Newark Well Being Show

Cedric Ford Pavilion.
Newark Showground,
NG24 2NY

16 -17 February 2019

This Newark show is bound to be a superb event. The September 2018 shows attendance increased by thirty per cent. This indicates our ‘Community Members’ are at the top of their professions. With a superb blend of products, services, therapies and spiritual-minded ‘Community Members’ the Visitor is sure to enjoy their visit. There is more than enough to interest every level of spiritual needs and the now renowned atmosphere makes this shows very special indeed. The Community List and Talk Schedule is a testament to the quality of this Well Being Show. Attendance is growing and Visitors feedback is superb.

Images From September Newark Well Being Show

Well done to all Community Members for coming with us on this evolving journey. You can read a review of the February 2018 Well Being Show below:

☞Newark Show Review – 2018

There is not a single reason why Visitors return time and again to The Well Being Shows. Although one reason is the superb and varied attractions the Community brings to the show. Therapists, Spiritual Counsellors, Retail and Information tables. All work to give Visitors the best service possible.

This event appeals to Visitors for many reasons:

The atmosphere is terrific during this The Well Being Show. Visitors stay all day, and many attend for the whole weekend. The venue takes on a unique ‘vibe’ which everyone feels. Visitors love The Newark Well Being Show for its well-balanced Community attendance. There is ample parking and the Cedric Ford Pavilion is easy to find. 

The Well Being Shows are established as events where like-minded people gather as companions.

This show’s reputation cannot be disputed, it is a gathering of friends. Yes, people meet here and become longstanding friends. This is something unique to The Well Being Shows. Visitors are attending not only to enjoy the Community’s contributions, but they are also returning to meet their fellow companions.

Images From September Newark Well Being Show

It is essential to provide a varied talk schedule. Although, there are some firm favourites who Visitors expect to see: the list needs to be as diverse as possible for each new event. We always strive to meet this objective. The focus of the show is on ways to become a Well Being and Visitors will find the schedule contains many health and wellbeing related presentations. However, if you wish to learn about Spiritual ideas and concepts, listen to authors discussing their book or maybe a spiritual demonstration you will find something of interest.

The first Community List for February Well Being Event:

Aloe Vera – Health Wealth and Happiness
A Jewel Shining Through
Alison Dean
Aura Fusion
Aura Soma
Alchemy Products
Barrie John Medium
Brigitte Rix
BugzFlowerPower – Hippy Festival Clothing
Campbell Wallace
Crystal Carols
Earth Magic Crystals
Earth Magic
Elizabeth Stead Ltd
Eliza Hodge – Ear Candelling
Emma Gowshall – Animal Communication
Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing and Guidance
Ethically Gifted
Gentle Release Therapy
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
Glennis Martin
Iza Moon – Songstress – Poet and Story-Teller
The Gut Health Hub
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium
Joylina Living With Soul
Magnotherapy UK
Moonlit Pathways Books
Native American Traditions
Neals Yard Organic Remidies
North Star Crystals
Notts Reiki & Meditation
P&G Underwood Ltd
Pam Shield
Positive Resonance UK
Pure Holistics with Michelle
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Shirley Ann
Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium
Soul Sisters
Stephanie J King
Susan Jones Therapies
Summer Rose Tarot
The Witch’s Heart
Woodland Trust

The Talk Schedule:

18 talks: 

16 + 17 February 2019:


10.30am Rose Best – Earth Magic:

Shamanic Trance Journey:  Join Rose Best for a healing shamanic journey which brings together the beat of the drum, metaphor and story. The journey will touch your soul to help bring about magical personal transformation and change.

11.15am Julie Williamson – A Jewel Shining Crystals and mental wellbeing:

A basic introduction to mental wellbeing, what is it, what is good mental wellbeing?  Some suggestions to improve mental wellbeing together with a brief introduction to crystals, details and a hand round of some examples of crystals that can help with different aspects of mental wellbeing, including depression and anxiety, mood swings, insomnia.

12.00 Philip Underwood – P & G Underwood Training:

Accessing the Higher States of Consciousness:  In the 1980’s Philip spent thousands of hours meditating and accessing higher states of consciousness whilst on a five-year retreat from our commercial world. Since then he’s been teaching others how to access them and what to expect when they do. Warning – accessing higher states of consciousness can seriously improve your life!

12.45pm Dathan Berry – Solrox Ocean Spa- Therapy Ocean Spa Therapy:

‘A revolution in our understanding of what we are made of and where we came from, new science on the Oceans that will change your Life for good; We Bring Light, We Bring Healing, We Bring Love’.

The healing power of the sea in YOUR hands and feet.  Not only is Dathan the premier retailer of Himalayan Rock Salt products in the UK, and his business SolRox also trains therapists to the highest professional level.  His qualified therapists provide nationwide coverage offering Ocean Spa Therapy.  His knowledge is second to none, if you desire to learn about salt and minerals for your wellbeing you’ll discover a talk based on scientific evidence full of anecdotes and examples.

1.30pm Steven Blake – Old Pain 2 Go: 

Why you hold onto old pain and how to let it go: Steven will explain the difference between pain that protects you and lingering pain which actually isn’t safe to hold on to. Steven will explain a method he created of letting go of old, unnecessary pain and given time, will demonstrate it on a lucky member of the audience or even all of you!

2.15pm Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols:

How could we have a talk schedule and not include Crystal Carol? Introduction to Crystals with Melody Accredited Teacher Carol Wallace:  In this presentation, Carol introduces to you the basic principles of crystal healing, and how you can start this wondrous journey.

