talks about the many aspects of reading from how to choose a book to where spiritual authors may find new directions. There is an insight into where her bookshop is now and the direction she will take it over the next few years.

Annie Webster – Moonlit Pathways Bookshop

Q. Annie tell me about your first encounters with reading?
Annie: “My parents were not overly wealthy, and very popular, these two observations will guide you to their character and personality. We were careful with money, although this was not uncommon in those days. No matter what the situation I was allowed to buy a book each week from the book club. Enid Blyton’s Famous Five, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, etc. were some of the first titles.”

Q. What genre of books did you read?
Annie: “Always fiction.”

Q. Are there significant markers in your reading evolution?
Annie: “Yes, I used to babysit for a family who had a huge bookcase. I discovered a book called Kane and Abel. It took me sixteen hours non-stop to read it, I could not put it down. I did not stay with one genre, and then I did my degree. So, for three years I read academic books and nothing else. While at University, a friend gave me the small book by Richard Bach titled Illusions, and this is my first spiritual book encounter. Another significant book is The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.”

Q. How would you guide someone to buy a book?
Annie: “I choose many books from recommendation. Although this can be hit and miss. As a bookseller, I have a responsibility to my customers to have a sound knowledge of the content of my stock. The advantage is I can talk to the client about their needs. From this information, I will get a feel for what book might suit them. There is a lot of pressure involved in recommending a book, as the reader can be disappointed. However, my specialised bookshop has many faithful and long-term customers. As the years go by, I have an excellent knowledge of the content of a book, and I get to know the types of books each customer prefers. This personal information is the strength of my business: A close knowledge of book and customer.”

Q. How do you read a book?
Annie: “I have discarded books after only a few chapters. For example, I found ‘The Book Thief” a somewhat disjointed read. Although after putting a book to one side, I will return to them at another time. (By the way, Annie loved the film) I like to dissect a book, think about the words, construction and sentiment. To get the best from a book, most people believe it needs to be well written. There are exceptions to every rule, for example, a book recommended by a respected reviewer may be worth persevering with for a few chapters.”


“Allow me to expand: My degree is in English Literature, and therefore I cannot help but have a critical eye. The Celestine Prophecy leaves much to be desired in the way it was written. The message is excellent, so the sentiment and story overwhelmed the shortcomings. How do I read a book? I take possession of it; I will write comments and notes and highlight important sentences and paragraphs – I will read Kindle books – they have a place – But the paper, card, and ink make a book!”

Q. What type of books do you stock?
Annie: “I take lots of care with my stock. I cannot compete with the likes of Amazon, so I have to: 1) Understand my clients and customers. 2) Have an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace, the latest books, and authors. 3) Actively seek feedback and reviews from readers. If I am to thrive, I must give more than a computer screen list! I have discovered most book enthusiasts do not resent paying a few extra pound to buy from me. You see, it is ok buying online if you are prepared to take the risk of not liking the book, agreed you can return it. However, most do not. With titles costing upward of ten pounds, non-returned books are an expensive and ignored aspect of on-line shopping. The advantages of purchasing from a specialist bookseller is the specialist has an excellent and readable stock, focusing on a specific requirement.

I have to look at the ‘bigger picture.’ If I were to limit my stock because of the opinions of a few readers, it is evident people would be deprived of some incredible titles. So in fairness, if I only stocked books for ‘a restrictive audience of customers’ I wouldn’t have a business. Therefore I have to have stock an eclectic mix of titles, authors, and genre. Remember, I am a specialist retailer of ‘Cards’ – Tarot – Angel – Oracle – etc. Cards can be used traditionally, as insightful symbols of self-discovery or for meditation. I could not claim to have every book or deck available of a spiritual genre. The intention is to hold a first class inventory of excellent and rewarding titles.”

Q. If you were able to guide an author looking for new subjects. And bearing in mind the interests of both new and old readers, where would you steer them?
Annie: “Certainly not ‘self-help’! (laughs) – In my opinion, good quality spiritual fiction, which is accurate and valid answers your question. It must be quality, I have learned about religions and spiritual beliefs from spiritual fiction. On the other hand, I have become disillusioned by poorly researched and ‘for profit’ spiritual textbooks. I hope you realise the implications to my statement.  Spiritual fiction can hold more knowledge and importance, than 100 thousand words of nonsense written under a smoke-screen of ‘spiritual knowledge.’ A spiritual fiction story should be compelling and empowering. There is a calling for feminist books, and comparisons of differing religions.”

