Friday, September 25, 2020

Newark Well Being Market
19 + 20 September
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Showground 
NG24 2NY

We Anticipate the following numbers for the show:
50+ Community Members

30 Community Talks about their work and future


This is a Market Event:

Market event is a trading event with Community Members reconnecting to the Visitors. The purpose is for Community Members to trade and advertise their work: services and products. The venue is perfect for purpose: large and spacious with ample room to fulfil all regulations:

The Well Being Markets are an adaption of the Well Being Show: The Well Being Markets are an answer to the difficult situation of 2020. As market traders of 15 years, we have a unique inside into how this genre should be run. We have worked closely with local authorities to provide the best possible solution to help The Community keep in touch with Visitors, customers and clients. You can be assured we will take a pragmatic approach to the organising of the Well Being Markets and while some aspects of the market will be similar to a Well Being Show: there will be limitations due to the C-19 situation. Yes, we have had to make compromises but the Well Being Markets will still be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Attending Community Members:

First Community Members confirmed for September’s Well Being Market 19-20 September 2020 – 54 Community Members booked and many new requests for booking forms: The interest in the market is healthy and vibrant. And we have new Community Members attending who wish to connect and keep their businesses alive – which has to be great news for Visitors.

Anahata Centre Lincoln
Angela Barker Tarot
Barrie John Medium
The Body and Mind Place
Brigitte Rix Author
Counselling with Cartouche – Di Wall
Crystal Carols
Dance of Life
Earth Tree Healing
Elemental Balance
Emporer Training Solutions Ltd
Ethically Gifted
Feel Better Fast
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames
Gilliano Jewellery
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Glennis Martin
Gong Sound Therapy
Hands R4 Healing
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium
Intent Jewellery
Iza Moon
Jane Osborne – Exploring Past Lives
Leone Edwards
Lisa Davies Author
Millgate Therapy
Mystical Revival
Mystic Christine
Native American Traditions
Naturally Smart Skincare
Nature’s Workshop
Nottingham Reiki
Old Pain 2 Go
Peter Wall Hypnotherapy Academy
Purple Church Spiritual Healing
The Pyramid Lady
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology
Second Chance – Campbell Wallace
Sense the Senses
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
SolRox Therapy & Products
Soul Sisters
SpookyLicious Wax Melts
Stephen’s Crystals
Summer Rose Retail and Tarot
Tranquil Awakenings
Upbeat – Lincoln
Walk the Labyrinth
Woodland Trust
Zsuzanna Psychic Medium

Newark Well Being Market
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Showground 
NG24 2NY
50 Community Members
30 talks about the community and their future

This event appeals to Visitors for many reasons:

There is no single reason why Visitors return time and again to The Well Being Shows. Although the superb and varied therapies, talks, readings, retail and information the Community brings to the show must be a great attraction. Therapists, Spiritual Counsellors, Retail and Information tables: all work to give Visitors the best service possible. The venue takes on a unique ‘vibe’ which everyone feels. Visitors loved The Newark Well Being Show for its well-balanced Community attendance. There is ample parking and the Lady Eastwood Centre is easy to find. The Well Being Market should have a great appeal.


This Show is different:

This show is organised to keep the Vistors in touch with the Community. It is therefore organised in a Market Style. There will be plenty of Community attending but the focus is on services, goods and retail. The Community wish to keep in touch with their customers and Visitors and this event is focussed on connecting to specialists of Well Being. Remember this is a Market event and although its foundations are based on the Well Being Shows: this event is a trading market where Community Members are given the opportunity to reconnect to Visitors and offer products and awareness of their services.

The Well Being Shows are established as events where like-minded people gather as companions.

This show’s reputation cannot be disputed, it is a gathering of friends. Yes, people meet here and become longstanding friends. This is something unique to The Well Being Shows. Visitors are attending not only to enjoy the Community’s contributions, but they are also returning to meet their fellow companions.

It is essential to provide a varied talk schedule. During the Well Being Market many Community Members will be given the opportunity to talk about their work and future. They will offer ideas of how to navigate the difficult days ahead and how to stay strong and how to discover ways to STAY a Well Being.

The Newark Well Being Show was a firm favourite with Community Exhibitors and Visitors. The event was always fully subscribed with different genres of Health professionals, spiritual counsellors, therapists and retailers. The event is growing in stature and reputation. Both Community Members and Organisers never lose sight of the certainty Visitors are our priority. When you visit our Well Being Events you can be sure of a warm welcome and a great day out.


Talks are focussed on the Community Members ideas of representing their ethos: business and service plans for the future and many will be talking about how to navigate the difficult time ahead:

The market will be fully compliant with all guidelines and the standard of hygiene and safe practice will be followed to the letter: We will publish the specific and updated rules and regulations nearer to the event.

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What do the Community have to say about The Well Being Shows? Watch the video!

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