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Inner Strength

Inner Strength

On the 11th April, Liz Clark made this Announcement – I suggest it is reread it because it was made only five months ago. If the reader takes the time to read this – link – there is some significant information to be read. Of equal importance is the date. It is the first LizianEvents News. Five months and two weeks old. During the five months, the news has never missed a day. 155 posts will become 500+ in a years time. Of course, it is inevitable the ‘EventsNews’ will become an incredible archive. And we can use it as public record as to initial intent and later we’ll know of the realisation of objectives.

Yesterday’s post will be a landmark moment. The response is nothing short of spectacular. The Events News will have a controversial essay published tomorrow, and I have chosen, for the time being, to make the writer anonymous. It is an interesting and compelling resume of a Community Members thoughts about the Newark Show.

As you can see from comments on the ‘News’ the support is immense and consistent. You will not be surprised to learn the emails of support flowed through our email boxes over the last 48hrs. The most surprising revelation is this: of the 14 new and unique enquires received seven mentioned yesterdays post in their enquires. And confirmation of bookings has enabled me to open the Lincoln Event Exhibitor Community Page – LINK – 48 Community Member booked and 10 NEW Community members will be added to this list when booking forms are received. With seven spaces left it is probably Lincoln Well Being Event will be a full house of 65 exhibitors.

The e-mails from visitors are many; all are positive. Not one has criticised their experience of the visit. What can we assess from this information?

The most important realisation is the visitors who came to the event ‘Loved it’, and if they loved the event, the principal reason is the Community. If there is evidence to the quality of the show, it has to be with the visitors. They are the un-bias judges, and they have spoken. The question is what have Liz, and I learned from this assessment?

The first observation is the quality of the Community is first class and a superb and balanced blend of genres who will make our shows a brilliant visitor experience. Of course, there is a few old school who will dogmatically stick to old conventions. There is nothing the majority can do to change the ideas of those who can only see nostalgia as tops and change as foolish. It is fair to say many will take any chance with any event: and visa-versa. Here I am writing of the oversubscribed and under attended events and have just organised this very beast!

Or did we? No, I do not believe we did, I know we hosted and helped put together a fantastic show. I feel all who stay with us will reap the benefits of OUR unified purpose. Yes, I know for certain there was some skulduggery, and I repeat there is no implication that other businesses were part of the problem. For many months I have read of a concerted effort to damage our reputation and Ethos. I am not concerned in any way of those who think they can damage our effort with the use of lies. The time will come when our success will consume them, and far from assisting those they seek to protect, they will ultimately cause self-harm. This will be the last time this situation will be considered; I have no concern for idiots.

Today the evolution continues: Testing and retesting the Forum is part of the changes. Working through emails and testimonials. Setting the timeline on three video productions. The decision to increase the number of talks at Lincoln, something which I consider a significant change to our original blueprint. I have many new Community Profiles to edit and produce. There are articles and many essays to tidy for posting on this page. It is not hard work, it is reasonably time-consuming, and my life hours are valuable. There would be no way I would waste one second with a project or objective in which I had no faith. Liz and I have absolute confidence in the Community, and it is humbling to read and listen to those who have confidence in our endeavours. I repeat the evolution continues, and it will continue, not until an object is fulfilled: the evolution is perpetual. There will always be another idea to test, a new Member of the Community to welcome, and sadly the parting of waves.

The reader should understand the message: We will continue to work to produce the best Community Driven Shows any visitor can attend. And our Community is the life, soul, and spirit of the shows.

See You Soon

First The Darkness

I received compelling information this morning that individuals spread rumours the Newark Show had been cancelled. If this is accurate: The damage was to the Community not to LizianEvents. There will always be misguided individuals who feel threatened by change. My comment is this ‘I have no question if this is accurate, the children who do this are not helping those they are attempting to support.’ It is of little use, continuing to talk about our children policy etc, in the hope it will effect LizianEvents. I doubt other organisers care more than a fig for what we do and there is no doubt in my mind another organiser would not make these comments. Individuals cannot and will not affect the progress of our endeavours.

