Nottingham Trowell WellBeing Event – Julie Elizabeth

With just eight days to go – It is time to be introduced to some of our community who will participate in the Nottingham – Trowell event. You can click the link at the top of this page to see the full list of the exhibitor community and the talks and workshops.

This WellBeing Event is easy to find. From Nottingham – Yellow Number Two Ilkeston – Trent Barton 21 and MyBus 15 all stop outside the Trowell Festival Hall. From J26 M1 it is a fifteen-minute drive. Ample parking at the venue and side roads. Do not forget this event has free entry tickets. We provide excellent although basic refreshments at affordable prices.

Julie Elizabeth has attended the WellBeing Events from the early days at Market Rasen. She is a superb reader of many years experience. We do not oversubscribe readers at any event so it may be worth looking at the community exhibitor list and booking a reading.

Always Smiling

Always Smiling

For all of my life, I have lived in the small industrial town of Belper situated in the Derbyshire Dales. For many years I was a doctor’s secretary, a vocation which calls for discretion and confidentiality. Empathetic interaction is important when dealing with people who are going through a painful episode; we have to be able to demonstrate understanding and kindness when talking to a patient with concerns for their health. On reflection, I believe my time at the surgery prepared me for the future.

My Great Aunt (another Elizabeth) was psychic. She captivated me during my early years, her thoughts and ideas always helped me find my answers to questions. It is all well and good for someone to provide solutions, it is best when we are given the insight to work through our difficulties. There is little doubt the seeds of my gifts came from this beautiful lady.

As the years passed, I realised building trust and sincerity was fundamental to living a life of security. The realisation that spiritual awareness had guided me during my lifetime became the reason for me to make a major choice. An interest in the symbolism of the Tarot had the inevitable consequence of becoming a ‘reader’, and for some years I helped clients through various situations. My reputation grew directly from the quality of the readings.

My job was secure and rewarding. However, my spiritual work was drawing me away from it. I continuously listened to the same message from clients and friends ‘Julie, when are you going to become a professional reader?’ A choice needed to be made between a daily routine or following my heart.

My friend, ‘Jewel Marie Leaf, ’ is a well respected clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. If there were anyone who could guide me, it would be Jewel. We spoke in depth about the options and our work. Jewel was convinced of my abilities, and so I gave notice to my employer and became a professional reader. Right from the beginning doors opened; I had no difficulty entering the Mind Body and Spirit events circuit; The experience has been an incredible life changing experience. Every week I meet new friends and associates, and I travel all over the country with my work; most of all I enjoy helping people through their difficulties or finding answers to their issues. There can be fewer more rewarding way to earn a living.

I use the symbolism of the Tarot, Runes and Germanic Alphabet to connect to my clients. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of my readings. I interpret the messages given by my Spirit Guides to benefit my clients. We work together to find definitive answers to questions and messages from loved ones are given with kindness and clarity.

My clients are important to me and no matter how sensitive the information, you can be sure each message and guidance will be of the highest standard. We will cover present and future aspects of your life. It is important to discover the aspects which can be taken advantage of and the issues which should be closed.

Nottingham – Trowell Talk

During the Nottingham Trowell LizianEvent, I will be talking about The Basics of Visitors will find the talk provides an interesting insight into the mysteries of my work. It is amazing how much we can learn in an hour, bring a deck of cards if you wish, although this it is not a requirement.

Julie Elizabeth

No One is Stupid

Being chauffeured into town most days is a super feeling. No need to worry about other drivers and their attitude. I can read my book, close my eyes and think or listen to a podcast. Life is good in the ninety – five thousand pound limo. Some may not like the colour, it’s orange, the livery of the number 36 bus route.

During the previous twelve years, my fellow passengers have taught me many lessons. There are no apologies. This writer is a devoted eavesdropper. I’m so addicted to listening to peoples conversations, consulting a psychologist is on the cards. Although, in truth, my addiction to chit-chat is tobacco strong.

