Gill Moore – Community Profile

Let’s revisit a few of our exhibitor profiles over the next few days – The Newark Well Being Event takes place on the weekend of 16 & 17 September – This is sure to be an exciting show with an eclectic mix of Community Exhibitors. See You Soon.

Gill Moore

The changes we make during the journey sometimes leads to other opportunities. For myself, a chance encounter changed my outlook on many levels. When my husband retired, we achieved our ambition to live on the East Coast. I’ve always enjoyed exploring the towns I visit, not only the well-known attractions, but the out of the way places always seem to need investigation. One morning I’d decided to wander the side street’s of Skegness, and I came upon a tiny shop.

I felt drawn to its uniqueness, and once inside, I had entered another world. Most of us have known the feeling when there is an instant liking for a person, situation, place or even an object. In this small shop, I felt a something special, a genuine feeling of happiness and well-being. After some minutes the realisation was sensitive to the energies of crystals.

The conversation with the owner of the shop also had a similar effect, within minutes the feeling was I’d known her for many years. Eventually, she became my mentor, introducing me to ‘Starlight’ in Skegness. It was here I learned about Spiritual Healing and Mediumship. Over the many years, I enjoyed practising ‘Mediumship.’ However, my destiny lay with ‘Spiritual healing.’ Traditional Spiritual Healing is the laying on (or off!) of hands; linking the self-healing ability of the body to the power of God, our ultimate “Healer.”

Healers attune to both the patient and healing energies. The purpose is to benefit one’s health by balancing and harmonising mind, body, and spirit. During a healing session you could feel a gentle warmth, the cooling and soothing of symptoms, light tingling sensations or nothing at all! One thing is likely after the session there will be a deep peace and calm enveloping you. Traditional healing still has a place in this modern world.

Again we consider how one ‘way’ takes us further. Some time ago I began making teething anklets for young children. Amber is long recognised are beneficial for this painful process of growth. My creations have proven to be popular. Another of my products is a knitted toy which contains crystals; they help older children who are shy, timid or withdrawn. Along the same lines, I produce comfort blankets which safely contain crystals. Again amber is predominant in the choice because of its soothing properties. I welcome spending time with your to discuss your individual needs during the Lincoln Well-Being Show.

My testimonials are a most humbling facet of my work. To my mind, watching a person benefit from the power of spirit is evidence of the existence of unlimited love. It is an honour to have helped hundreds of people over the years. And of course, the many ways I have gained from those who have helped me is wondrous. The love which surrounds us is pure healing energy, all we need to do is harness the healing within its beauty.

Blessings To All

Gill Moore

Peter Wall – Exhibitor Profile

Let’s revisit a few of our exhibitor profiles over the next few days – The Newark Well Being Event takes place on the weekend of 16 & 17 September – This is sure to be an exciting show with an eclectic mix of Community Exhibitors. See You Soon.

Peter Wall

Peter Wall

Innerlight Hypnosis

If I could turn the clock back to the Late 1970’s and hear someone say ‘Peter one day, you will become a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist’ I would have laughed my socks off!  That is exactly where I am today.  I have now been a qualified Hypnotherapist for over 15 years and the reason for this happening? Well, it was like this.

I had been made redundant after several years working as the Bar Manager at Bretton College near Wakefield in 1999 and decided to go into what had been initially a hobby up to this point, working and being creative with stained glass.  It was while I was attending a Craft fair a gentleman approached me and asked if I could make a Pyramid in Glass for his wife to cleanse and energise her crystals.   I will admit this request bemused me, but never wanting to turn down a challenge I agreed.  After much research on the dimensions and history surrounding the pyramids – in particular, the pyramids at Giza in Egypt the pyramid was duly prepared and low and behold I had lost the gentleman’s details!

A colleague who I had met at the Craft fairs told me about an event being held in Ilkley and thought it might be worth my while to take my pyramids along to this event.  So off I went. This turned out to be my first Mind Body and Spirit exhibition and where I became known as ‘Pyramids by Pierre’.

While at this at this particular l event I met Brian Glenn of the Innervisions School of Clinical Hypnosis and as they say the rest is history.