Q. What do you feel is the right direction for Moonlit Pathways Bookshop?
Annie: “I would prefer to focus on the 100 top sellers, perhaps the same number in core and established spiritual books and, as already mentioned spiritual fiction. The listener or reader may think this is a small inventory; however, it is surprising just how few books most people have on their bookshelves. Not only this, how many of the books we keep do we revisit?

– I haven’t put much thought into trading in used books, although this is something worth considering. I know there are people who wish to dispose of their libraries and books, and there are people who would purchase a pre-read book. One must realise, storing and collecting secondhand books is an expensive proposition, so the whole idea requires careful consideration.

– Of course, we are also known as a specialist in spiritual cards. As already mentioned the cards are development and guidance tools. One of my most reoccurring ideas is to review books and cards. And later putting together a website with reviews or even a forum. The answer is to combine quality and knowledge which can serve faithful and new readers alike.”

Q. I know you are dedicated to your family. However, not many people realise you have worked tirelessly helping individuals who are experiencing legal injustice.
Annie: “Yes, family and animals are very much part of my life. My legal work is significant to me, although I do not represent clients as much as in the past. I would possibly advise people who have limited resources, and would possibly represent those who are in real need. For the moment my advocacy is on the back burner, and I am enjoying the freedom of working with my friend at her shop, and building Moonlit Pathways BookShop.”

The MP3 download is an edited version of the original interview.

Gill Moore – Community Member Review

Newark Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison.

Community Members are beginning to recognise there is benefit from the inherent ethos of the events. There is a certain resonance which is ‘felt’ by Visitors when any ‘event’ is working. It is accurate to comment that the months leading up to a show make the show. Therefore many of our Community Members become involved in exhibitor profiles. Visitors review the profiles and choose to have therapies, readings and make purchases as a result of the information.

The Newark Well Being Show doors open on Saturday at 10:00 let us take the next five days to meet and review Members of the Community.

Gill Moore

Gill Moore

Today we will revisit one of our therapists Gill Moore.

Gill has been a member of The Community for over two years. First attending the Nottingham Trowell Show and earlier in the year Lincoln. Gill enjoys an excellent following of loyal clients. I do not think she would mind if the word ‘traditional’ enters into this essay because Gill follows many of the traditional and well-respected teachings of healing masters.

Our visitors may not realise, Gill is an accomplished Spiritual Medium. Spiritual Awareness is very much part of her work. There is a special empathetic connection between a healer and client. Spiritual healing involves a subtle exchange of energy, anyone who meets Gill, feels there is ‘something’ special which surrounds her presence.

Is it her patience as she listens carefully to her client explanations? Or is it the gentle and soothing voice which reveals her thoughts on the different ways she can help? Both are, of course, initial observations. There is a ‘special’ feeling which comes from being in the presence of a healer. An indicator is a real calm which returns to troubled souls. Gill has the ability help people return to wellness.

Many healers suspect when the body is unwell, the discord begins a long time before symptoms appear. Most healers talk of subtle and vibrational energies within our being. There is an almost universal acknowledge the presence of the Aura in metaphysical groups. It is interesting to this writer the words, subtle, gentle and calm are used when describing the effects of alternative healing.  The word ‘continuous’ is another which is in need of consideration. The process of healing is gentle and continuous. When we receive ‘healing’, we must remember, its subtle energies are gentle and continuous. Therefore the actual process is slow and subtle.

Gill works with gentle and subtle vibrational energy (force is too strong an association) to settle imbalances of the energy fields of the being. Her early training, years of practice have achieved many fine results. People return to see her time and again, if there is ever the need for a testimonial, this is the greatest of all.

This special lady has a treasure trove of love in her heart and generously gives without question. I cannot recall one time she has spoken a negative comment toward others. She knows there is good and bad in all of us, and she accepts the journey of life can be difficult. We must conclude, the flame of her spirit is bright and enlightened. Surely this is why Gill is a well-respected healer?

