Why Join The Community?

The Word is Community!

A community-driven organisation is an entity that puts the community at the centre of its operations and decision-making processes. It actively involves community members in shaping the organisation’s goals, strategies, and activities. This approach fosters a sense of ownership, collaboration, and empowerment among community members.

When community members become part of a community-driven organisation, they commit to working in unison with everyone involved in the event or project. This commitment to collaboration and cooperation sets the organisation apart from others with a more hierarchical or top-down approach.

In a community-driven organisation, the community ethos is a powerful bond that strengthens every aspect of the organisation. This ethos creates a unique sense of unity, purpose, and shared responsibility among all participants. A community-driven organisation can provide a more inclusive and effective platform for engagement and well-being by actively involving community members and valuing their input.

LizianEvents believe in the advantage of community connection. We have seen exhibitors come and go over the years, some not recognising the benefits of being part of our community. Others had unrealistic expectations, thinking they would instantly strike gold at our shows.

But our mission is to connect visitors with our community continually. This is why we place great importance on organising each show in a well-balanced and fair manner. We carefully assess every proposition to ensure all participants have a valuable experience.

It’s important to note that LizianEvents Organisers are not the event! Community members and visitors are the ones who make every Inspirational Well-Being Show truly special.

While exhibitors can pay a fee and trade at shows, a short-sighted “show and go” approach is not as beneficial to The Well Being Brand. LizianEvents values continuous contribution over a one-time trade show experience. Potential community members are guided to consider whether they can commit to the whole concept, not just their business. All long-term community members understand that cross-pollination and mutually shared promotions benefit ALL who attend a Well-Being Show.

The country is saturated with all genres of events, such as music, well-being seminars, well-being workshops, lifestyle exhibitions, and more. A wide range of events are taking place, varying in size, venue, seminar offerings, retail exhibitors, and entry fees. From massive events that attract a large audience to smaller ones that are not so well attended, this country offers a diverse range of options for people to choose from.

However, amidst this saturation, it is essential to note that not all events are equal. Some may gather a significant following and receive widespread attention, while others struggle to attract attendees. Each event organiser has their objectives and goals, and the success of an event is often measured by how well it aligns with those objectives.

Remember, in a saturated event landscape, choosing the right strategy, targeting the right audience, and delivering value can help an organisation stand out and thrive. Over the last eight years, LizianEvents has worked diligently to build a reputation of fairness, integrity and loyalty to the community it serves. Many outsiders disagreed with or resisted the evolution during the early years, which took us from old-style mind, body, and spirit shows to The Well Being Brand. And make no mistake, we have established the well-being genre and The LizianEvents Well-Being Brand.

For some organisations, the main focus lies solely on their business and growth. They have zero interest in the businesses that work within their events. We are dedicated to strengthening the community’s visibility and profits. The community forms every Well Being Show. Building a solid reputation and establishing a strong presence in the market requires consistent effort and patience. The Well Being Brand Shows have to shine brighter to attract visitors.

Some people understand the implications of Community Commitment. The sentiment is a fact when writing about a Community. Anyone who joins in with an Inspirational-Being Show knows we work tirelessly for their benefit. We are recognised as community-driven. There is no other Community-based well-being organisation, and this is a statement of pure fact.

Visitors at a Well-Being Brand Event can experience and connect with the positive and energetic vibes. These vibes create an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm, making each event a memorable and engaging experience for all attendees. The positive feedback and increasing visitor turnout show they genuinely feel the vibes and enjoy participating in our events.

Four Venues
The choice is to have four fantastic venues (Epic Centre – Lincolnshire Showground ~ Lady Eastwood Centre – Newark Showground ~ Presidents Pavillion – Staffordshire Show Ground, and Newcastle Race Course) and hold bi-yearly Inspirational Well-Being shows at each Venue. Every site has unlimited free parking. Carparks are less than a minute’s walk from the door. The standard of food and facilities is world-class. The sites are within easy reach of all motorway networks.

The Community
Attending Community Members have a wide range of skills and expertise. Yes! We still have the traditional ‘spiritual counsellors’ because many Visitors enjoy a consultation. There are numerous alternative and complementary practitioners. And, of course, a balanced range of retailers. During 2018, we noticed mainstream health professionals were interested in the Inspirational Well-Being Shows. Integration of health and well-being professionals is a trend which is encouraged because, after all, health and well-being are the core of YOUR well-being!

The benefits of talks are many:
Talks are an essential aspect of The Inspirational Well-Being Shows: Community Members are encouraged to give a well-presented talk.
Visitors will have chosen to listen to the talk; therefore, the present has a dedicated audience.
The talk is the best way to connect to new followers and customers.
A good presentation will leave an excellent impression on the audience.
Being in a one-to-one situation with your audience is one of the most fantastic experiences. Once you get the habit, you’ll never look back.
Contact us if you need help and advice with your talk, and we’ll get you on the right track.
Do you wish to talk at The Inspirational Well-Being Shows? Contact us for details.

The Present
Today, the focus is to attract more experts in mindfulness and alternative and complementary therapies. Everything from Reiki to Reflexology to Hypnosis to Homoeopathy to Deititicians will be found at a Well-Being Brand Show. We are dedicated to promoting all who work in physical and mental health fields. And we offer extensive talk facilities to people who feel they have a message to give to Visitors. 

Why Become a Community Member?
If you consider yourself unique and dedicated to your work and future, the Inspirational Well-Being Shows are for You. If you are here for the long term and wish to build a future with a unique Community-driven organisation, the shows will work for you. If you want to take advantage of the certainty, the Shows are acknowledged as superb Visitor experiences. And Visitors are returning time and again. The Inspirational Shows are for you.

However, suppose you see your Inspirational Well-Being Shows as connected. In that case, the Inspirational Well-Being Shows have a fantastic dynamic (dynamic is a system or process characterised by constant change and evolution). The connection between the Community and visitors is throughout the year. You can connect with thousands of people over the twelve months if you choose to contribute to the Well Being News. As the awareness of The Inspirational Well Being Shows brand increases, the potential for your business, therapy, insight or message also increases.

The Inspirational Well-Being Shows are the visitors’ and community’s events. They are growing into forests of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We are here to stay and grow like mighty oaks of strength. Why else would we book our venues on ten-year contracts?

The Inspirational Well Being Shows are YOUR shows. And because of your involvement, they are acknowledged as gatherings of like-minded people whose common purpose is to live within freedom and prosper as well-beings.