I will admit Hypnosis (albeit mostly Stage Hypnosis) had always fascinated me.

But this was taking Hypnosis to a more professional clinical basis, and this intrigued me even more.  After a chat with Brian, I took home some of the literature about his school and how to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

By the year 2002/3 having qualified and become a member of the National Council of Psychotherapy, I started working out of a variety of alternative therapy premises in around the Barnsley Area where I am based.

Then in 2007, I had the opportunity to open my clinic in the village of Cawthorne and remained there until April 2016.

I had planned to ‘retire’ but I have come to realise there is no such thing and continue to work with clients now in their homes and have a therapy room in Doncaster. Although perhaps working on a more semi-retired basis.  While ever I can help my clients I will continue to do so.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about Hypnosis, but it is an amazing therapy to help and overcome so many things, such as fears and phobias which may come in many forms and these are invariably started in early years. But, by using Hypnotherapy, which has been around for hundreds of years, these can be overcome after just one or two sessions.

The use of Hypnotherapy to help with Public Speaking and to become more self-confident is now becoming more widespread.  Of course, there are the usual matters such as Stop Smoking and Weight Control where Hypnotherapy has become more predominately used over the past decade, in particular with the onset of the Virtual Gastric Band method for weight control for clients who are classed as morbidly obese.

I have also become well known for my work with Past Lives, and this is now one of my key areas where I use Hypnosis to enable clients to explore their past lives in a safe, secure and enjoyable way. I am also now accredited by the NCP to teach Past Life Regression to other Professionals who deal with the General Public, and these workshops are growing in popularity.

Since my very first event in Ilkley all those years ago, I have attended numerous MBS & Well Being events the length and breadth of the country and worked abroad in Germany, Jersey & Spain.

I am proud to have been one of the first exhibitors to join Liz Clark and Ian Timothy of LizianEvents Well Being Shows. And look forward to continuing to support them for the foreseeable future at their other events, including Lincoln, Cheltenham, Newark and Nottingham to promote Hypnotherapy, my Past life Regression Teaching and The Peter Wall Way to Self Help Cds at these events.

Jo Paz – Exhibitor Profile

Let’s revisit a few of our exhibitor profiles over the next few days – The Newark Well Being Event takes place on the weekend of 16 & 17 September – This is sure to be an exciting show with an eclectic mix of Community Exhibitors. See You Soon.

It’s very difficult to know what to write about oneself, I could say I love reading, poached eggs and crosswords.  However, I don’t think that anyone reading this blog is interested in that sort of thing, so I’ll start with my name, Jo Paz because I’m always being asked whether it’s a made up name, well it isn’t. Jo is short for Joanna, and Paz is my maiden name which for the purposes of my work I think sounds better than my married name of Weaver. My parents were Polish, and I speak the language fluently which has often come in useful in my readings.

When I refer to my work, I actually mean my Tarot Readings: which I suppose are my work but also my all-consuming passion. I am one of those fortunate people who absolutely love their work, and I utterly and totally believe in what I’m doing, in fact, I very often say to people that I would be like Joan of Arc burnt at the stake and proclaiming my belief. I know with great certainty that the cards do work, but nobody knows just how they work – it’s like driving a train without necessarily knowing how the engine works. The cards have always been in my life even when I was at school which took some doing as I was educated at a convent school. I am not a particularly religious person, but I do have a very profound belief in God, and I don’t think that Astrology and God are mutually exclusive. To me, it’s obvious that God sent me down this path and for that, I shall always be thankful.

I am also a qualified astrologer – I did a diploma in Astrology when I was about twenty, and the Tarot seemed a natural part of it. However, all those years ago it wouldn’t pay the bills which I don’t suppose it does now to a certain extent. So to help with the family finances, I developed a career as an audiologist and worked for the NHS for a long time. People used to ask me why I didn’t give up my ‘day job’ and concentrate on doing what I love the most. The answer is simple, the security of having a regular salary for myself and my family. I can honestly say that I worked seven days a week for about fifteen years. The MBS shows at weekends, (& some evenings), and then, of course, my day job. Things naturally became easier when I retired about twelve years ago.