There is an aspect of healing rarely mentioned. However, we should consider the idea that we are drawn to those who can help when problems arise. Gill will be the first to guide people to sit and talk to a few healers before making a choice. Indeed, there will be times when a healer will guide a potential client to another way to find help. To apply this precept is an indication of an excellent Spiritual Healer, Gill will always help her clients in the best possible way and will guide them in the best direction.

We get to know The Community, and therefore when an essay is written, it is often done without the individual Community Members knowledge. This is important because there can be no bias and the sentiments if written from the heart the article will grow from a fertile soil of truth. If the essay is similar to the last one, then the writer is not writing from the heart. Our words must come from the heart when we write about people we meet. When we write from the imagination or creative intelligence the words will be eloquent and false. Creativity has its place in fiction. This acknowledgement of Gill Moore’s work is to encourage visitors to talk to her, and there is no bias, each of our healing community are exceptional human beings.

In an earlier paragraph, the reflection concluded there are people we are drawn to and others who do not resonate as much. I suggest trying a few different taster sessions, and enjoying a mix of treatments and therapies. Another would rigorously oppose my suggestion; this is the way of spiritual attainment, it is full of confusions and differing ideas. However, we could consider an acceptance of others ideas, beliefs and convictions are a sign of accomplishment. I have no doubt Gill Moore understands and uses this wisdom every moment of her life.

One last comment for our visitors: –

The therapists within our community have an incredible determination to help and assist humankind. Imagine the dedication and commitment involved in gaining recognised qualifications. Many of our Therapists have to work to support the path of Alternative Healing. I find it majestic that these incredible people, follow a path which is often ridiculed and dismissed, because of a determination to continue using ancient and established healing techniques. Do not dismiss, for example, The Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, and Indian Head massage practitioners. Their work has long term beneficial effects. Not one will claim miracles or instant cure. Every one talks of complementary and never decries the advances of conventional medicine.

When our healers and therapists attend our shows, consider they follow their path because there is a belief in their work. When visitors enjoys or benefits from their treatment or therapy, I ask them to acknowledge the fact they are in the presence of a soul who cares about the Well Being of their client. Please remember this when they ask for the small fee to cover their costs and continue with their work.

Mant thanks to Gill Moore for all her consistent contribution to OUR community.

Events Update

Newark Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

16 – 17 September 2017

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Cedric Ford Pavilion

This is the last post before The Newark Well Being Event where I comment on the progress of our Show and Community. From Monday until Friday the focus will be on Community Profiles and the event itself.

Liz and I express thanks and gratitude to all of you who have consistently share and like our FaceBook posts. Over the last four months, the site has increased its following by 470 people, and it grows daily. The target is 3000 by the end of 2018. We consider FaceBook as an integral part of our promotional endeavours. LizianEvents is preparing to take the challenge of integrating our Community with a greater internet presence. The internet is in constant evolution, our choice to work on this ‘Events News’ and our website for many hours a day is paying dividends. However, we must acknowledge your contribution to the growing success and strength of OUR media presence.

October will see the first of three changes to this ‘LizianEvents News’. As already stated the ‘Events Forum’ Page will be activated. I expect a slow start, although it should take momentum as the month’s pass. We have received comments that ‘forums’ have had their day. The clear indication is: forums do not work for individuals. There have to be many threads on the forum to work. There is every indication we have sufficient interest to open up the forum, and there will be many ‘threads’ to it. Of course, the success is solely dependant on the visitors to the site. I see our statistics growing weekly; the effort involved in this project is worth setting up the page.

There are two additional changes to be added to this LizianEvents News. One is the ‘Theme’ and the second is another page. These changes will dovetail into the Forum, and I feel many people will take advantage of the opportunities arising from the additions. You will have to wait for a few weeks yet before the announcements. Stay with us; there are exciting developments ahead.

During the week I had an interesting hour long conversation with a community member. During the conversation, the subjects of ‘Talk schedules’ and ‘WorkShops’ were discussed. I mentioned there would be changes to this aspect of our shows. The conversation sealed the changes Liz, and I had discussed over the last few weeks. We do listen to our community and visitors, the consensus is ‘more talks’, and therefore your wish has become our command. Initially, Liz and I chose to have a limited talk schedule. At Lincoln 2017 and all subsequent shows, the talk schedule will be increased.