3.00pm James Cook – The Gut Health Hub:

The root cause of Auto-immune conditions and how to heal them naturally:

My name is James Cook, and this talk will include my story to inspire others to take control of their health and show that dis-ease is for you not to you.  I will share information about parasites and other toxins in our bodies and how they are the cause for all the “in-curable” illnesses.  I aim to show how some simple conscious lifestyle changes/choices can positively impact our lives and allow us to be our true self and live life to the fullest.

3.45pm Emma Gowshall – Alternative Therapies for Pets: 

Learn how acupressure and muscle release can make a tremendous difference for animals from treating old ages, aches and pains to agility injuries.  Alternative therapies including coconut therapies and how adding to your dog’s diet can alter their health inside and out

4.30pm Barrie John – Spiritual Medium and Healer:

There can be no doubting why Barrie has become one of this country’s most popular and well-loved mediums. His empathy for all people is amazing. And what a story he has to tell in this seminar: From T.V personality to a long friendship with the late Colin Fry, and then on to European tours and fully booked courses. The audience will be captivated by his knowledge and presence. No doubt there will ‘audience’ participation during this presentation, and he’ll show those who join him on the stage how they can form spiritual connections! Finally, the audience will enjoy a very personal and powerful mediumistic demonstration. Attendees will be guaranteed a superb audience with one of this country’s best known and respected Mediums. This is a superb talk not to be missed.


10.30am Richard Pietkievicz – EFT Emotional freedom technique:

This is becoming a very popular technique in self-help, and assisting with an immense number of healing techniques. Richard is a very special man, his Nottingham healing centre is charity based. If you need a measure of this man, look no further than this fact. He gives much of his schools profits The Marie Curie Foundation.

11.15am Robert Brown – Aura Soma:

Beyond Colour:  Vibrational nourishment to feed you on all levels of being.  Come and explore the colours you ultimately are.

12.00 Alan Wood- Native American Traditions:

Alan has travelled extensively visiting Native American sacred sites, reservations, meeting and spending time with the people and gaining an understanding of their history and culture.  In his talk Alan discusses the following:
Smudging – What is Smudging? and why it is practised.
What Shamanism is & the different cultures that practice it.
Alan’s personal Journey with spirituality & Shamanism

12.30 Erik Henderson- North Star Crystals & Atlantianite:

The story of Wilhelm Reich, Aliens and Angels, Orgonite, the energy effects of computers and mobile phones, vibrational remedies, pain relief, psychic protection and manifestation, or as much as we can fit in the time allowed!

1.15pm Jurga Proudlove – doTERRA Essential Oils – plant-based Fragrant Medicine Cabinet for the whole family:

Join Jurga and learn how natural approaches to well-being can transform people’s lives. Modern advances in the extraction methods and testing techniques have meant that doTERRA essential oils are some of the purest, safest and most potent essential oils on the market. Come along to hear how you can use these essential oils in your home to support your family’s health and well-being and become a healer in your home. Jurga Proudlove is an experienced holistic health, fitness and nutrition coach specialising in women’s health and use of doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for physical, emotional and mental health.  She offers private consultations during the day and also over the phone, contact 07436001276. Essential oils have been used to promote health and well-being since biblical times.

2.00pm Eliza Hodge – New Horizons Geopathic stress and Sick Building Syndrome:

Eliza helps you recognise the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome; and introduces you to the tools that can be used to improve your home environment and eliminate Geopathic stress.

2.45pm John Richardson:

John has recently published a new deck of cards. These cards are focussed on Past Life Regression. It is fair to say there are no other Past Life Regression cards available anywhere. In this short talk, John will describe the cards, their function and potential. Do not miss an opportunity to listen first hand to the creator of an innovative deck of cards which can become a potent spiritual tool. As with all of John’s work you will find them to be well thought out and effective. Why not come and listen to John?

3.30pm Iza Moon – Poet, Songstress and Storyteller:

Iza Moon is an experienced and compassionate Luminary Guide and Songstress.  During these inspirational sessions, she will weave together a flow of breath work and guided visualisation, interspersed with her deeply soothing and soulful songs.  This is an opportunity to journey deep into the Oneness of your inner sanctity, experiencing the harmonious bliss and abundance of pure Love, Divine Light and Infinite Peace.  Here, we connect with the Essence of our being and remember our True Selves – conscious, whole and free. Iza uses the therapeutic sounds of the Shamanic Drum, Native American Flute, Classical Guitar, Ocean Harp and Chimes.

4.15pm Rick Paul – Talks About His Work And Method:

Be prepared for a superb end to this weekends show. As the talk progresses from Ricks beliefs, methods and story, the audience begins to receive ‘messages’. This powerful demonstration captivates audiences who return time and agin to see watch his gift. Rick has gained an immense following of loyal clients. He works tirelessly to achieve the highest standard of evidence and messages. His presentation this afternoon will resonate with all who have spiritual belief and search for meaning in the after-life. Rick is a constant contributor to the progress of The Well Being Shows, indeed he is a Well Being Ambassador. When you talk to Rick you sense his purpose is to give people hope, care for their emotional security and offer the kindest of spiritual healing. What a way to close this wonderful event.

The Newark Well Being Show is a firm favourite with Community Exhibitors and Visitors. The event is always fully subscribed with different genres of Health professionals, spiritual counsellors, therapists and retailers. The event is growing in stature and reputation. Both Community Members and Organisers never lose sight of the certainty Visitors are our priority. When you visit our Well Being Events you can be sure of a warm welcome and a great day out.

Entry is five pounds on the door. Alternatively, you can obtain a ticket from the Eventbrite link below: 

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Images From September Newark Well Being Show

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