Nottingham’s students are celebrating graduation, and the ‘thirty-six’ runs by the University. A well-groomed girl and her parents climb the stairs. Heaven of heaven’s the trio sit in front of me. I turn off my podcast and leave the earbuds in my ears. This is an excellent subterfuge few realise I’m listening to their conversation. Be clear on one thing, there is no interest in smut or gossip, and the podcast goes back on if the conversation is boring. We, eavesdroppers, become astute at sifting the chaff from the wheat, one journey in twenty yields something which is a life lesson.

Today is one of these moments: –

‘Daniel can speak fluent Japanese, isn’t that amazing Daddy?’
Daddy does not look too impressed. I see he’s reflecting for a moment. It is evident he has no interest in the idea his daughter’s boyfriend can speak fluent Japanese. She waits for his answer.
‘Anyone can learn to speak Japanese; it is easy. Millions of Japanese children speak Japanese.’

The conversation ends, he looks out of the window, goodness know’s where his mind has taken him. A yacht in the Caribbean, lawyer’s office in London, a boardroom in New York? Who would know? A gold Rolex, immaculate clothes and articulate voice tell one certain tale. The last place he would like to be is sitting on my orange bus.

There are of course many other factors to the short conversation. Second or third languages can be harder to learn. There is a reason to learn the language et cetera. The point is the father correct, we all can learn to speak a second tongue. And he is right on the second count; children learn how to speak without too much trouble. Little Alice is four and there’s no problem having an interesting conversation with her. It takes time and patience; the desire is to communicate with friends and family, and later our words become part of our observed persona.

Learning to speak and then read and write are the two most difficult things most of us will accomplish. Truth to tell language and communication is harder than learning how to use this computer. Playing a musical instrument, driving a car, playing a round of golf. It is said we need 10,000 hours to learn to do anything well. Most people desire to be an expert in a week.

We are all intelligent; we can learn to do anything if there is a good reason to do so. If we accept this idea, then we free ourselves from the notion we are foolish. Unworthy or not able to achieve a goal. It is only the material and ‘constructed ideas’ of man which assume one man is more genius than another. The man looking out of the thirty-six bus window is correct ‘Anyone can learn to speak Japanese.’

When we chose to follow the path of well-being, one of the hurdles we have to cross is people who demean our thoughts, ideas and beliefs. One of the statements we hear is ‘You must be stupid believing in that nonsense.’ The answer is we are not ‘stupid’, and our beliefs are not nonsense to us. Mr Rolex on the bus knows this: He comments ‘Anyone can learn to speak Japanese, it is easy. Millions of Japanese children speak Japanese.’ Notice he was not disparaging toward his daughter’s boyfriend. He drew her attention to a certainty that learning something, no matter how difficult, is within the ability of every one of us.

So, to have a belief in religion, faith, tarot, spirits, faith healing or mediumship does not indicate stupidity. The belief means we are involved with something we believe in. And nonsense is subjective. Is the belief in a horse winning a race any more certain than a belief in a deity? When someone says ‘I believe my team will win.’ There is no certainty of the outcome. The conflict of belief is the cause of war and terrorism. This is an important lesson to consider and search to find an understanding of this problem is part of a spiritual humans quest.

As is the importance of accepting you are an intelligent ‘Being’ who chooses to be who you have become. If we were to explain the mantra – ‘I am – What I am’ – the previous eight hundred words would be a reasonable starting point. The man on my bus reminded me of a valuable lesson. ‘No man is a fool – he is what he chooses to become.’

This essay is dedicated to a special lady who entered her final sleep yesterday

Marie Kerry

Marie Kerry

In our thoughts – Liz and Ian

Tarot Part Three

box and the little booklet

box and the little booklet

The concise review of ‘Parallel World Tarot’ deck concludes with a short appraisal of the ‘feel’ and quality of the cards. There will be many who will dislike the punchy colours and the deceptive simplicity of the designs. The seventy-eight cards will be as any other deck: It will be loved or not, and there would be no surprise if the feeling is immediate. Morgan Greer has this effect on readers.