We already have two excellent ‘WorkShops’ – Simon Goodfellow’s Spiritual Awareness – and Carol Wallace’s Crystal Workshop. We need two more for the events. I intend to produce video promotions for our community member workshops. There will be a separate page dedicated to the WorkShops on our website. If you have interest in running a WorkShop at OUR shows, contact me at I can offer all four WorkShop tutors wide ranging promotion for 2018. Video, web page, WorkShop Profile and a unique forum thread. Remember there is no charge to any LizianEvents Community Member for these promotions.

There seems to be some confusion about ‘Children attending the Shows’. In truth, I feel there is mischief afoot. We have three emails from potential VISITORS who have expressed concern that we do not allow children to attend our events. Their information seems to arise from a deliberate attempt to ‘distort’ the facts. Children are welcome at our Shows. Although, we do not provide entertainment for our little visitors. The confusion stems from the policy we do not allow Community Members to be accompanied by their children. While commenting on this, I should mention we received the greatest amount of emails from our Community Members in support of this policy. To clarify: –

Visitors children are welcome (under 16 years of age entrance is free).
Community Members are not allowed to have children at their stall.

If you listen to anyone who states otherwise, they are incorrect. It is possible they are mischievous, be careful. The focus of LizianEvents is firmly on the purpose to our Show’s. The Purpose is to give our Community the best possible promotion of their work. And it is felt by a majority of our Community, our services, products, and treatments have an element of responsible choice to be taken by their clients and customers. We consider our purpose is of a ‘grown-up’ nature and this is the reason for the policy.

We have no intention of changing the ‘first come – first stand policy’ for our Community. There is a maximum number of Community members at each Show. The quota may not always be filled, as we will not have excessive numbers of each genre of product, therapy or readers. When we publish Community numbers, this relates to individual community members. We do not claim total table numbers at an event as in truth this is misleading. In the same vein, we will not publish incorrect attendance figures. The visitor MUST have accurate information and statistic’s available. Visitors are not fools, and we intend to demonstrate total integrity at all times. The essence will flow through OUR Well Being Shows, and they will prosper because of the Ethos.

Two final points. Visitors to all Well Being Show’s will find our Community Members are never placed in the same ‘spot’ at each event. Have a walk around the venue and ‘feel’ the atmosphere all changes have an effect, and change is a positive attribute to embellish. The music we use as background music from various sources and the track order is‘shuffled’. Therefore, it is impossible to give you accurate titles and composers of the background music played at our events.

Liz and I will work tirelessly to promote our events, the object is to provide a superb and prestigious experience for our Visitors. It is early days, but you can be certain, we have many new ideas which will come to fruition over the next sixteen months. We are looking forward to the addition of the ‘Conference’ format during the 2018 Lincoln Shows. The changes to the ‘LizianEvent News’ theme and the production of many new videos are three examples of beneficial changes to advantage our community. There is something extraordinary indeed evolving, and this is due to the quality of our Community and the support of our Visitors.

Many Thanks to you all

See You at ‘Newark Well Being Show’

Erick Henderson – Community Member Profile

Newark Well Being Show
Cedrick Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

16 – 17 September

Many of you will know Erick Henderson as the organiser of the fantastic Mansfield Mind Body and Spirit Event. I have been privileged to know Erick for many years. Liz and I welcome him to The Newark Well Being Show. Erick is a knowledgeable and approachable man, and he will be retailing his Northstar Organite at the Newark Well Being Show.

At the Newark Show, Erick is available to talk about Northstar Orgonite. It is a tool that allows you to discover and explore the multi dimensional reality of subtle energy. Northstar Organite also has practical applications, in the home and work environments. Not only will Erick be looking after his table in the Show Hall. He is giving an excellent and well-respected talk about this specialist product. The differing designs and materials are covered in the talk. Erick will also discuss the history, benefits, and uses of organite. Erick comments: ‘Northstar Orgonite is a tool that allows you to discover and explore the multi dimensional reality of subtle energy and some practical applications.’

The Talk is on Saturday at 2.00pm – Erick Henderson ~ Northstar Organite
‘Orgonite – for healing, pain relief, psychic and spiritual development.’

