Promotion for All – Part Two

This article is part of the ‘Promotion for All’ articles – From time to time, we will publish ideas about promotion for our Community Members to consider.

Constant Promotion

Constant Promotion

The three words of promotion are ‘Keep it simple’. The second consideration takes time to build the database slowly and with care. Three thousand friends on Facebook may seem to have kudos. The fact is 900 is recognised as the optimum number for the promotion of business. With an average of 155 ‘friends’ for each user, we can easily be misled by social media ‘hype’. Social media is a fast running river, blink and you’ll miss the post. The determined user has to understand how the FaceBook and Twitter platforms if they are to advantage themselves and promote their business.

Consider Oxford University Professor Robin Dunbar study of social groupings. His research concluded the highest number of friends and family the human brain is capable of managing is 150.  This is the crux of all promotion, find 150 rock solid friends, followers and visitors and keep in dialogue and you will find surprising results from your promotion.

Never let followers down. Years of promotion dissolves in weeks of stagnation or speculation. If you have an idea or make a proposal or announcement, keep it, remember proposals and statements are part of any promotion campaigns and must not be forgotten or changed. On any occasion when a plan will not come to fruition, let everyone know immediately. Everyone makes mistakes: be sure to keep the audience aware of changes in situations. People forgive integrity they never forget cover-ups or failure due to incompetence.

This article does not appraise the latest ways Google works out S.E.O in its engine. Although, it is essential to understand lists of words in an S.E.O box ticks very few requirements today. Search LizianEvents on Google we are on page after page, and this is due to learning to understand how search optimisation works. Here is a clue: promotion works when the message is clear and precise. Promotion fails when the story or purpose is muddy and without conviction.

Forming a clear understanding of a business objective is essential. If someone is a fitness specialist and sells supplements and training equipment, he’ll struggle to find success. When he focusses on being a trainer who works on a ‘one to one’ basis with his clients, and he demonstrates his work on the internet and social media, he has a good chance of success. Of course, he must promote his skills, qualifications and above all his successes. If he writes a 350-word article each day, it will take 450 articles before his media visibility takes hold. After a year and a half of articles and, he’ll be flying solo, and his efforts will be rewarded.

Anyone who writes for a platform like the LizianEvents News already has an advantage. This page has a growing and loyal following. If someone desires to promote their work without a 450+ legacy of essays: a platform such of this will work for them. Promotion is awareness; awareness comes from the promotion. This daily newsletter is read by hundreds of people why not us it? I find it fascinating many show interest and then do nothing to promote their work. Success requires effort; nothing happens unless action is taken. Return to yesterdays article and listen to Dave Harper’s enthusiastic appraisal of Simon’s 1000+ views of his videos: Dave knows the videos work and he uses them to his advantage. If you are in any doubt about the coverage of the ‘News’ think again Pete Andersons Wednesday post achieved a ”sign up” within an hour of it being published.

Hard lessons are learned when a promotion is high on the agenda. Every visitor and follower must be considered as equal. Lose one, and you’ll lose their friends as well. We have to be sure of our footing or danger lays in the valley of promotion. Every aspect of one’s actions is critical to the success of the promotion. For example, I once watched a woman who critiqued someone starting a new business venture. She believed she was gaining favour with another business. No doubt she accomplished her aim, at the expense of ruining her reputation. The new startup had hundreds of friends and followers who were guided to the criticism. Oh! Dear what a catastrophic mistake, the friends and followers rallied round and dispelled the vicious attack. Not only this, the would-be assassin’s verbal salvo backfired, with many seeing the malicious and vindictive comment as a testament to the reality of her psyche (Psyche is Greek for mask).

This does not mean we have to think the keyboard is like a sheet of thin ice. Difficult news or opinion is tolerated if the information is accurate and truthful. We have no problem addressing any situation which needs rectification, and there is no difficulty in writing about the mistakes we make. This is a healthy way of gleaning opinion and acting to benefit those who are affected by the issue. Reading and remembering this ‘memo’ is it is recommended ‘Promotion thrives on action and answers’. If there is a desire to promote anything: for example yourself, work, skill or therapy it is of little use reviewing the same information. Constant change and appraisal are essential to the success of the objective. Stay true to the ethos and principals of the original idea, but learn to become expansive and exciting. This aspect can be a problematic aspect of promotion and its one which has to be addressed.