As you can see, I am very experienced, and people do say gifted. What I do know is that I feel a deep empathy with my clients and I have helped many, many people to a better understanding of past, present and future events and indeed themselves. This may sound a bit trite, but nevertheless, it’s true, if my clients feel uplifted and achieve a sense of purpose in life then so do I, doubly so; I have done my job right.


Website:- Jo Paz

Teresa Sequeira – Exhibitor Profile

Let’s revisit a few of our exhibitor profiles over the next few days – The Newark Well Being Event takes place on the weekend of 16 & 17 September – This is sure to be an exciting show with an eclectic mix of Community Exhibitors. See You Soon.

Teresa Sequeira

Teresa Sequeira

Allow me to introduce my product range. There are three specific areas covered, and each one has practical benefits for your well-being. I have received excellent feedback from my customers, many returning time and again.

The three product lines are:-

  1. Dreamlits Bracelets: Dreamlit is crystal bracelet with a magnetic clasp. It is made of eight specially selected crystals which re harmonise’s the bodies energy system. Wearing the bracelet for an hour or so before sleep, or during stressful times, realigns the bodies energy and allows the inner being to settle down into a peaceful rhythm. This will result in a deeper and more peaceful rest, enhancing the quality and depth of sleep.
  2. Crystal Pyramid and Cubes: It has long been recognised that these shapes have a harmonising effect upon our environment. For many years people have acknowledged the influence of vibrational energy affecting our living environments. The Pyramid and Cube made of high-quality crystals re-harmonises enclosed areas and living spaces. The Pyramid and Cube will also have a beneficial effect upon the energy centres of the human body. Stray and negative energy is absorbed and dissipated.
  3. Colloidal Gold and Silver: Both products made to the highest standard possible. Years of research has shown colloid to be very effective with many different physical problems. Colloidal Gold is a natural anti-inflammatory. Colloidal Silver is a powerful natural antibiotic.

If you sometimes feel ‘out of balance’ ‘out of sorts’ or ‘uncomfortable.’ You may discover a few minutes talking with me about the re-harmonising benefits of Dreamlit’s, Pyramids and Cube’s, will help you answer this type of unsolved problems.

It is certainly worth learning about the history and advantages of Colloidal Gold and Silver. We have seen incredible results with people who use these safe and powerful natural products. Whenever a customer returns the replenish their stocks, it has to be due to the effectiveness and quality of the product.

How I became involved with well-being has unusual beginnings. Twenty-seven years ago I joined the RAF and became an aircraft engineer. I served for twenty-two years and realised it was time for a change. And what a change, this is an entirely different world. I travel to holistic shows all over the country. It is a most enjoyable and rewarding way to follow one’s chosen path. My interest in vibrational energies affect on our well-being has led me to many conclusions. The products I have selected to harmonise both body and environment are one’s which work.  My returning customers are a testament to this statement. Of course, the colloidal gold and silver are well established as superb alternative and complementary therapies.

This short introduction will provide some information about myself and my products. There are always further questions to be asked. When you feel ‘out of balance’ or have that ‘uncomfortable and unknown’ feeling, it is often due to unbalance of the vibrational energies which surround you. While visiting the Well-Being Show, you will see The Dreamlits Stall: now you know a something of my work, stop by and ask me a few questions about my work.


Mark Duffin – Exhibitor Profile

Mark Duffin

Mark Duffin

We are pleased to welcome the artist Mark Duffin into our community. When we look at an exceptional artistic image, we enter the creative mind and ability of the artist. There is a difference between an excellent reproduction of a subject, which is a picture; and the magic of work which is a real artistic creation. Mark’s work is the latter; it demands you look further into its meaning. Every image has incredible depth, breadth, and intensity. When we purchase a work of art, we take with us an inspiration which continues to captivate for a lifetime of pleasure. Mark’s work is inspired by his childhood memories and a clear love of nature and its mysteries.

Read Mark’s account of his early years in this short introduction.

I was born in 1960 and grew up in Tilehurst which is now a suburb of the town of Reading in Berkshire. The landscape was different during my childhood. Tilehurst was then a small town surrounded by countryside. I remember taking the short walk to the banks of the River Thames and observing the beauty of the area. There is no doubt the imagery of this time portrayed the most English of landscapes.

