Friday, June 18, 2021

6 + 7 November 2021
The Lincolnshire Well Being Market
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

100+ Community Members
40+ Presentations and Talks

6 Streamed Presentations

The growing list of Community Exhibitors will mean Visitors will enjoy an amazing Well Being Market. And now we can reintroduce a talk and presentation schedule the event is almost complete. It is probable the Children’s activity area will be active for this event: so bring your children to the event: Fingers crossed 🙂 

This is sure to be a superb Well Being Market. Visitors can enjoy a weekend of magnificent Well Being ideas and inspiration. These have been difficult times and we adapted the previous format to become a Well Being Market. For this event, there will be a stage area with musical performances. We can really say the future is looking bright and everyone who visited this event will have an enjoyable and brilliant experience.

Anyone who is thinking of exhibiting at this event can reference the video below and we invite you to connect to previous exhibitors and Community Members to support the comments made on this page. At the April 24 + 25 2021, Newark Well Being Market the Exhibiting Community and Visitors truly hit the right spot and magic happened. And Yes! We have already run an event in 2021!

Watch the Video

The April 2021 Show Page

The feedback from Visitors attending The Community centred events is impressive. All talk of great vibes and atmosphere and they leave with feelings of wellbeing fulfilment. The objective of attending a show is to find a way to Well Being and no doubt the Community Members who make the show fulfil the purpose. All are approachable and have extensive knowledge and experiences.

The Well Being Shows attained a brilliant reputation: So there is no reason to believe The Well Being Market will not appeal to previous Visitors. We’ll follow the rules and make it work!

The Epic Centre

The Epic Centre is a magnificent building. It is purpose-built eco-construction: most of the materials used to build the structure are recycled or locally sourced. There is unlimited parking at the showground, and with over three hundred acres of grassland surrounding the Epic Centre, there is ample space for taking a break.

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Latest Community List:

Anahata Centre Lincoln 
Avaja Himalayan Singing Bowls
Barrie John
Brigitte Rix Author
Counselling with Cartouche, Di Wall
Congeries of Sound
Crystal Carols (The Crystal Workshop
Dance Free
Dance of Life Tai Ji
Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
Delta Direct Massagers
DevelopLink Reiki
Earth Tree Healing Music
Elemental Balance 
Elisa Gray – Shamanic Healing
Emperor Training Solutions Ltd
Ethically Gifted
Feel Better Fast – John Richardson
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames
Garlic Grater Shop 
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing & Crystal Comforters
Gong Bath & Sound Therapy
Hands R4 Healing
Heather Wood – Guide, Medium, Therapist
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies
The Hempman
HomeMade Sweetness
Iza Moon
Jane Osborne – Author and Past Life Regression
Kirstie Star Child
Kryskull Therapy
Lmore Jewellery
Mystic Christine
Naturally Smart Skincare
OilFACTION aromatherapy
Old Pain 2 Go
Oraphim Shungite 
Pamper For You
Peter Wall Academy of Hypnosis
Pulse Proactive
Pyramid Lady
Purple Church Spiritual Healing
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology
Sarah May
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace 
Seraphina Jewellery
Stephanie J King
Simon Goodfellow
Spookylicious Wax Melts
SolRox Ocean Spa Therapy 
Soul Sisters
Steve Johnson Healer 
Summer Rose Tarot
Tranquil Awakenings
Travellers Rest
The Urban Monk
Victor John
Visionary NLP
The Woodland Trust
Zsuzsanna Hörcsög

Prepaid Tickets Here

Lincolnshire Well Being Market
Talks and Presentations TBA

The Talk Rooms are located upstairs, (access by stairs or lift) 

In addition to the talks and presentations shown here, there is also a demonstration area on the ground floor for Tai Chi and Dance Free demonstrations for visitors to participate in and enjoy; and Live meditation music with Earth Tree Healing

This is the draft talks presentation agenda for The Lincolnshire Well Being Market: A fully detailed list will be published on Monday (31 May 2021). Many thanks for your patience: But you’ll get a good idea of the talks schedule from the list.

Talks Schedule:
Saturday 5 June 2021

Room 1

11am Brigitte Rix – Author ‘I Talk with Spirit’

12noon Peter Wall – Innerlight Academy of Hypnosis

1pm Claire Hegarty – ‘The Wizards Secrets’

2pm Steven Blake – Old Pain 2 Go

3pm Barrie John Medium 

Room 2

11am Healing Meditation

12noon Philip Underwood

1pm Jane Osborne – Past Life Regression

2pm Iza Moon

3pm Philip Underwood 

Room 3

11am Don & Carol Harradine – Dance of Life

12noon Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings

1pm Kirstie Starchild

2pm Tavi – The Hempman


Room 4

11am Darren Stanton – TV Psychologist

12noon Robert Glenton – Upbeat Lincoln

1pm Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk

2pm Carol Wallace – Crystals

3pm Ros Johnson – Hedera Herbal Medicine

Sunday 6 June 2021 

Room 1

11am Gary Whitt – The Urban Monk

12noon Rick Paul 

1pm Peter Wall – Innerlight Academy of Hypnosis

2pm Debbie Ison – Tranquil Awakenings


Room 2

11am Philip Underwood

12noon Rachel Bavin – Elemental Balance

1pm Tavi – The Hempman

2pm Philip Underwood

3pm Robert Glenton – Upbeat Lincoln 

Room 3

11am Steven Blake

12noon Paul Stevenson – Pulse Proactive

1pm Brigitte Rix – Author ‘I talk with spirits’

2pm Angela Barker – Fenix Flames

3pm Woodland Trust 

Room 4


12noon Darren Stanton – TV Psychologist

1pm Jane Osborne – Past Life Regression

2pm Di Wall – The Egyptian Connection

3pm Claire Hegarty 

Live Streaming Presentations: TBA

Visitors will enjoy an amazing schedule. Just look at the range of Well Being information. Read through the list enjoy the show. The Community’s markets will become accepted as a premier wellbeing resource: All presentations are free: Brilliant value and unforgettable memories:

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