Friday, January 18, 2019

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Nottingham Well Being Show

26 - 27 January - This ever popular show is now in its fifth year. The event is renowned for is fantastic atmosphere and has a massive following.

Newark Well Being Show

16 - 17 February - The third year at this venue. This show is a superb event and a tribute to the 'Community Members' who have made this Well Being Show shine.

Lincolnshire Well Being Show

1 - 2 June - Destined to become Nationally recognised. This fantastic event is in constant evolution. The Epic Centre venue is an amazing eco building loved by The Community's Visitors. Tap the link to read about the changes for 2019.

Join 'The Community'

Our Community based shows are thriving. By joining 'The Community' you can take part in any of our events. It is inevitable the organisation will grow in stature. From the original Well Being Event of July 2013 when twenty - two members attended: we are now a one hundred and twenty strong growing Community. Why not become part of this innovative venture?

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Rick Paul - Events Ambassador

Rick is an Events Ambassador. You can read about Rick and his work from his dedicated page.

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