Number of Visitors:

The show was attended by 184 visitors on Saturday and 171 on Sunday a total of 355 people. Our target was double this figure. This target figure was based on FACTUAL attendance figures supplied by the previous organisers. The Newark Show rarely achieved figures of 1000 attendees in total. I have no interest in those of you who believe me to be lying about the historical numbers. I am acutely aware of ALL previous attendance figures. If you are in dispute of this statement, don’t hide behind a veil, speak to me and make yourself public. And if you wish me to hit with hard and truthful historical attendance figures I will do so. One thing the reader can be confident of, LizianEvents will always publish correct attendance figures.

My projection came well below expectations:

On Sunday Liz and I distributed a circular to all of the Community. The content of the circular demonstrated we would not shirk the responsibility toward our Community. I walked the floor most of the weekend and watched and listened. Here are my clear replies to inaccurate rumours and direct questions. It seems to me a rumour becomes worthless if there is strength to talk through the concerns.

I will answer the most important points:

We did not advertise in newspapers. To place an advertisement at £330 per insertion seems to be madness in a time when people no longer buy local papers. The figures do not add up. I suggest you read our original thoughts on this subject in an early post and you will see a clear indication of our thoughts in the essay. It pays to read the ‘Events News’ because the evidence of our intent is within the posts.

There are clear reasons we do not use A.A road signs. We will not utilise A.A roads signs.

We most certainly did have banners approaching the venue. Keith suggested we used different and more vibrant colours. The new banners were ordered today. Thank You, Keith.

For the first time, the main A46 A frame owned by the show-ground displayed the event for six weeks.

We distributed over 6000 A6 flyers.

We posted out 1000 direct mail postcards.

The intensive social media totalled 50000+ (Yes 50K) FaceBook reach which was both Paid and Organic.

39% of our community shared the posts.

Liz personally visited many local businesses with flyers.

The question of our media accessibility was challenged so this MUST be addressed:

Our website and WordPress site are FULLY compliant and accessible on – phone, tablet and desktop. I attend the WordPress group at Hallam University, the lessons learned about W.P at this group are definitive. There are NO glitches in this WordPress site. It is Akismet protected; spam is not a problem. By the way, WordPress has a 28% dominance of the internet; it would not be trusted by 100’s of world status businesses. The SiteJam Platform ( is also FULLY compliant. We chose to keep our platforms simple and relatively image free. It is ‘proven’ lightning speed, and clear visibility is preferable to image heavy and dramatic sites. The ‘disability’ protocols are fully acknowledged.  By the way: our Lion Emblem signifies strength and courage, something which is necessary when significant changes are being made.

So What happened? 

My conclusion is: legacy and timescale have to be primary considerations. You can be sure of one thing; we will double the effort to make our shows a success. And we will be relentless in our pursuit of achieving the goal of being the best Community Driven event in the country. I am not writing the ‘Best Show or Event’ you can keep that idea, the intent is to be the best ‘Community Driven’ events. Incidentally, we are not a family; families tend to argue. We are a Community and Communities work to a common goal. I keep extensive records and screenshots of all and everything concerned about our business. I’m proud our Communities endeavours enable the significant changes to work. The call to form a Community, the following of our principal ideas, the support of the Lizian News which is truly A FIRST. These are factually lamplighter actions, all who follow and copy our work, promote US and all who disparage and demean our work strengthen us. And I thank you for embellishing the process.

However, if we are to form a Community, the goal has to be defined. Not only this, there needs to be a guideline of rules to work to, and sometimes rigorous enforcement has to be followed. This weekend we sadly said permeant good-bye’s to two exhibitors (note: I do not use the word community). This comment provides an opportunity to remind the Community about our rules on incense sticks. We do not allow them to be burned at our Shows. I received a complaint about incense sticks being burned; please abide by our rules. I do not wish to cause conflict; please respect the guidelines.

I remind you we worked as stall holders for nearly two decades. Gossip and mischievous banter have always been part of the equation. Allow me to suggest the best events we attended were ruined by the organiser being unable to deal with the damage caused by inaccurate or false information. Liz and I will never allow this to occur. Nearly two decades of experience allows me to comment on another source of damage: I call it ‘wandering’. When shows were ‘slow’ I never left my table, the reason being, I paid plenty of money for my table, and there was no way I would miss an opportunity to meet a new client. Even if the event is slow, dig deep into your ‘Being’ and stick it out. Keep a smile on your face and show the world how professional you are. You see, after years of attending shows, the problem for me is, when visitors see the empty stall, the empty stall says ‘I’m not focused, I have given up.’ Do not underestimate this observation. Learn from the Community members who never leave their stall, they are the ones who cover their overheads, make a profit and embellish the Community idea.

