Friday, December 6, 2019

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Creativity Connected – Show Date Announcement

'Creativity Connected Event' 18 + 19 July 2020 Lady Eastwood Centre Newark Show Ground   →Join 'The Creativity Connected' Facebook Group← The date for the first Creativity Connected Event is...

Current Show Update

Newark Well Being Show

15 + 16 February 2020: The forth year at Newark Showground and a new venue the Lady Eastwood Centre. More Community Members: 50+ talks, demonstrations and Stage performances. Real Well Being fun and entertainment.

Nottingham Well Being Show

7 + 8 March 2020: This show is now in its fifth year. The event is renowned for is fantastic atmosphere and has a massive following. The Jubilee Conference Centre offers endless possibilities for the future of the 'Well Being ~ Lifestyle' Events.

Lincolnshire Well Being Show

6 + 7 June 2020: Destined to become Nationally recognised. This fantastic event is in constant evolution. The Epic Centre venue is an amazing eco building loved by The Community's Visitors.

Newstead Abbey Well Being Show

11 + 12 July 2020: A unique venue for The Community driven Well Being Shows. This is a beautiful building which is sure to enhance the atmosphere of the event. The first show in August 2019 proved to be a wonderful show.

Creativity Connected Events

18 + 19 July 2020 - Lady Eastwood Centre: Newark Show Ground: This is the first show of its type in the UK. An event where creative minds exchange ideas, sell their art, enjoy talks, presentations and stage performance.

Pure Spirit - MBS Show

28 + 29 November 2020: A dedicated Mind Body and Spirit Show. All who love this genre of event will be certain to enjoy this traditional show.

Join 'The Community'

The Community based shows are thriving. By joining 'The Community' you can take part in any of our events. It is inevitable the organisation will grow in stature. From the original Well Being Event of July 2013 when twenty - two members attended: we are now a one hundred and twenty strong growing Community. Why not become part of this innovative venture?

Profiles and Submissions

Community Members who update their profile information gain from Visitor awareness. Add or update your information from here. Visitors love reading your articles. On this page is plenty of information on WHY you gain from making contributions to LizianEvents News. The invitation is open to anyone who is centred on our work. You can submit you words from here.

Download Talks

Many interviews are recorded at the shows: You can download them from iTunes. Follow this link and subscribe to our podcasting page.