Astrid’s deck will be understood by very experienced individuals. The Morgan Greer Deck (mentioned in an earlier essay) is sometimes dismissed as a beginners deck. Anyone who believes this to be so is not entirely aware of the powerful symbolism. It would be easy to confuse the clarity of imagery and ‘other’ aspects of Astrid’s design with a beginners deck. Nothing could be further from the reality, the bold and definitive pictures make it a superb instrument for professional readers. Morgan Greer and Astrid’s deck could be confused at first sight. There is no crossover in the symbolism. Although the bold colours and borderless images of both decks I find especially pleasing.

selection of cards

selection of cards

The Moon is a particular favourite – Divers ascending to the surface on a night dive open’s the imagination to many ideas. The Magician’s table is traditional and the spectrum of colour makes a nice wand. The sentiment ‘As Above So Below’ is clearly defined in his prismatic hand. These are just two of the ten’s of ideas held within the imagery.

The depth of the symbolism is demonstrated in the two previous essays, and it would be pointless to write another seventy-six monograph describing the remaining cards. It is this writer’s opinion it is the owner of the deck who comes to understand its meanings. The advanced Tarot reader will adapt the interpretations over the years. Simplicity and small spreads are the sign of an experienced reader. If asked a reader of the highest calibre can combine two or three cards into a spectacular display of ability. To explain the methodology involved in the highest degree of reading would take twenty thousand words or more, something well beyond the constraints of a daily essay. It is important to comment, this is only a personal opinion. Many brilliant readers use complex and informative spreads, and there is great respect for their ability.

selection of cards

selection of cards

The King of Coins is immediate in its understanding. The Ten of Cup’s with the astrological signs and the ten coloured vessels contain hundreds of interpretations. I photographed this card and have it as a screensaver on my phone. The psychological inference of the symbolism is superb.

There is sufficient information in the previous essays to get a ‘feel’ for what is on offer with Astrid’s beautiful creation. It comes as no surprise that her deck has evolved over ten years as a professional reader. Knowledge and awareness seep through every card. The seventy-eight cards would grace any professional readers table.

selection of cards

selection of cards

The Knight of Wands seems to provoke thoughts of real creativity and progress with projects. The lion signifies great courage when working with one’s ideas. The King of Swords asks me to consider, intellectual aloofness and warns of the dangers of isolation caused by wealth. By the way, the ‘Court Cards’ have superior guidance if understood. Unfortunately, they are dismissed and feared my many readers, and therefore given ‘personalities’. Jung’s archetypes help with meaningful interpretation.

The cards shuffle and handle beautifully although the reader should be aware the cards will ‘age’ fairly quickly. If I were to use these professionally, I would spray them with a high-quality protective coating. For many years I used Hahnemuhle Fineart Protective Spray or Winsor & Newton fine art gloss spray varnish to protect my working decks. I would advise trying the finish on an old deck to see if the effect is to your taste, before spraying an expensive investment. My feeling is high-quality cards used professionally benefit from this simple method of protection. The old days of worn decks on the table are long gone, people like to see ‘one hundred and one percent presentation’ today. The longer a readers cards stay pristine, the better.

On the subject of cards, we are fortunate that Annie Webster is part of our community. Annie has extensive knowledge of differing genres of Tarot, Angel, Divination and Meditation cards. At the events, you can take advantage of the many open decks and look through each one with care. It is not possible to do this on Amazon etc. It is nice to be able to feel the weight, and physical size of the cards, and of course assess the imagery and the all important symbolism. Link to 🙂 Annie

The three essays have guided me to think about the daily news posts on this site. Even though there is a comments tab at the top of the page, I have received numerous emails about the Tarot posts. In answer to the three most important questions 1) I do not teach Tarot anymore. 2) I am no longer a reader. 3) Yes, I may review a deck again. I would prefer other people to review decks and send in their essays.