The above is the boring part – my comments demonstrate I refuse to ignore issues which require explanation.

Now the most important comments:

Liz, Sue, Alex and myself spoke to many of the visitors. Without exception, everyone loved what the Community has created. There may have been fewer visitors than desired. However, the appreciation for the work and efforts of our Community could not be questioned. Time after time, statements were: –

‘Thank-you, I’ll see you at Lincoln’

‘I’ve had a fantastic day’

‘I’ll certainly return’

And the very best ‘You have an incredible mix of people here’

Liz and I put together a Show. It is the Community who produced these comments: The Community is the source of the appreciation, not LizianEvents the organisers, the Community is the Show. We never doubt it, not for one second.

Under severe conditions, the Community has left deep and long-lasting memories with every visitor. You can be sure of this, the memory of your achievements is a monumental stepping stone on our journey. I spoke to Erick Henderson, a man I respect and admire. I asked him for his opinion ‘I think the turnout is expected. Give it another two shows, and it will be an excellent event.’ High praise from the master. Thank you, Erick, your words healed a few wounds on Saturday morning.

I will leave this post at this marker and finish my appraisal of the Communities first Newark Well Being Show tomorrow.

Ian Timothy


Thank You

This is the first of two Newark Event Resumes – It is the most important of all. Liz and myself thank all of the Community Members who attended the Show. I will publish a full appraisal tomorrow morning.

Thank You: –

Arch Angel Studio – Angela Waudby
Aura Interpretations – Kevin Doe
Aurora Crystals & Art – Debbie & Peter Thorpe
Brigitte Rix Author
Celestial Treasures – Heather Pedley
Cheryl Shepherd – Reader
Clipstone Reiki – Mick Haywood & Alan Sheppard
Counselling with Cartouche – Di Wall, Reader
Crystal Carols – Carol Wallace
Campbell Wallace Author
Communicating with Animals – Emma Gowshall
Dreamlits – Teresa Sequeira
DW Fitness
Ethically Gifted – Kirstie Wood
Feel Better Fast – John Richardson
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
Health Wealth & Happiness – Sue Hickman Forever Living
India Jo – Reader
Innerlight Hypnosis – Peter Wall
Jill Fraser Ear Candles – Eliza Hodge
Jodie Aitken
JoPaz – Reader
Journey Into Wholeness – David Albans
Joylina Goodings Living With Soul – Reader
Joy Gems – Sandi Pinkney
Julie Elizabeth – Reader
Lady Carrie’s Collection – Queenie Carrie
Laura Miles Ltd
Leighs Psychic Pathways – Leigh Rebekah
Northstar Crystals –  Erick Henderson
Mel-Jay Jewellery – Melanie Jones
Moonlit Pathways Books – Annie Webster
Natural Healing Therapy – Usha Henderson
Neal’s Yard Remedies – Beki Anderson
Nina Roberts Author & Reader
OldPain2Go – Steven Blake
Pure Holistics – Michelle Durrant
Radiant Skin Art – Bee Dean
Rick Paul – Medium
Seated Therapies by Tampara – Paul Reynolds & Tamra
Self Help Astrology – Phil Bowler
Simon Goodfellow Spiritual Medium
Soul Wisdom – John M Harris
Soul Sisters – Sharon Cobham
Spiritual Creations – Mark Duffin
Stephanie J King
Susan Hudd – Reader
Sutton Healing Centre – Elaine Chadbourne
The Balance Procedure – Jacqueline Seddon
Woodland Trust

Steven Blake – Community Member

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison.

Hi, I’m Steven Blake,

Allow me to introduce myself and partner Trudy. We are fascinated with helping the human mind and body work in harmony. There are two main areas of our work: The removal of pain and helping people overcome major and life-limiting anxieties. We have trained in many different healing modalities which we combine to produce effective and long-term answers to pain and anxieties.

