Thursday, October 28, 2021

Well Being News

Lincolnshire Well Being Show

6 + 7 November 2021: This fantastic event is constantly evolving. The emphasis is on Well Being support and connection. The Epic Centre venue is an amazing eco-building loved by Visitors. With 40+ talks and 100 attending Community Members, this is a brilliant end to the Well Being Year.

Barrie John's - Pure Spirit - Spiritual Event

27 + 28 November 2021: A dedicated Mind Body and Spirit Market. All who love this genre of event will be certain to enjoy this traditional show, emphasising spiritual support, promotion, counselling, and retail.

Newark Well Being Show

12 + 13 February 2022: A superb event - Successful and enjoyed by all who attended. Many thanks to everyone who made the new format possible. This will be an amazing event a real stepping stone from the April Well Being Market.

Staffordshire Well Being Show

16 + 17 April 2022: No doubting the Staffordshire Show is an absolute hit with both The Community and Visitors. Only an hour from Manchester and Nottingham and 40 minutes from Birmingham the event is well placed to attract many people.

Nottingham Well Being Show

Date TBA 2022: This event is in its fifth year. The event is renowned for its a fantastic atmosphere and has a massive following.

Debbie Ison's Support Page

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Debbie Ison – Live Stream

Today is a double posts day. On Monday, Debbie Ison's LEFL was published, and the viewing figures were amazing. And as Debbie is attending...

LizianEvents Podcasts

We have a weekly Podcast with interviews with Community Members and people who have interest in our organisation. And many interviews are recorded at the shows these are an informative and interesting way to meet Community Members: You can listen or download them from the orange page link: It is connected to our iTunes platform.

Join 'The Community'

The Community based shows are thriving. By joining 'The Community' you can take part in any of our events. It is inevitable the organisation will grow in stature. From the original Well Being Event of July 2013 when twenty - two members attended: we are now a one hundred and twenty strong growing Community. Why not become part of this innovative venture?

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