Have fun while learning about and testing the ideas of promotion and never stop working toward success.

See You Soon

Dave Harper – Promotion Between Shows

This article is part of the ‘Promotion for All’ articles – From time to time, we will publish ideas about promotion for our Community Members to consider.

Dave Harper

Dave Harper

The work we do between shows is the way to success. Today we look at the work of Dave Harper: Simon Goodfellow Events manager. There is no disputing Simon’s gift and ability. However, Simon is the first to acknowledge David’s massive input into his success.

I spoke to Dave at the Lincoln Show and asked him about marketing and the work he does between shows. This article is accompanied by a short interview in which Dave talks about his promotional work.

If we wait for the show to provide us with visitors we are in the wrong mindset. Our promotion must be constant and without respite. David comments ‘It’s a waste of time promoting a month before the event. You have to promote your work all the time’. To ignore this statement restricts progress to the objective of success.

The interview begins with Dave talking about the 1000+ views of the LizianEvents video promotions about Simon and his workshops.


Dave also talked about ‘customer base’ – what is a customer base? It is a list of all the people you work with and interact with your business. If you do not communicate with those, who enjoy your work how will they know the events you attend? If you are making changes to your profile, let people know. Communicate and talk to your audience. Do not think people will lose interest if you communicate on a regular basis, this is far from the truth, in fact, people enjoy reading or listening to news of achievements and objectives.

Never make a statement which you cannot fulfil. And never claim to have thought of something months ago which cannot be evidenced. Clients and visitors are not fools, if a statement is made, it needs to be 100% accurate. Reputations are lost on inaccuracy and deception. It does not matter how long or how good the history, the actions and words of today, are all that matter. Everything changes over time and in this world of immediate communication, the only information people like, is today’s information.

Dave knows this very well: He keeps Simon’s website up to date and full of information. Their schedule is busier than a beehive and just as productive. From an evening show attended by 100+ guests to a whole week training seminar, every date and venue is on the website and out to the vast friends mailing list. Dave fulfils his title one hundred percent.

Before a show Simon is usually fully booked for consultations, deposits paid and appointments confirmed. This pre-show work makes Simon’s appearances at shows run smoothly and allows Dave to promote future events during a time when there is a high awareness of Simon’s work. After any event, Dave will answer all the questions which arise, follow up bookings and private consultation appointments. Dave knows that every part of his work is focussed in a way that Simon is left to work with his clients without administrative concerns. It is no surprise many clients consider Simon, a friend, he has the time to work with them on a deep empathetic level, and Dave’s work is very much the reason he can focus solely on his clients.

It is not suggested we all need a ‘Events Manager’. Simon has worked diligently for decades building his reputation. If he could not fulfil his promise, he’d have disappeared long ago. However, there is no doubting his and Dave’s abilities makes for a spectacular combination of success. A good idea is to spend a little time each day on promotion. One hour a day adds up to 365 hours a year: One hour a day? Yes, 365 hours is nine forty hour weeks. Imagine the impact of spending nine working weeks promoting your business.

The main points of to consider:-

Keep a database.
Communicate to clients.
Be accurate.
Look after administration.
Take one hour a day.

Or the alternative is to employ Dave Harper who is a brilliant promoter and ‘Events Manager’ – Thank you, Dave, for your time making this interview.

Simons Website

Sunday Live Online Meditation

Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson

On Sunday evenings 7 pm GMT – we can enjoy 20 minutes of peaceful meditation with Pete Anderson the owner of Authentic Health. I first met Pete six years ago while exhibiting at Eric’s Mansfield M.B.S Show. I liked this kind and generous man from our first meeting. He observes his environment with care and balance, something which is evident during conversations. His contribution to any debate is enlightening and opens the mind to alternative ways of considering aspects of the subject. I mention this as insight into a unique and fascinating man – be sure to look at his FaceBook and Website pages.

FaceBook Page for Meditation

Our friend is a fully qualified Yoga teacher and holistic therapist. He works full time in his private practice in Nottingham. Enjoy your Sunday meditation.