Many Thanks for the kind feedback and reading the LizianEvents News.

See You Soon.

The Devil

I continue with the second card in the review of the Parallel Worlds Tarot by Astrid Amadori. The Devil is the selected card.

Pamela Colman Smith’s design of The Devil is considerably different to the Devil depicted by Astrid. Although, Astrid’s interpretation has brilliantly modernised the sentiment of the card. Before continuing the reader should think about the potentials of symbolism. Analyst C.J. Jung returned to symbolism time and again in his writings. His ‘Red Book’ is a masterpiece of symbolic connections.

Jung's Red Book

Jung’s Red Book

Let us consider the meaning of symbolic creation. If you are asked to draw an image of the sun, the finished image is your symbolic creation. It may or may not be an accurate depiction. However it is entirely probable, anyone who looks at the picture will know it is an image of the Sun. The slight variations in your representation of the sun will reveal something about your inner-self. There is no mystery to this; when you see art you like; you are entering the psyche of the artist. There is ‘something’ within the artist’s work which has an association with your inner-being. This goes some way to explaining why ‘abstract art’ appeals to some and is abhorred by others. However, this is not the subject of this essay.

If I suggest the symbol of ‘A Tree’ represents the concept of social growth and is common symbol across cultures and time scales. You may agree and immediately see the connection between, roots, trunks, branches and leaves. Jung’s book ‘Man and His Symbols is a layman’s guide to his work. It is a union of five writers explaining Jung’s work and ideas. It is suggested within the book, natural and cultural symbols are derived from the unconscious contents of the psyche, and this indicates the existence of collective consciousness.

Man and His Symbols

Man and His Symbols

How does this help us with self-discovery? Well, when Pamela Colman Smith (P.C.S) drew the imagery of The Devil; The final imagery was not drawn without careful consideration. The card depicts P.C.S’s symbolic representation of The Devil. For meditational purposes, the seed of the meditation is taken from the imagery drawn on the card. Rather than read a ten thousand word essay about the name, the ten thousand words are within the symbolism of the card. When we review the card, we readjust the symbolism to our interpretation. As we consider our thoughts after meditation, we have deciphered part of our individual subconscious mind.

If the idea is taken further I suggest, the human uses the same symbolism, regardless of race, culture and era. And symbolism can reveal man’s inner thoughts and ideas. Therefore, if we use P.C.S’s symbolism of The Devil, the imagery is a seed which will evoke our own interpretation during meditation.

Now, the key is this, once you unlock your idea of the imagery on the card, you can draw your symbolism. And then ‘magic’ happens because you learn about your inner-being. ‘Man Know Thy-self’  is the key to accomplishment. To know yourself guides you to your strength and weaknesses. We utilise our strengths and work out our faults. It is a difficult task. However, this method of self-discovery is useful and effective. Meditation on other humans symbolism expands the way you consider your psyche. Symbolism cannot influence the mediation. The student could be influenced by words prior to meditation.

Words carefully used can control a closed minded thinker. A controlling person will use emotive dialogue to persuade others to follow his will, be it manager, mother, father, politician, friend, control is all about words producing the right emotions. And once the emotions are evoked, the speaker owns the follower, very often forever. Symbolism evokes deep thought without influence and this is why symbolism is a preferred meditational ‘seed’ of meditation. Many readers will immediately think of the association with Eastern mandalas used for this purpose.

So when the church suggested the Tarot was the picture cards of The Devil, nothing could be further than the truth. It is probably the sages knew full well the implications of the power of any man who understands how to ‘Think’. The last thing the sages wanted to happen was the mass population learning how to think. No person can control another who has an open mind used to see all aspects of a situation; this is called critical intelligence. And critical intelligence is nothing to do will alphabets of letters after a name which spell nothing.