I have always had a passion for drawing. If an image needed to drawn, any medium would suffice; my images could be found on the walls of my home. It was inevitable my artistic creativity would become a vocation. After leaving school, I was accepted into the Berkshire collage of Art and Design. And after four years of studying graphic design and illustration, a career as a freelance illustrator would follow.

During the early years, the busy work schedule kept me working for design consultancies, advertising agencies, and publishing companies. At this time and due to tight deadlines the medium’s were airbrush and acrylic. In 1996 I realised there were significant changes in the way illustrators would have to work and digital media became the new methodology in commercial work. However painting in oils continues to be my preference for private commissions and paintings.

The work I produce today reflects a fond memory of my formative years. I feel my work conveys a sense of calmness and quiet. The subtle use of colour, a keen eye for detail, and aiming to create the ‘feeling’ which old photos evoke: a vaguely recalled memory of a distant ‘Time and Place.’ As you will see when viewing my work, there is a deep reflection of nature inspired by our beautiful English landscapes.

Marks – Website

Take time to review and admire Marks’ artistic talents. You will find him to be an inspirational artist. Mark will attend the Newark Well Being Event during the weekend of the 16 & 17 September.

Eliza Hodge – Community Exhibitor Profile

We are nearing our Newark Wellbeing Event and over the next thirty day’s we will read about our Community Exhibitors. Let’s revisit Elisa Hodge’s Story – First, we read Eliza’a Why and then we read her When. And when we see and talk to Eliza at our Well Being Event we know her journey we will know How Eliza can help us enter into calm…

This is Eliza’s ‘Why’

Life Will Blossom

Life Will Blossom

Eliza Hodge has written an excellent essay about overcoming serious problems and considering alternative ways to find happiness and security. Eliza suggests we look carefully at the implications of losing our self-awareness. She indicates that we can continue to work and enjoy life even though we have endured the cruelest events.

Eliza Writes

‘Last week, I reflected, twenty-one years ago I would have ridiculed the environment which has become my whole life. I began to think about my students, the meeting with Jill Frazer and the wonderful home I live in today. There are my supportive friends and interesting clients. Of course, there is my work which combines teaching and the incredible feeling of achievement when I watch my students prosper.

Training pupils at my holistic therapy school is my long-term future and security. There are few concerns within my life, although, as we age we all have daily twinges and small gripes, that’s fine it’s the reminder we are alive! One of my greatest lessons was illness, allow me to take you back a few years.

I am working in a harsh corporate world, I have been in this ‘hamster on a wheel’ environment for nearly thirty years. The successful woman in a man’s world is no joke. This is the reality of the era; women had to work exceptionally hard to succeed. I’m not complaining the rewards are excellent, although the pressure is relentless. The external pressure is now taking its toll. And little by little the ability to deal with stress becomes more difficult. There is a gray cloud over my daily routine, and it is becoming evident my body is exhausted.

By the way: The key signs of overwork, depression, and stress is the ‘recovery rate.’ If you find yourself waking up each morning and feeling in need of more sleep; I would suggest you look at your workload and external environment. Do not neglect the warning signs, if your memory is not as sharp as normal and you are taking longer than normal to accomplish tasks. If your mind is wandering and you lack concentration. That is the time to address the issues which cause the discord. Many of us ignore the accumulative effects of small worries. Excessive fatigue has many symptoms and is easily remedied with meditation and an hour of ‘slow time’ each day. If you don’t think you have the time, read the rest of my story.

The story continues: – I opened my eyes and the morning light seems a little fuzzy. I think to myself that my sleep must have been deep and I have laid on my side for too long because one side of my body feels numb. Initially, my doctors believed I have a virus, although I suspect a minor stroke and my suspicions are soon proven to be correct. Worse of all, family and friends seem to ignore the certainty of my illness. I had always been the one who family and friends called on when they were experiencing problems. Now I needed some reassurance there was none to be enjoyed.