About Pete Anderson

Mystic Magic in the Forest 30/3 – 1/4 – 2018

Today’s bulletin is about Community Member Jane Osbourne’s Mystical retreat. The information is concise and the event is sure to be well run and of interest to many of our readers.

Mystic Magic in the Forest 30/3 – 1/4, 2018

Rosliston Forestry Centre, Burton upon Trent, £200 all inclusive

An all-inclusive weekend retreat in log cabin accommodation set in woodland. Increase your spiritual connection by working with birds of prey set in the lush surroundings of forest, share your experience with like-minded folk . .

We are delighted to confirm the first of a series of “Mystic Magic in the Forest” retreats within the National Forest, near Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire an area comprising approximately 200 square miles of largely regenerated forest reclaimed from mining and associated redundant industry. It is now a magnificent haven of rich woodland, vegetation, and wildlife.

We will assist in creating your spiritual gifts in this beautiful setting, designing your own wands and experience a special private session with owls and other birds of prey as part of a power animal workshop, in which you will have the opportunity to handle and fly the birds as well as learning more about these magnificent creatures.

Using the excellent, modern, log cabin facilities at Rosliston Forestry Centre, Rob and Stacey Deacon and I will be leading the retreat which convenes at 4pm on Friday 30th March, and closes at 4pm on Sunday 1st April 2018, we are offering a full three-day programme of activities and relaxation.

Highlights of the programme include:

1.       Working with your Spirit Guide
2.       Spell Casting
3.       Power Animals with live, hands-on bird of prey demonstration
4.       Wand making
5.       Universal ordering
6.       Past Life Regression group workshop
7.       Cleansing Ceremony
8.       Handfasting
9.       Meditations
10.     Storytelling including greats from the history Spiritualism of

All accommodation, working with birds of prey, and meals are included in the price of £200 for the three- day weekend which is Certificated. Come and join us for this fabulous experience.

Deposit of £50.00 non-refundable. Balance payable eight weeks before retreat date.

E mail:
Text 07913746072

Need to Self Publish?

For any of you who would like to publish a book here is an excellent solution. Contact either Gary or Jane for expert and impartial advice. You cannot go wrong talking to Gary his portfolio of writing and reviews is incredible in its depth and breadth. I would recommend anyone interested in writing or publishing to read his work to discover the evidence of his ability. The link below provides an enviable testimonial to Gary and his work.

About Gary

Self -Publishing Quotes Available!

Do you have a book in you?
Do you want to self-publish?
Do you want to make more money than conventional publishing allows?
Let us guide you through the maze and put YOU in control.
We know the shortcuts – we know the dead ends

Jane Osborne & Gary Longden

07913 746072

Brigitte Rix – Community Member Profile

Today we have an excellent exhibitor profile written by Brigitte Rix – Brigitte is a superb writer and public speaker. She is well known and loved, her books are fountains of insight and knowledge. Brigitte is a Channelling author and all of her books are channelled from those in the After-life, It is worth finding time to talk to Brigitte, her approachable and genuine personality shines all day long. Listen to Brigitte’s insightful and inspiring talk at many of the LizianEvents Shows.



Hello & ‘Bonjour’.
I am Brigitte Rix, channelling Medium, Channelling Author and Public Speaker, hailed as ‘The Afterlife French Lady’.

How can I help YOU?
My aim is to answer your questions on the Afterlife …and on how / why we chose to come to Earth/ why Mankind is suffering / why Minds never die!

I feel much empathy with puzzled ‘seekers of Truth’ and bereaved people struggling to grasp why and where their loved ones have gone. I can help dispel fears and distorted views, and offer hope and a greater understanding (But NO ‘religion’ is promoted).

Why can I do this?
I have been communicating with those in the ‘Spirit’ World for some 35 years.

I love sharing the astounding, uplifting and detailed information I receive DIRECTLY from numerous Communicators in the ‘Spirit world’: Not only loved ones but also Advanced Masters and Beings living in even Higher Dimension—They asked me to channel their knowledge and publish it as books, to help and inform Mankind.