When a client has a Tarot reading. The process of Associative Thinking is in play. Associative Thinking is a process where one line of thought leads to another. And this is a way of solving the most difficult of issues. In fact, the very best and most experienced readers become incredible councillors and have done so unknowingly. The symbolism of the cards and long hours of intimate conversations combine into a formidable problem-solving ability. Make no mistake the best Tarot readers are superb problem solvers.

When Tarot readers began to record their readings, the process of Associative Thinking became restrictive. This is because the recording ‘froze’ the reading in time. And when the client reviewed the recording, there is no way he or she can ‘adjust’ the ideas held within his memory. In years before enforced recording, the client continued to adjust what was listened to and very often made, incredible and positive changes to their lives. Self-fulfilling prophecy? No doubt about it. The point is the outcomes were very often beneficial. It is important to remember; this applies only to Tarot Reading. The key is the symbolism.

You should now ask: ‘How can a Tarot reading have a beneficial effect? The cards are selected at random’ The answer to this, is again association. You only need the seed of an idea to find answers to issues. You only need a seed of an idea to make significant discoveries and innovation. For further clarity: – If you believe Steve Jobs created the touch screen, mouse, iPad you are both right and wrong. His idea was to the notion, hundreds of genii turned his idea’s into reality. For further clarity: Linear or logical thinking is not enough to become successful. There are many rational business thinkers who are penniless. Managers and employees talk about ‘thinking out of the box.’ If you can ‘think out of the box’ you’ll more than likely have the competitive edge. One of the facets of ‘thinking out of the box’ is Associative Thinking. Steve Jobs, thought out of the box. When we require an answer to a problem, or we wish to create something new, we need to ‘escape’ from our thinking pattern. Learn to understand your interpretation of the symbolism of the Tarot, and you will understand yourself. Know yourself, and you will have no fear of ‘Thinking Outside of The Box’. I could offer another viewpoint: – Understand yourself, and you will see through the illusions of those whose desire it is, to possess your existence, own your mind and you will be out of the box.

The Devil

Two people, one man one woman look in wonder at a jester. They are without clothes, although they are well groomed. Look at their hair and faces. There is no sign of poverty. And yet they are imprisoned. The pair looks upward and therefore are subservient to the ‘entertainer’ who seems to be casting light on the dark room. He holds a torch; his vest is four colours – Yellow – Red – Green – Blue. He is not all man; his hoofed legs indicate he is a goat, the animal associated with The Devil.

A jester entertains, entertainment is perfected illusion. An excellent actor or jester controls the mind of the audience. The entertainer takes the awareness away from the reality. The naked and well-groomed individuals only have three possessions: Their bodies, mind and each other, we do not know if they are imprisoned, they may be in the basement of a home. Is the home oppressive, unrewarding or unfulfilling? The Jester holds a torch, and those who carry the torch can be seen as guiding lights. It seems as if he is offering them light in the darkness, although being a torch the light is temporary. We see his clothes have four colours, the colour of future, growth, love and intelligence. Although they are a cloak, an illusion, an actor’s costume, designed to create an illusion. He knows few will look at his goat’s legs, as the weak human will only see what they desire to see.

The card has a further interpretation, as the two are safe behind bars. The Devil has to entice them out of their home. They may not realise or even see the safety of what they possess. More than this both the lovers gaze in adoration, and it is the short term worship or blind love which breaks so many relationships. They lust for something The Devil promises and the promise are false hope. Their only choice is to turn away from the illusion and discover their path.

It is suggested The Devil is the illusions we believe will take us from difficult issues to safety. He is lust, greed, idolatry and avarice. These words can affect our lives in many ways. How you interpret the symbolism will reveal the way you see or conceive restrictions which affect your life. I will finish the essay with the words of my friend Francis.

“The Devil will enforce you to nothing. The concept of The Devil will take the greatest of pleasure watching you ruin your life.’

