Sunday Thoughts: Show Report – We are over the moon with the response to this show it enjoyed a steady flow of Visitors from the moments the doors opened.

As expected, the talk schedule was a total hit, with all talks enjoying a good audience attendance. And while on the subject of participation we can confirm the Visitor numbers have risen dramatically.

We must acknowledge the immense sharing which took place in the ten days leading up to the Nottingham Well Being Show. In certainty community Members who took advantage of the ‘Share, Your Friends and Fellow Community Members Information’ idea have reaped the harvest of their endeavour. It is great to see many Community Members are beginning to understand the power of sharing fellow Community Members information on their timeline. As the trend grows, so will the Visitor attendance to the Well Being Shows.

Our daily articles are the key to Community Success. Share them on your timeline and friends see what is happening. The more this is done, the higher the show attendance. And if Saturday is anything to go by, the message is getting through. 

All Community Members spoken to confirm the Nottingham Well Being Show is heading in the right direction. Everyone can feel the vibes are buzzing and none doubt the potential to raise the bar at Nottingham Jubilee Campus. As organisers, we can now be sure of increasing the whole Nottingham Show experience. Community and Visitors are already suggesting ideas, and we are looking forward to trying the fresh ideas out over the coming months.

One of the most delightful aspects of the show was the feeling of connectivity and Community balance. I did not hear one complaint yesterday: everyone is working together to make the event a vibrant and welcoming experience. 

Even though my day was taken with cameras and recorders: I was amazed by how many people visited the event intending to become a Community Member for future shows. Indeed, I spent over an hour with a lady who specialises in food and its effects on the body. She will be a welcome addition to The Community in the months ahead. I also met with musicians and artists who are to become part of The Connectivity Connected Event.

As always the Saturday assessment is concise, and a full review will be posted on Tuesday. All that remains is to add a few photos and thank everyone who was involved in today’s superb Well Being Show at The Jubilee Conference Centre.

See You Tomorrow

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