Interested audiences are a delight to me. In Sept. 2015, I was invited as one of the Conference Speakers and workshop tutors (alongside well-known personalities such as ‘Near Death experiencers’ Anita Moorjani & USA neuro-surgeon Eben Alexander) —- at the International Conference, run by FINDHORN Spiritual Community- Theme: ‘We Do Not Die’: Expanding Consciousness through Near-Death and other Mystical Experience.

How do I link to the Great Beyond?
When I ‘tune in’ to their fine frequencies, I am in an ‘altered state’ of mind focus, enabling me to hear clairaudiently and converse with various people in the Hereafter. At the same time, I obtain ‘telepathically-guided automatic writing’–i.e. I hear the words ‘dictated’ at the very same time as my hand feels compelled to write them down at very high speed.     

What are my Channelled BOOKS about?
At my Lizian Events display stand, and other MBS shows and public speaking events, I am pleased to sign and dedicate to you or your loved ones, any of the 4 (so far) channelled books I have published to date:

What is it like AFTER we die?
Revealed in: ‘I’m Not Dead: I’m Alive Without a Body’ series. (Vol.1 & 2)

Volume One

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Two

This covers the first two volumes of the astonishing private DIARY charting 13 years of my verbatim, authentic conversations with several of my departed loved ones and my ‘Spirit Guide’. Its title stems from my own late mother’s comments, as she surprised me by suddenly contacting me of her own accord… just 26 hours after her passing! She marvelled at the wonders of still being alive and pain-free! She joked: “Everything you told me about the Afterlife is true! I played a dirty trick on myself to ‘die’ without warning myself”  

Readers are eavesdropping on my private full-length, lively dialogues, as several other family members joined her -including my husband Dave, who on Earth was a non-believer in Spirit communication and my eldest brother who passed in tragic circumstances (suicide because of pain).

Those conversations reveal astonishing insights. answering the question: “What do we ‘do’ in the Afterlife?!”   Details such as:-

  • Using Thought Power to create your environment and travel;
  • Learning to projecting your mind to communicate with Earthlings;
  • Analysing your recent life and understand your weaknesses, as NO deity judges you!
  • Re-discovering who you have also been over centuries and the multi-facets of the ‘Real You’;
  • Enjoying the colours of music and the sounds of colours, etc.

Those uplifting revelations bring hope to the bereaved: only the body and its brain ‘die’- Not our everlasting, crystal clear mind. Not the love felt for those left on Earth. Our loved ones are only a thought away!


Find out WHY you … and the Universe, exist!
Explained in:
Truths, Lies & Distortions’ and its sequel:WORLDS BEYOND the ‘Spirit World’

I also received –and still do!  –several hundred pages of dictations on mind-blowing topics (and truths, distorted and kept hidden from people by authorities), telepathically and automatically written at full speed by Advanced Masters. They asked me to make ‘their’ books available to the public.

 Their ground-breaking knowledge –merging the boundaries of Science with Spirituality- spearheads a new and more logical comprehension of:

*  How and why we and everything in our Universe exist as designed experiments, not accidents!

Why You chose to experience humanhood temporarily during various lives as different personalities;

* Why the ‘Spirit World’ frequency levels are actually only a small ‘airport’ transitional area, for Beings of Energy wishing to experience physical life as Humans on Earth;

* How YOU had originally first ever started to exist as the SPARK of CONSCIOUSNESS of a being of Pure Energy!

*  How Consciousness is within everything (even Plants) at various degrees of intensity;

* What ‘the Source’ is: that urge-filled,  Eternal, Intelligent Creative Thought Power, creating all matter and universes!

This knowledge goes far beyond my own limited comprehension of current-day Quantum Physics and Electric Universe’ principles. This proves that this cutting-edge enlightenment is genuinely shared by beings from ‘The Beyond’! They are currently dictating to me their sequel to that series!

I also appreciate groups, societies and Well Being/ MBS events inviting me as an Inspirational Teacher and Public Speaker. I tailor my interactive talks to each audience members’ queries, no matter the size.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Au revoir!

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?  You can read more info — and contact me — on my colourful website 

Steven Blake – Community Member Profile

Hi, I’m Steven Blake,

Allow me to introduce myself and partner Trudy. We are fascinated with helping the human mind and body work in harmony. There are two main areas of our work: The removal of pain and helping people overcome major and life-limiting anxieties. We have trained in many different healing modalities which we combine to produce effective and long-term answers to pain and anxieties.