I should also mention that Erick works with crystals and subtle energy for healing & spiritual development. He offers a choice, or combination of contact and distance healing using Crystal, Reiki, and Orgonite. As a healer, Erick has received many compliments and excellent testimonials for his work. He incorporates elements of meditation, pranic healing, hypnotherapy, and NLP into his sessions. His years of experience and an enviable network of connections must place Erick high in the ranks of the U.K’s most knowledgeable esoteric, healing and teachers.

Erick also facilitates a variety of workshops including: –

Awareness and affirmations classes.
Crystal healing.
Prosperity & manifestation.
Psychic protection.

It is evident from this short introduction, Erick Henderson can help with many areas, whether the questions are spiritual, esoteric, or are ones about healing. You will find he has an expansive and varied catalogue of information, wisdom, and knowledge. Be sure to spend some time with Erick at The Newark Well Being Event.

Erick comments that he is a long time meditator and prays regularly for humility – though probably not hard enough.

Erick’s Website: – )  HERE

Breakdown – Essay from Campbell Wallace

Newark Well Being Event
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

16 & 17 September


There are some of you who know I was a successful rally driver. Cars are a part of my life which bring me great pleasure. Don’t make the mistake of thinking I am speed obsessed; my enjoyment comes from an appreciation of design, advancing technology: and memories of a time when the competition was bought me a large amount of pleasure. My father worked with me during my rallying days, and on balance, this memory brings the most pleasure.

The ownership of a quality car also brings great pleasure to anyone who enjoys driving. Now, being a Scotsman, I am a little careful with my money! I see sense in owning a car which will hold, or possibly increase in value. Some time ago an opportunity came to buy a rare and collectible motorcar for a sensible price. I am not writing the car was purchased ‘for a song’ far from it, the combination of condition, history, and its previous ownership resulted in my decision to purchase the vehicle.

Each year I travel to France on a business trip. In our work, the minerals we trade, have to be personally selected, and therefore, Carol and I chose to travel to a trade show in Alsace. Do not mistake, the trip for a holiday, the journey is 700+ miles, and the heat at the event is stifling. In fact, it was so hot at the show this year; I found myself having to take great care of my well-being.

The journey is an opportunity to take my classic car out for a decent run. Long stretches of clear motorways and the final 160 kilometers of twisting mountain roads, bring me great enjoyment. And on this journey, a problem occurred. Two hundred miles from the destination, the oil warning light came on as I was driving. I stopped at the service station and dipped the sump. No problem, the levels were fine. The car is extensively serviced, and although a high-performance vehicle, it is never driven to excess.

The next two hundred miles were driven carefully and as I drove the car, many years of mechanical engineering passed through my mind. What could be the causes? Well, the first thing to accept is the light comes on because the sensor is detecting low pressure. Therefore, there is a sequence of possible problems to consider. And there was another consideration; the warning light was intermittent, an intermittent warning is often ignored. In my mind I went through a list of possible failures or faults: Sensor failure, damaged or blocked oil cooler, or the worse of problems, a £1000 oil pump failure. This replacement is a big job, as the oil pump is deep within the engine and to change it is a major transplant.

At the nearest town to my accommodation, a VW and Audi trained mechanic suggested the problem was a damaged or failed oil sensor. He recommended the car was returned to the U.K by recovery. I decided this was the right option, although deep within my psyche, I ‘knew’ the problem was not serious. The A.A recovery system is fantastic. “We’ll get your car to an Audi dealer in Colmar, and if the cost to repair the problem is over a certain price, the car will be returned to the U.K for repair.” A couple of days later, the diagnosis was “10,000 euros to fix it; we’ll take your car home”.

Imagine the feeling, 10,000 euros to repair the car. Audi Colmar had diagnosed the oil pump as failing. And deep inside, with years of mechanical engineering experience, my inner being still said ‘Campbell, oil pumps work, or they do not, it is not the oil pump’ – My car was loaded onto the delivery truck, and ten days or so later it appeared outside my home.