The worse moment was when my sister commented about my stroke ‘Don’t be silly, you’re too young.’ I was still expected to carry other people’s problems and burdens. I foolishly ignored my body and continued to fight on. Three years later, I was near the end of my plight; I was feeling suicidal. This could not go on – Finally, I found the courage to talk to a friend, a conversation which was to change my life.

I laughed when she suggested I visit a spiritual healer, for three years I had undergone all available treatment (remember I am going back many years and acknowledge the major progress in modern medicine) what hope could a ‘healer’ offer me? Later I decided there was nothing to lose, and I felt an intuitive feeling that visiting the healer was a good choice to make.

Linda Wainwright looked just like any ‘normal’ human being. I did not know what to expect. I certainly did not expect the balanced and clear minded person who, after one treatment, lightened my existence. It was inevitable, after such a profound experience I would investigate complementary therapies. Reiki being my first encounter with the power of universal vibrational healing energy. Much more would follow!

The paralysis made me anxious that I would never recover, this anxiety turned to depression. One morning I realised my corporate career was over. Thirty years of continuous effort and determination to succeed was now over. Possibly one of my darkest days. Once we accept, and I mean accept our situation, no matter how difficult, life will turn around. My focus was now on my health and the future. As the months turned into years, my health and body began to repair. The more I became committed to my therapies and learning about the different aspects of healing, the healthier I became.

I am not saying the journey was easy. We all have unexpected hurdles to overcome. I am writing that life is sometimes uncertain, and accepting the situation is one of the ways to move forward. Today the way I view life has turned around. Anyone who feels trapped on a treadmill does have alternatives. When I train people in alternative therapies, there is an understanding that the students are becoming more aware of their whole life. The healer learns to heal their own life; this is an amazing experience.

While training to be a teacher, there was a moment when I realised my whole existence was being given a new beginning. Teachers give their fellow humans opportunities to better their own lives. And when the pupil becomes the master the cycle continues. My passion is to help people who are in the same situation I found myself in twenty years ago. I was at a crossroads, depressed, overworked and becoming ill. I was no longer aware of my inner-being and could no longer hear my inner voice. This is why during a lesson or course or even within a conversation with someone who feels lost, I talk about my journey and the opportunities which are waiting in the future. It is all about learning how to discover our true self, the spiritual journey helps us to accomplish this.

Once we work to strengthen our inner being and we learn how to build confidence, will power, and self-awareness we can enjoy life in our way. When I am teaching students, there is a constant reference to self-awareness. And as we become more aware of the world around us. We realise what and where we want to be. It is not long before we put our learned skills to good use. My world is enhanced by great friends and the successes of my students, what better way to live?

To think twenty years ago I would have laughed at myself in my present happiness. Within the ignorance was poor physical health and the darkness of depression. Which way of life is better? Only you can answer this question.’

Eliza Hodge

Eliza runs a successful holistic training school, her website can be found at this LINK

This essay will be of benefit to many people, if you have enjoyed it, share it to help others

This is Eliza’s When

Who is Jill Fraser?

Jill was a lecturer in Hair Dressing and Beauty Department at Grimsby College. She lectured for twenty-two years, and during her final years, she specialised in Reflexology and Aromatherapy. As you will appreciate, Jill had many years of teaching experience. She was able to demonstrate her knowledge in the most wonderful way, and became respected and loved by all who knew her.

In 2000 Jill was introduced to Suzanne Catty of Toronto, Canada who was lecturing at an I.S.P.A Conference in York. After the conference, Suzanne ran an in-depth workshop on the subject of the Canadian method of ear candling.

During the seminar, students enjoyed the therapy for themselves. Having suffered for many years with persistent itching and irritation to her ears, Jill was interested in testing the treatment. Afterward, she felt an instantaneous relief, and in the long term, there was no return of uncomfortable and painful symptoms. The evidence of the success of this gentle and effective technique was proven by the first-hand experience. The realisation she would no longer have to suffer the persistent discomfort, and regular syringing gave her complete faith in the treatment.