Trudy and Steven

Trudy and Steven

The removal of physical pain may sound and look miraculous when observed in a demonstration. The reality is we have simplified a method which many have found complicated to explain. We have developed an approach where we teach the body’s resources to correct a message that is no longer required – which is all that old pain is! For a detailed demonstration click on this link: demonstration to see OldPain2Go in action. In this instance, we watch the removal of pain and swelling from a client with arthritis. The method is called BrainBargaining, a term I created to describe how to gently persuade the unconscious mind to turn off old and unnecessary defensive programs. Our work helps people understand themselves so that healing can take place quickly, safely and be sustainable.

I give talks at most of the events I attend; my presentation explains my work using a mixture of facts, examples and teachings, combined with comedic observations on how life works or doesn’t! The audience is sure to enjoy our time together. I weave a little audience participation and leave time for questions toward the end of the talk. It is both encouraging and rewarding when people tell me how the talk has benefitted and changed their lives.

Steven's Insightful Talk

Steven’s Insightful Talk

Incidentally, at the shows and events, our stand is an information point. The visitor will be under no pressure or sales pitch. Both Trudy and I will be able to offer explanations of our work and methods. There is no hard sell; you will be able to talk with freedom and depth about the issues which cause concern and discord. Compassion and understanding are paramount to our work; you will discover genuine empathy and patience. To give you an idea of our integrity; we recently consolidated our promotional materials to reflect the overall nature of our business, which is to remove pain – both physical and emotional. Follow this link to my website – The heart of our work is to deal with the core issue, not just the presenting symptoms. This can take longer than the time slots we could give at events for treatments, so we no longer provide tasters or quick fixes as this does not demonstrate a genuine nature of our work.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome their major anxieties over the last six years – typically in just one session. Many testimonials can be read at this link: My Testimonials – We are proud of our achievements, and it is entirely due to our continuing success that we have ventured into providing a further way of finding freedom from the challenging aspects of modern life.

Pain Free - Demonstration

Pain Free – Demonstration

While attending the Lincoln event, I met Trudy, the love of my life. The empathy of love and kindness was immediately recognised, and within a few months, we began working together. Trudy has attended most of the events with me since November 2014. It is a great feeling to have gained friends and colleagues through our work; we are indeed thankful for this additional aspect to our endeavors. Many of the people we have helped over the years, stop and talk about their progress and how their lives have become transformed from discord to comfort.

I provide training for practitioners in OldPain2Go either in group workshops or individually. This can be achieved worldwide over Skype. (there are now 38 practitioners worldwide, UK, New York, Canada, Netherlands, and soon in Australia) Below are five successful students after qualification.
Training OldPain2Go Students

Training OldPain2Go Students

Trudy and I share a home with peace and love. We call it “SanctuaryMuch” as a tongue in cheek nod of gratitude to abundance we receive in our lives. Some time ago we decided to open its doors to people who are looking for respite and calm from the conflicts of our modern world. It is the perfect place to stay when you need to get away from the stresses of life. Visit our website to discover a real haven of peace: SanctuaryMuch Website . Each room is ensuite, the kitchen, sun lounge, exercise equipment, garden and even a pair of bikes are available for the use of our visitors. We refer to our home as “The place to Be when life’s a B”. Guests often book treatments while staying with us and many who travel for treatments stay overnight to enjoy their ‘moment’ before returing home. It is easy to enjoy a peaceful break of calm, and remember we are in the background if there is anything you wish to know about our work. During training courses students find it beneficial to stay with us, the courses seem to have more depth because of the stronger connections to us their tutors. Of course, many visitors use “SanctuaryMuch” as a base when visiting locally and we are central to some wonderful countryside and historical attractions. You can book either directly with us or through AirBnB: Booking Link Here

When visiting a show where we are attending, seek us out, and we can talk in confidence with no obligation or pressure. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and we will guide you with openness and respect. You will find us to be patient, amiable, and caring. Our work is to build a lifetime of mutual happiness with our clients.

Love Always, Steven and Trudy