As already mentioned the car is well maintained, and it was decided to remove the sump and pressure test the oil pump and the oil delivery system. Inside the engine the metal has become a light golden colour, it is immaculate. There is no indication of excessive oil heat, and after testing the garage confirm the pump is fine. The diagnosis and analysis continue, and eventually, the fault is discovered, a ten thousand to one chance, the oil filter membrane has for some reason collapsed, and the flow of blood of the engine is restricted. A thirty-pound consumable is the simple cause of the problem. In truth, I was not surprised, right from the beginning my inner-being and forty+ years of mechanical engineering told me the issue was not one of great concern.

The experience reminded me of my transplant. An illness leads me to a consultant who dismissed my chances and informed me my condition was beyond help (the Colmar garage). I knew there was a way to return to health and trusted a whole string of people to get me to the surgery (the A.A). I had surgery, and a solution was found (replacement oil filter). I am alive and well.

There is more to the comparison. The lesson is this, if you feel unwell, do not ignore the intermittent warnings (oil lamp). Even if your inner-being suggests, the symptoms are not serious, seek to advise from professionals. Listen to what is being described, and if you need a second opinion, seek one out. Trust your instincts and trust the medical professionals who will work tirelessly to keep you well. There will be some who will make mistakes, do not dwell on this, it is the positive aspects which are important.

My car is now in storage ready for the new year and more adventures. Drama over, a story told and perhaps a lesson for all of us to consider. We can learn from many facets of our life’s journey, in fact, the person who says “What can I learn from this?” will always have the advantage over the one who looks to blame others. It would be easy to say the Colmar dealership or the unsympathetic consultant was wrong and be chastised.

It is simpler to know and accept; people make mistakes, that is the way of life. All that is past is known, all which is ahead is unknown. Learn from your experiences and take advantage of the good experiences.

Live life Well


Campbell Wallace’s Website

Blow The Trumpet

Newark Well Being Event
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2NY

16 & 17 September

Ian Timothy – Photo by J.S

The reaction to our Major Announcement is spectacular. We knew it would be well received, although we could not have anticipated the fantastic response and enthusiasm for the project. The new look 2018 shows are sure to attract new visitors and rekindle interest in those who may feel the old MBS Events have become stale.

We are at the base camp of the climb; the summit is within view. We have prepared for the ascent, and the way to the objective is planned. I take this opportunity to reflect on the comments we have received and answer important questions asked. I asked D.S. if he would conduct an interview with me in Nottingham. The remit was that he would ask questions which visitors and members of the community would find interesting. I provided D.S with a resume of our progress, and he conducted the interview based on this information.

I recorded the extended interview with D.S, and this is an abridged resume of the recording. For those who are interested, the full recording will be available as an MP3 Download later in the month.

D.S ’How do you review other organisers work?’

Answer: ‘I do not, there is no viewpoint, people do as they wish. Exhibitors choose who they stand with; I would not waste my time looking at other peoples work. In the early days, I did so; some ideas were ok, other’s are not, I’m sure this is reciprocal. Do not forget; I’ve exhibited at M.B.S shows for fifteen years. The original Rasen Show was five years ago. Remember, it is not difficult to organise an event. What ‘s hard is organising a different event.’

D.S. ‘Can you talk about your objective?’

Answer: ‘We choose to focus on Nottingham, Newark, and Lincoln. The venues are booked into 2020. The constant effort to awareness will fulfill our objective. Which is 130 community members attending the Lincoln Show. All of them unified to attract a verified numbers of visitors. The Newark Show will have a target of eighty community, and the Nottingham Show is thirty-two community members and will always be on our calendar. There is NO interest in going further from our home base.’

D.S. Surely you are setting limitations with this policy?

Answer: This requires explanation because much of our plan has defined limitations: Organising an event is not a difficult task. Anyone can fill a venue with ‘exhibitors, ’ and the profit margins make the proposition very tempting. For example, we could rent a venue for 2 thousand. All we need are 20 exhibitors at 100 pounds a table to break even. Put 100 exhibitors in the same location at 120, and we would make over eight thousand for a weekend’s work from the accumulated stall price. Plus the visitor’s entrance fee, well work it out, it’s a highly lucrative proposition. The connotation of this equation is obvious. It produces the issue of a saturation of shows. And the exhibitors will focus on a ‘successful’ event as evidence there is life in ‘every’ event. This is not, how we wish to be seen by our community or visitors. Therefore, we will keep our shows to two prestige venues and one small. Our intention is for the events to have an enviable reputation for attendance and commitment to the community. Therefore, the choice is prestigious venues. This presents a major factor to consider. If the overhead is 10K for a venue, you best make sure the show is a winner. And this is where we are with Lincoln. We must combine ‘prestige’ and the highest standard of the community members for the show to work; a combination which is essential to this event. There are many new ideas ready to be unveiled. However, we’ll wait until 2018, before cutting the ribbon on the plans.