See You Soon


The Tarot is an instrument of creativity. Many see it is as a divination tool. The Church once called it ‘Devils Picture Book,’ and they were half right. It is a picture book, although we must cast doubt if the Devil has anything to do with its creation. I am confident if Lucifer exists, he prefers: – Pistols, machine guns, cruelty, tyrants, and politicians to paint accurate images of his work. It seems to me, the seventy-eight symbols printed on cardboard are less dangerous than a daily Big Mac.

I purchased my first Tarot in 1972 from The Atlantis Book Shop (Link Here). My memory seems to point me toward a price of £1:50 for the Rider Waite Smith Deck (R.W.S). I do remember the lady in the shop had a beautiful smile and was surprised when I asked her for a particular deck. I know why selected the R.W.S Tarot. A young teacher at my preparatory school introduced me to the cards! From that moment onward the young Ian Timothy was hooked. I liked his company; we were both loners. I smoked licorice paper rolled cigarettes because he rolled his smokes in the dark brown papers. Mr. Kent junior introduced me to tobacco and Tarot, odd lessons for a thirteen-year-old to be taught at an expensive boarding school.

For forty-five years the Rider Waite Smith and since 1995 Morgan Greer decks are the only Tarot which makes sense or resonate with my psyche. When Pamela Coleman Smith drew the R.W.S deck, she produced a series of seventy-eight cards which have never been matched. There is a lifetime of meditation in the symbolism. Many have attempted to copy or reinterpret her masterpiece, most fail. Morgan Greer comes close, although like all facsimiles there are great errors in the symbolism.

I digress: There is now a third deck on my list, this one is a modern and insightful interpretation of Pamela’s deck. Superb in both design and quality, it is ’The Parallel Worlds Tarot’ By Astrid Amadori. The imagery is right up to date and contains sufficient depth of symbolism, to guide a student toward a compelling meditation. Astrid knows her Tarot and is obviously a student of the deeper meanings of the symbolism. She indicates to ‘Adepts’ that she possesses a more in-depth understanding of the purpose of the Rider Waite Smith deck. The way she does this is hidden in plain sight.

As many members of our community and visitors have an interest in the Tarot, I thought spending three days reviewing this deck may be interesting to our readers. The deck is present in a sturdy box, which lifts to reveal the cards. The rear of each card has two humming birds painted on a blue background. The pictorial symbolism is well defined and easy to read. The ‘instruction booklet’ is well presented, and I assume useful to anyone who wishes to use it. It is of no interest to me, and it stays where it belongs in the box.

I will review one card today and one tomorrow, and write an appraisal of the deck on Wednesday.

Today’s card is The Three of Swords – The Lord of Sorrow

The symbolism of the Tarot has deeper meanings than at casual glance. The three’s are cards of understanding, and therefore this card is asking us to understand ‘something.’ Swords represent the alchemical element of Air. To many people the alchemical element of air represents thoughts. We can expand some more Air is theories, intellect, sometimes spiritual intelligence.

One character sits on the gravestone; he has no respect for the memory of those have died. He looks down at the grieving character in front of the stone.Therefore he has no respect or feelings for those in sorrow. Blood pours down from the pierced heart and produces a sunset. The heart is pierced by three swords. On a superficial level, the imagery indicates hurt, pain, or an emotional tragedy.

On a deeper level, we see the heart penetrated by three swords. The swords represent thoughts, and if thoughts penetrate our emotions (heart, love, the blood of life) what could we understand from the symbolism? The suggestion is: When there is no respect for life, and if we do not care about the words we speak; we will cause unimaginable emotional pain. We should understand the darkness of our actions arise from the mind. Now, if the card is used for meditational purposes, its symbolism asks you to understand how your thoughts, turned into actions or words affect and damage other people.

The man of no respect has no understanding of this, the mourner cannot see it, because of his grief. Viewing the symbolism of the card may resonate with an attitude with requires changing. It may resonate with the suffering you feel at the moment. In this instance, the card indicates removing the cause of the pain on an intellectual level will turn the situation around. Whether inflictor or victim, removal of the swords will stop the flow of the blood of life (freedom and love). On yet another level the card indicates allowing the head to rule the heart, in other words: Intellectual understanding is an excellent way to deal with emotional issues.