After completing the training, she began to treat many people. Very soon she came up against an unforeseeable problem. She searched in vain to finds a U.K supplier of the unique and high-quality Canadian ear candles. And attempts to import the candles from America and Canada were hampered by numerous problems. However, quality and cost were the factors which guided Jill to take another direction. She decided to design and develop her candles, based on the originals. After weeks of research and development, Jill produced a product which is proven to be a most effective ear candle.

Jill went even further; her years of specialist lecturing in Reflexology and Aromatherapy would take her work to a higher level. She combined an expert face and massage technique with the Canadian method; this specialist combination enhances the ear candling therapy. Of course, it would not be long before she worked out a syllabus for her technique. With over two decades as a lecturer and teacher, the course Jill created is the benchmark of ‘Ear Candle Therapy.’

Jill retired in 2007 and passed the running of the now well-established business and training to Eliza Hodge. Eliza continues in the pure spirit of Jill’s original ethos, and her workshops are an accurate reflection of the original quality of the course and the effectiveness of the now classic design of the candles.

Eliza comments:

‘We continue to thrive and train new ear candling therapists. Our training syllabus follows the time tested and unique course Jill developed all those years ago. It is rewarding to know many of our students prosper with their complementary businesses, and Ear Candle Therapy is often chosen as the primary treatment. The consistent quality of the product is demonstrated by the fact ‘Jill Fraser Qualified’ practitioners continue to use Jill Fraser Ear Candles; even though are cheaper products available. Our candles have the greatest purity and lowest carbon footprint, quality always entails a premium cost. Remember Jill Fraser Candles are handmade by Reiki Practitioners, the materials are 100% Egyptian cotton and Pure first strain beeswax, the best available. I’m justifiably proud we supply our candles to five different countries.’

Eliza’s years of work in the field of complementary health is evident when you meet her. She continues to follow the ethos, and original syllabus set out many years ago. Eliza will not compromise her teaching, or the standards required to be the best; this is the only way to attain the highest level of qualification. The ethos of the business and purity of the candles are paramount to continuing success. Eliza runs the courses from her training facility in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds.

Visitors can experience ear candle therapy at any of the shows Eliza attends, and of course, Eliza will be using the unique Jill Fraser Ear Candle.

Tel: 01507 57 87 87

Our Well Being Events are made by our community. Every One of our Community has a story to tell and understands the why’s and how’s of life’s journey.

See you at Newark – Newark Show Ground – Cedric Ford Pavilion – 16 & 17 September

A New Epoch

This essay is an Experiment with Ideas –

It is fascinating the way we conceive issues, situations, or possessions. Only when we actually experience something do we have a full understanding of it. Maybe our Events and the Community who make it thrive, have to be experienced before the Ethos is fully understood.



Some years ago I spent some time with a classic motor car. It is considered one of the most beautiful cars produced. It is the Ferrari 246 Dino. I drove the car for many miles, and it is a delight to drive at speed. While driving a thoroughbred, you notice people watch you and the car. They wonder about the who and the what of the illusion. Of course, there is no who or what, the fact is a man is driving a rare car only 2500 examples were produced.

Before continuing, you must remember I drove the 246 for many miles, and there is a clear recollection of the motor car. Yes, it is fairly brisk to drive, although not as fast as believed. It was incredibly predictable around bends, and it would be interesting to drive one today with modern tyres. This information is all any driver would need to know about the Dino. And the price? In 2000 a decent Dino was worth ‘not too much!’

I will upset the Ferrari fan. The 264 Dino is easily out paced by a VW Golf Sports compact. It is certain; the VW Golf is a scalded cat compared to a pepperoni pizza. There is no apology for writing this; the Golf sports is a better car, apart from two factors; one, the pedigree and, secondly its rarity. Either is of no consequence to a critical thinker. We allow common sense to overwhelm nostalgia and illusion. When someone chooses to pay 350 thousand pounds for a 246 Dino today, they have to be wealthy and can do as they like with their loot. There is no reason to envy them or qualify their purchase, ninety percent of people live in houses worth less than the Ferrari, and most spend twenty-five years paying the mortgage for the property. Therefore, the reality is, the car is insignificant and not worth wasting time considering.

