Why Join The Community? – Ian Timothy’s Thoughts

Why join The Community? A question often asked. This page is of interest to anyone looking for a superb trading platform. Spend some time here and question every paragraph and sentiment. The future of LizianEvents is strong and vibrant. It has this strength because of The Community. Read on:

When Liz and Ian work out a business plan, they use a large notebook. It becomes full of ideas, images and diagrams. The notebook contains random thoughts and questions for discussion. Excerpts from the notebook will help the reader understand the evolution of the organisation.

Excerpt From The Design Notebook:
“Why would a community-driven organisation fair better in the long term: than one without designed foundations?”

Let’s See:

Liz Clark and Ian Timothy nurture the organisation LizianEvents Ltd. Are they qualified to look after an organisation responsible for the wellbeing and future of The Community?

For over fourteen years they exhibited on the MBS circuit. Liz and Ian learned a great deal from their experience of attending over thirty-five shows each year. Without question, the ‘LizianShop Stall’ and Ian’s work as a ‘colour reader’ was a successful combination. On the journey’s home, they talked about the future of the shows. One thing was certain; they knew the events were a problematic arena for people to prosper.

All shows attended were carefully assessed for the highs and lows. Two points stand out from the records. One: in the long term very few people survived the rigours of the shows (the evidence is: sadly most no longer trade). Two: Organisers did not care for the exhibitors, they were not respected as valued customers. The main reason (at that time) was the number of stalls available was less than the demand. Today, there is an excess of oversubscribed and under-attended shows, there is no shortage of stall availability. So attitudes have changed…

The observations require solutions: Liz and Ian decided: One: for the organisation to progress, new and vibrant additions must enter into the arena. Two: exhibitors MUST be shown respect and gratitude. The observations enforced the idea any new organisation must help exhibitors thrive and prosper. And, they decided becoming show organisers would be part of their future.

Liz and Ian spent years thinking about how they would implement their ideas. Both had years of strong business knowledge available. However, the reality was the good venues were already secured, and it would be difficult to attract enough supporters for another calendar of shows.

Excerpt From The Design Notebook:
“An Organisation Which Prioritises Exhibitor’s Prosperity – Will Succeed”

When LizianEvents started to organise shows in it was to fulfil a need. The need was to allow new exhibitors to get a feel for exhibiting. The idea had great merit and quickly gained support. The first MBS show took place at Market Rasen’s Festival Hall in July 2013. It was a success, no-one made a fortune, although most covered or came close to covering their costs. Many of the original people are still with us, and some are not, it is the nature of exhibiting. Market Rasen also guided Liz and Ian to specific objectives.

Guiding Ideas:

Providing exhibitors with something more than a few advertisements followed by an event is the primary answer. And this is where the idea of community-driven shows evolved. Ian searched the internet to see if there was anything similar. (he continues to look for anything near to the concept, and six years on there are none discovered). So, the format of community-driven Well Being Shows was designed, and the idea came to fruition.

No doubting many enthusiastic people felt the idea worth pursuing. And, many laughed at the concept. The first is relevant; the second has no part in the equation. There is no interest in critics of the design and methodology used by the organisation. The focus of attention is and always will be providing well-organised shows, promoted 365 days a year, to the benefit Community Members. The standout statement is:

Excerpt From The Design Notebook:
“An organisation dedicated to the success of exhibitors must promote 365 days each year”

Ian and Liz are aware the concept could be wrongly interpreted. However, the only way to find the strength and weakness of a project is to test it, so they wound the mechanism and let it run. Information was sent out, people became Community Members, the shows commenced.

“Liz and Ian accept the project would be difficult to instigate”

The Initial Plan:
Excerpt From The Design Notebook:

“The Community driven ‘Well Being Shows’ are unique: People resist change. The transformation has to evolve carefully. Draw up a three-stage long term plan designed to develop over three five years. First stage: building media platforms, second: increasing exhibitors – Community Members, third: expand differing genres of events and venues”.

Remember they enjoyed fourteen years learning the ropes. If anyone knows the attitude of exhibitors and organisers, Liz and Ian are near the top of the list. From this knowledge, they knew it would take time to encourage people to join a community-driven organisation. After all, it is a unique idea and new ideas mean change of approach, and people shy away from reorganisation.

Providing longterm and clear objectives are important to help people understand the design. So is flexibility and evolution, it is difficult balancing well-defined objectives with subtle changes to the format of the shows. This is why a period of five years is given to reach the objective.

The objective is to provide a large Community with a good selection of shows and venues to use to their advantage. With a hub of promotion and information for Visitors and potential Community Members to learn about the organisation.

The reader should be under no illusion; a five-year plan requires enormous investments, in time, and resources. Of course, some people will see the long term objective and relish the journey. Those with the stamina, foresight, belief in the potential of the organisation become Community Members and enjoy the fruits of their commitment.

Is Uniqueness Important?

In the design notebook, there is constant reference to the word ‘unique’. We are the only community-driven events organisation in the UK – Possibly the World! This is becoming part of a brand identity. The LizianEvents organisation is determined to use this as a powerful promotional tool. The more visibility gained on the social media and internet streams the greater the benefit to The Community.

Attempting to copy the concept needs immense resources to catch up with the progress made – This community-driven organisation is moving and gaining momentum. Being part of a unique Community indicates an understanding of the power of unity and standing out from the crowd.