The three’s represent understanding. We see three swords; the message is a need to have an intellectual understanding of the pain we cause to others. Or rational thoughts can be used powerfully to overcome sorrow or grief. Once the mediation is over, there is a final question, the most important of all: It is ‘How is this meditation relevant to me? And what can I understand about myself from this meditation?

Life is a flow of many situations, ideas, and experiences. When the idea of symbolic meditation came to a ‘magician’, he alchemically transformed his life. The Devil’s Picture Book? Well, we all have our demons, we lose so much when we intentionally use our mind (for instance revenge) to hurt another. One card, so many ideas, many meditations. The message is clear when a person learns to understand their daily actions. Life (freedom and love) is enhanced and what could be better than this objective?

Tomorrow we will consider the Two of Swords.

See you soon.

Why Not?

Thirty or more years down the line we listen to a troubled man’s words. Ian was a survivor and keen observer of the human condition. Listen to the tracks words and you may consider Ian’s words to have exceptional spiritual relevance – Happy Monday – See You Soon.

You’ll see
They think I’m off my crust as I creep about the gaff
But I’m really getting ready to surprise them all
Because I’m busy sorting out the problems of the world
And when I reveal all, won’t they get a crinkly mouth?
I’ve given my all to the task at hand unstintingly
When it’s all over, I’ll rest on my laurels
Here, for a moment, is a glimpse of my plan
All the kids will be happy learning things
The wind will smell of wild flowers
Nobody will whack each other about or nasty things
All the room in the world
They take me for a mug as I smile
They think I’m too out of tune to mind being patronised
All in all, it’s been another phase in my chosen career
And when my secrets are out they’ll bite their silly tongues
All I want for my birthday is another birthday
When skies are blue, we all feel the benefit
Glimpse number two for the listener
Everyone will feel useful in lovely ways
Trees will be firmly rooted in town and country
Illness and despair will be dispensed with
All the room in the world
They ask me if I’ve heard the voices yet
They don’t think I know any true answer
It’s true that I haven’t quite finished yet
When it all comes out in the wash, they’ll eat their words
I’ve got all their names and addresses
Later on I’ll write them each a thank-you letter
Before I stop, here’s a last glimpse into the general future
Home rule will exist in each home forever
Every living thing will be another friend
This wonderful state of affairs will last for always
This has been got out by a friend



Excellent Email

“Ian can I have a video profile recorded at our Newark Event and how much will it cost?”
“Yes, no problem with recording your video. There is no cost.”

The MP3’s found on the posts are free to download. There will never be any charge for media produced by LizianEvents. The videos can be shared and embedded on your website or downloaded on your media device. We will not charge for MP3 or Community Promotional Material. There is no charge for the production of videos made for members of our community. Our intention is to step up the quality and quantity of media production over the coming months.

If you hover and click on the picture below you can see the way we can use the community videos.

Not A Merry-Go-Round

Not A Merry-Go-Round

The intention is for each member of the community to have their video attached to their exhibitor listing. The member of the community can have their video ‘re-recorded’ when needed. In fact, it was anticipated that the first videos would be ‘re-recorded.’ In fairness, the initial members did not know what to expect, and I’m sure they may like to make comments which were missed in the first videos.


I am pleased to write John Harris is the first member of the community to be ‘fully’ listed! Here he is on LizianEvents news:- (click the Nottingham link at the top of this page)

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The members of the community will gain from this style of promotion. The visitors will benefit from being able to actually see and listen to the member’s information. The more videos we record, the better our promotion. For those of you with a ‘technical mind,’ we will be recording in 4k in 2018, and there will be some real ‘magic’ going into the production. Great times ahead for all of us, we are looking forward to making this site a haven of information for our visitors. And there are still many more avenues to utilise.

See You Soon