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Next Show
7 + 8 November 2020
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

100+ Community Members Attending 75 Superb FREE Talks – Live Stage Demonstrations and Music

This is sure to be a superb show. Visitors can enjoy a weekend of magnificent Well Being ideas and inspiration. This show includes many new talks, and we have Yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations throughout the weekend. Do not forget we are child-friendly an area is provided for various creative activities.

→REVIEW of November 2019 Show←

The feedback from Vistors is impressive. All talk of great vibes and atmosphere and they leave with feelings of wellbeing fulfilment. The objective of attending a show is to find a way to Well Being and no doubt the Community Members who make the show fulfil the purpose. All are approachable and have extensive knowledge and experiences.

The Well Being Show have attained a brilliant reputation. One of the best ways to provide insight into each event is the fact Visitors arrive on Saturday with a ‘day’ ticket and convert it into weekend access. Many people do not realise all of the talks are free, and there is no need to book. Some shows have paid workshops as there is sometimes a need for the presenter to provide more than a ‘talk’ will provide.

The Epic Centre

The Epic Centre is a magnificent building. It is purpose-built eco-construction: most of the materials used to build the structure are recycled or locally sourced. There is unlimited parking at the showground, and with over three-hundred acres of grassland surrounding the Epic Centre, there is ample space for a taking a break.


Community List for the November 2019 Show:

A Jewel Shining Through – Crystals and Affirmation cards for mental wellbeing
Alison Dean – Psychic Medium, Tarot & Rune Specialist
The Aloe Vera Store – Forever Living Products
Angela Barker Tarot – Tarot Reading
The Anahata Centre, Lincoln – Therapy Training Courses
Arbonne – Vegan botanical skincare, makeup and nutrition
Aura Soma – Colour related products and Consultations
Balanced Reflex – Laura Gregory
Barrie John Medium – Psychic & Mediumship
Blenderz – CBD Products and oil
Brigitte Rix, Author – Promoting her 5 channelled published books
Bugs Festival Clothing – bright vibrant clothing range, hats, bags and gifts
Campbell Wallace – Author of the inspiring book ‘Second Chance’
Cara Amirah‘The Henna  Fairy’ – MalalalaUK stall and Henna – sacred Henna and Oracle
Craig Collinson – Author and Inspirational Speaker
Crystal Carols – Crystals, Jewellery and crystal carvings
Dance of Life (Zhong Ding) – Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations and workshops
doTERRA Essential Oils – Certified Pure Grade oils for your family and home
Elemental Balance – Bio-resonance and vibrational healing
Earth Tree Healing – Spiritual music composed and performed by Claudine West
Elisa Grey – Tarot reader and Celtic Ogham
Elizabeth Stead Ltd – Handcrafted jewellery using gemstones set in silver
Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Animal Communication workshops
Emperor Training Solutions Ltd – Training, Workshops and Courses, 1 – 1 programme and eclectic range of goods and gifts
Ethically Gifted – Fairly traded, ethically sourced and eco-friendly gifts & accessories
Feel Better Fast – Past and Present Life Readings, Past Life Regression
Fenix Flames – Candles, wands, staffs
Hands R4 Healing – Paul Willcock introduces visitors to Healing Pod Therapy
Henry’s Health Hub – Qenda Ultimate Fibre for gut health
Infinity Nutrition – nutrition products and healthy teas
Isagenix – nutrition supplement for wellness and weight loss
Iza Moon Luminary Guide, Songstress & Medicine Woman – CDs, Medicine Crafts and Jewellery
Jill Fraser Ear Candles – Ear Candling
JS Natural Therapies – The Balance Procedure consultations and related products
Leo Moon Astrology – Astrology Birth chart and Forecast Readings
Little Ears Rabbit Rescue – Scarves, Cards and Gifts all proceeds to animal rescue
L & P Fragrances Lincoln – Quality Perfumes and Colognes for ladies and gents
Magnetix Wellness – Magnetic Jewellery and products for Wellness
Mary Macauley – Tarot – Readings
Mark Aston – Spiritual Tarot and Psychometry Readings
Mel-Jay – Silver and Gold Crystal jewellery including bespoke items & Crystal Carvings
Melanie Wellard – Crystal Light Therapy
Meology Therapies – Crystal wire wrapped jewellery
Mobile Reflexology and The Emmet Technique
Moonlit Pathways Books – Selection of Spiritual books, Tarot and Oracle Cards
Mystic Christine – Spiritual Counsellor working with Tarot and Spirit Guides
Mystical Messengers – Geraldine & Brian
Native American Traditions – talks about Native American tribes and Smudging Ceremonies
Naturally Smart – Premium Quality Natural Hand Made Skin Care Products – Vegan Society Registered
Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies – Organic Skincare Products
New Horizon Life – Offering solutions for Geopathic Stress & Sick Building Syndrome
North Star Crystals – a range of crystals, tumbles, wands and Atlantianite
Nottingham Reiki – Reiki treatments, Crystal Healing and Ear Candling
Oceana Healing Therapies – Massage Therapy
OiLFACTION – Essential Oils, car and room diffusers
OldPain2Go – Reduction and Removal of Old Pain
Pam Shield – Tarot and Spiritual Counsellor
Philip Burgess – Yoga
Positive Spirit Massage – Head, Neck and Shoulder Seated Treatments and Kannaway CBD Hemp products
Tampara – Seated Massage and Therapies
The Pyramid Lady – Copper Pyramids for sale and Pyramid Therapy
Psychic Lynnette – Traditional tarot reading
Rick Paul – Spiritual Counsellor
Sanctuary Reflexology – Reflexology Treatments and Indian Head Massage
Seraphina Jewellery – Hand made Jewellery range from Brazil set with semi-precious stones
Shine with Ali Clothing – Ladies Clothing Range and Accessories
Shirley Ann – Psychic, Mediumship and card reader
Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium – One to one consultations and workshop information
Soul Sisters – Ethically sourced Indian textiles, wooden boxes, salt lamps, journals and trinkets
Stephanie J King – Author and Soulprenour  ‘And So It Begins’
Summer Rose Tarot – Tarot and Ribbon Readings
Susan Jones Therapies – Colour Mirror System
Symply Boudoir – Promoting Positive Body Image with Boudoir Photography
The Therapy Training Academy – Marie Curie Visitors Scheme; Reiki, EFT and Therapy courses
Tropic With Vic – Tropic Skincare and Cosmetics – award-winning and vegan/cruelty-free
Upbeat Lincoln – Support group for people with personality disorders and complex mental health needs & Training to organisations
The Witch’s Heart – candles, spells, incense and rituals
Woodland Trust – Protecting our Ancient Forests and Creating New Woodlands
WW The New WeightWatchers – Promoting Wellness brand and recruiting coaches to work for WW
The Yogna Therapy Centre – promoting their healing therapy for the mind, body and spirit

Over seventy talks at this show! Visitors will enjoy an amazing schedule. Just look at the range of Well Being information. Read through the list enjoy the show. The Community’s shows are now accepted as a premier wellbeing resource:

All talks are free: This means access to over seventy talks for an eight pounds weekend ticket: Brilliant value and unforgettable memories:

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