Excerpt From The Design Notebook:
“The Organisation Must Be Ethical – Transparent and Fulfil Promises”

An essential aspect of the organisation is transparency. Everything from a well-defined ethos to evidencing fulfilment of promises needs to be available for scrutiny. Because it is The Community, who invest time and resources into the events. To build a reputation of integrity, the organisers have to demonstrate The Community is the priority. Sometimes this means hard choices are made on behalf of The Community. For example, if an exhibitor demeans The Community or Visitors, they let down the Community; they have no place in the shows and will no longer work with the organisation.

When Visitors know their interests are a priority, they have faith in the organisation’s Community and the shows. In effect the will rightly think “These shows attain the highest standards, offer superb value and are worth attending”.

Once the doors to the shows open, the venues become The Community’s domain. The reality is The Community are the shows. It is their work during the events which make the Visitor decide if the show is success or failure. If the event is a success, the Visitors return.

Does Ethos Matter? Yes, it is the spirit and soul of the organisation and Community.

Excerpt from the design notebook:
“Being part of a community asks for a mutual commitment to achieving individual success”

Is this accurate?

Anyone considering joining The Community: should review the foundational ideas with care. And they will discover, the more a Community Member contributes to the show, the greater the success of the show. The greater the success of the event the more excellent the member’s progress. A major and significant contribution is sharing information from the organisation’s media streams, sharing flyers and posters and adding information to websites.

Community Members wishing to make a real impact on their progress and success write articles and contribute information which becomes part of their profile. The profile is posted on LEN and will be viewed by hundred’s of readers. As more Visitors read the articles on the site the greater awareness of the shows and Community Members.

Contribution to promotion is a vital factor in the financial aspects of the organisation. While the organisation demonstrates relentless dedication to promotion, the community must accept they have a part to play in the future of shows. If every Member bought ten people to the shows: and this figure was combined with the organisation’s promotional activities the shows would attain incredible Visitor numbers.

Excerpt From The Design Notebook:
“Community Promotion could be rewarded with lower stand costs?”

The LizianEvents stall fees are well below other organisers prices at similar venues. To keep this low price threshold, there is an agreement. The deal is to contribute to the promotion of the shows and share LizianEvents News articles. In truth, there is less than twenty per cent of the Community who actively share every week. The figure will rise and as it does the effect will increase the Visitor numbers. At some stage the amount of sharing will pass a tipping point: and then the floodgates of success will open.

The Future:

We feel sure that The Community will enjoy the benefit of access to numerous genres of shows and superb venues and constant evolution. The first show was organised in July 2013. That show and date are of no importance. If the shows had stayed with the same format, LizianEvents would be finished. When asked, “How old is the business?” Liz and Ian’s reply is: “The routine and financial aspects of the business has existed for six years. The organisation is one day old! We constantly evolve and look for new ideas! Yesterday’s show is over the future is what matters”.

Ian explains this strange reply:

“Visitors and Community are becoming aware that we listen to their thoughts. While we may not take the whole suggestion, we may use a significant part of their idea. Liz and I consider the organisation as a living being. LizianEvents News allows us to test its nature and infrastructure every day. Nothing is fixed; progress demands evolution. Every day is a new beginning”.

And why be part of a community?

“Liz and I feel a community-driven organisation, has, in the long term more potential. No doubting, a community working in unison, will have strength, influence and future. We know it will take time to establish the identity and validity of the project. This commitment does not cause concern. All that is stable needs deep and broad foundations. With deep and wide foundations the cornerstones can be heavy and solid. We have the solid weights of ethos, determination, and The Community as foundation stones, we can overwhelm any hurdle”.

He continues:

“An acknowledged aspect of any community is the word strength. I feel small (50  – 120 stall events and one massive Festival) is the future. I have no reservations for making this comment. Small fortunes are being lost at oversubscribed and poorly attended fairs and shows. The future is consolidation and working with an organisation which provides 150% commitment with a clearly defined objective”.

“The idea is to form a large Community Group. As organisers, we provide a series of events and shows which Community Members can choose to attend. It is a logical path to take. It is accepted many will not ‘see’ the potential. Sadly there are those who do not want the project to work; they are of no concern to me. While we operate with tight and sensible financial restraint, we can continue to grow for years”.

“Liz and I work relentlessly for the success of The Community. We evidence the work done and provide a road map of our intentions. By having different genre’s of shows and becoming promoters of specialist individuals, we strengthen our financial security. Expanding on the resources available to us benefits all who join the Community”.

“I have accepted a twelve-hour day schedule working on the social media streams, LizianEvents News and the dot com site is inevitable. From my perspective, learning every aspect of internet promotion is essential to the Community’s future. I will use, audio, video and still images to every advantage. This organisation is not a game or a half baked project. The objective is now to become Nationally recognised and bring success to The Community. Liz and Jon Sharpe promote the areas surrounding the shows twice each week. We will distribute 100,000 flyers in 2019, everything we can do to bring public awareness to the events and shows will be explored”.

“Being part of The Community does not mean giving up freedom. No one is forced to do anything. You can join and attend shows which suit your needs. We provide more than any other organiser. More competitive stand and stall prices, better payment plans, more promotion, more promotional materials. We evidence twice weekly ‘one to one’ promotion in the areas surrounding the venues. No one else provides this relentless pursuit of public awareness. All is done to benefit The Community. At some marker, there will be a realisation by the majority of the Community, that, if they join in and help expand the awareness of their show and events magic will happen”.

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