D.S. ‘It is evident you put an enormous amount of effort into the promotion of your exhibitors.’

Answer: ‘Firstly, we do not have ‘exhibitors,’ we have a ‘community, ’ and we focus on the prosperity of our community. I’ll answer your question further. Liz and I push the limits of what is available on social media. We also are working on an extensive and wide ranging Forum. For this to make an impact, the community and visitors will have to participate. Getting people to interact takes time and effort. The difficulty is making people aware of the project. It is not hard work; it is time-consuming. Although from our standpoint we enjoy the process. For example, I am currently learning about software coding and WordPress site production. Many years of photographic, video and audio work is paying high dividends and will become a major part of our promotional armory. Liz looks after the administration, paperwork, and FaceBook. By the way: Liz agrees with me, this is not hard or difficult work, it is time-consuming, we both love the process. Learning and experimentation are part of our psyche. We look for new and better ways to promote the events and the community every day. This ‘Events News’ is part evidence of this commitment.’

D.S. ‘What is your motivation?’

Answer: ‘I have never seen anyone succeed in the long term when the priority is money. My motivation is aligned with Liz’s, which is to develop a robust platform which can be utilised by people who wish to become community members. Anyone who is sceptical with our insistence on the community ethos has NO future in our plan. To expand, if our foundation were some deception, it will, in the long term, fail. The reason I talk openly about our plans and ethos is that it provides evidence of integrity, There are no ‘gray’ areas, the objective is prestigious and well-attended shows, at which our community can prosper. The success of the project is sufficient motivation. Ultimately, we foresee the ability to demonstrate the success of the plan as our long term future. When we can do this (demonstrate the capacity to promote a community), we can provide further opportunities to our community. Now, I realise the meaning of this comment ‘s hard to grasp, it is for the listener to work out what I mean.

D.S. ‘Will you appraise the last four months of LizianEvents progress?’

Answer: ‘Ok, from a standing start we had to focus on the Lincoln Show. From scratch to the show we had less than seven weeks to the Saturday morning door opening. In fact, the show had had little promotion from January to May. Many people had spread and encouraged the rumour the show was NOT going to happen. So we were in double trouble. One was the vacuum of promotion, and two, the gossip and doubts which shadowed the event. We had a substantial e-mailing list. When this was verified, it dropped from 14700 to 7800. As you know, email-out regimes will only be opened by 10% of recipients. Our address is new to recipients, so many more were not opened. In fact, the probability is thousands of the emails are still sitting junk folders. We surpassed accepted statistics, and the first mailout resulted in 13% being opened, although, many unsubscribed. 13% of 7800 works out at about 900 reads. Now, as this covers a wide area of the U.K., what was the possible uptake from the email-out who attended the event? Well, we collected 258 emails at the Lincoln event, and only seven were in the database. The snail mail cost was £750, and the tickets presented from this mail-out was nine! Nine visitors from a £900 (750 + 150 printing) total cost promotion, in other words, one hundred pounds per visitor. The hurdles have been high and many. Liz and I are being relentless in our promotion of the Newark event. And the uptake from the emails has become encouraging. Incidentally, we pruned the old exhibitor list, and it now stands at ninety-seven, and ninety-one percent of these are opened, every time we mail out. There are more potential community members than allotted spaces available. Newark will probably have fifty-five community members attending. We could fill the full allocation of sixty-five. However, we must keep the numbers balanced. Too many members selling the same product, or offering the same service, will dilute their potential to cover costs. It is essential to follow the ethos; the bottom line is our community’s success.’

Many Thanks to D.S. for his commitment and the valuable time extended for this interview to come to fruition.

This article is written from the most important parts of the interview. I may return to other aspects at another time. During the interview, I was questioned about progress and how I sense we are viewed by those who are close to us. To answer this I use Steven Blake’s testimonial.