Red Italian

Red Italian

I am reminded of the 246 because of pictures I recorded in Nottingham over the weekend. The images are of another Red Italian and a Tyre company. If we consider the two images we could consider, we are as strong as its weakest link, and the Master is a slave to the servant. Without the humble rubber tyre, the car travels nowhere. The reader will correctly comment ‘It is a none argument, tyres will always be available.’ There is agreement, and yet the reader must concede to the truth of the observation.

Nothing Moves Without Tyres

Nothing Moves Without Tyres

There are many parts to any equation. The most complex is the equation of Social Beehives. The vast percentage in the hive comply to the rules, and a few do not, these are the weakest link. It matters not if they are the top or bottom of the hierarchy, it seems they are the ones who prefer to call the tune to be played. The majority conform to the future of the hive, and the minorities, take whatever is an easy picking. The majority is becoming tired of the minority; we are entering a new Epoch. One of less compassion and the taking of responsibility.

The hard truth is, those who take responsibility for their lives are becoming intolerant of those who do not. The majority is the Firestone Tyre, without us, the car goes nowhere. The Ferrari is not what it seems, the People’s majority Golf is as competent, leaner and is more adaptable than the minority illusion. The interpretation of the word Spiritual is shifting from supposition to integrity. Once there were fundamental beliefs which could not be questioned, now everything is questioned. Those who choose to be part of a thriving community, work for themselves and the Well Being of our Community.

Many of us choose to be part of a thriving community, and we work for the Well Being of our Community. The unattainable (to most) Ferrari is like a Spiritual illusion, millions of people believe the image which cannot be owned – The attainable Golf is as good and an achievable reality.

For some time I have considered the potential of a focussed personal environment. An idea which dictates, only becoming active with and for those who affect one’s life. In my work environment, there is a great fortune, Liz and I work to promote around seventy people and their success. We benefit from the communities prosperity, and we do not see our future in any other way. It is interesting more people are showing a keen interest in our endeavours. It is fair to comment a significant percentage of our community now see the potential of a unified effort to success. It is evident visitors are also being guided by our Events, through the transparency of the Ethos.

Not all will understand our Hive of Activity

Each day we receive interest from new exhibitors. And it is inevitable because of our ‘First come first stand’ policy; many will have to be added to the waiting list. We have to choose those added to the Community with care, as it is our desire to keep a balance within the Exhibiting Community. Until we have our magic 500 + visitors to each event, there is not the slightest chance of changing the stand numbers.

I can use one ‘exhibitor application’ as an example of how we deal with some issues. A potential exhibitor wanted to know about attendance figures and how we could guarantee the numbers through the door. The applicant showed a keen interest in our performance and our ability to organise the events. She specifically wanted to know attendance numbers and how we promote the events. This type of question will receive the same answer; it is one which sometimes fails to be understood. The ‘exhibitor’ has the Red Car syndrome; the voyeur has already formed an opinion of how they perceive the image. The reality is; you have to drive it to know the experience.

Liz invited the potential ‘exhibitor’ to contact any of member of our Community to receive an unbiased opinion. There is often a disappointment when Liz informs potential ‘exhibitors’ that the Community takes responsibility and contributes to promotion. There is difficulty in understanding this concept; so Liz sometimes expands with this sobering fact: ‘Before the Lincoln Well Being Event I posted 700 pounds worth of mail-outs. During the Event, we stamped the tickets of sixteen of the mailed out cards. The number of presented cards equates to forty – pounds per visitor. The majority of visitors came because of our social media interaction and the awareness of our Community Members.’

Most cannot own the Ferrari; we can own the reliable and attainable Golf. We may choose not be the minority; we can choose to be within the majority who take responsibility for our Environment. It is fair to say our Community cannot carry those who desire to take the honey and not gather the pollen. Dino or Golf? I’ll take the VW every time.

Let us consider some recent figures to discover how our Community are working to make our hive thrive: –

2700 Vimeo Views
1240 LizianEvents News views each week
1000’s of FaceBook Likes and Shares
From May to Today: – 121 LizianEvents News Posts
864 LizianEvents FaceBook Followers
2776 FaceBook post reach this week

That’s the work of the Community – As you continue to share and like our social media exposure you will taste the honey of your efforts.

See You Soon