Trudy and Steven

Trudy and Steven

The removal of physical pain may sound and look miraculous when observed in a demonstration. The reality is we have simplified a method which many have found complicated to explain. We have developed an approach where we teach the body’s resources to correct a message that is no longer required – which is all that old pain is! For a detailed demonstration click on this link: demonstration to see OldPain2Go in action. In this instance, we watch the removal of pain and swelling from a client with arthritis. The method is called BrainBargaining, a term I created to describe how to gently persuade the unconscious mind to turn off old and unnecessary defensive programs. Our work helps people understand themselves so that healing can take place quickly, safely and be sustainable.

I give talks at most of the events I attend; my presentation explains my work using a mixture of facts, examples and teachings, combined with comedic observations on how life works or doesn’t! The audience is sure to enjoy our time together. I weave a little audience participation and leave time for questions toward the end of the talk. It is both encouraging and rewarding when people tell me how the talk has benefitted and changed their lives.

Steven's Insightful Talk

Steven’s Insightful Talk

Incidentally, at the shows and events, our stand is an information point. The visitor will be under no pressure or sales pitch. Both Trudy and I will be able to offer explanations of our work and methods. There is no hard sell; you will be able to talk with freedom and depth about the issues which cause concern and discord. Compassion and understanding are paramount to our work; you will discover genuine empathy and patience. To give you an idea of our integrity; we recently consolidated our promotional materials to reflect the overall nature of our business, which is to remove pain – both physical and emotional. Follow this link to my website – The heart of our work is to deal with the core issue, not just the presenting symptoms. This can take longer than the time slots we could give at events for treatments, so we no longer provide tasters or quick fixes as this does not demonstrate a genuine nature of our work.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome their major anxieties over the last six years – typically in just one session. Many testimonials can be read at this link: My Testimonials – We are proud of our achievements, and it is entirely due to our continuing success that we have ventured into providing a further way of finding freedom from the challenging aspects of modern life.

Pain Free - Demonstration

Pain Free – Demonstration

While attending the Lincoln event, I met Trudy, the love of my life. The empathy of love and kindness was immediately recognised, and within a few months, we began working together. Trudy has attended most of the events with me since November 2014. It is a great feeling to have gained friends and colleagues through our work; we are indeed thankful for this additional aspect to our endeavors. Many of the people we have helped over the years, stop and talk about their progress and how their lives have become transformed from discord to comfort.

I provide training for practitioners in OldPain2Go either in group workshops or individually. This can be achieved worldwide over Skype. (there are now 38 practitioners worldwide, UK, New York, Canada, Netherlands, and soon in Australia) Below are five successful students after qualification.
Training OldPain2Go Students

Training OldPain2Go Students

Trudy and I share a home with peace and love. We call it “SanctuaryMuch” as a tongue in cheek nod of gratitude to abundance we receive in our lives. Some time ago we decided to open its doors to people who are looking for respite and calm from the conflicts of our modern world. It is the perfect place to stay when you need to get away from the stresses of life. Visit our website to discover a real haven of peace: SanctuaryMuch Website . Each room is ensuite, the kitchen, sun lounge, exercise equipment, garden and even a pair of bikes are available for the use of our visitors. We refer to our home as “The place to Be when life’s a B”. Guests often book treatments while staying with us and many who travel for treatments stay overnight to enjoy their ‘moment’ before returing home. It is easy to enjoy a peaceful break of calm, and remember we are in the background if there is anything you wish to know about our work. During training courses students find it beneficial to stay with us, the courses seem to have more depth because of the stronger connections to us their tutors. Of course, many visitors use “SanctuaryMuch” as a base when visiting locally and we are central to some wonderful countryside and historical attractions. You can book either directly with us or through AirBnB: Booking Link Here

When visiting a show where we are attending, seek us out, and we can talk in confidence with no obligation or pressure. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and we will guide you with openness and respect. You will find us to be patient, amiable, and caring. Our work is to build a lifetime of mutual happiness with our clients.

Love Always, Steven and Trudy

Julie Elizabeth – Community Profile

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison.

Julie Elizabeth

Julie Elizabeth

Julie Elizabeth

For all of my life, I have lived in the small industrial town of Belper situated in the Derbyshire Dales. For many years I was a doctor’s secretary, a vocation which calls for discretion and confidentiality. Empathetic interaction is important when dealing with people who are going through a painful episode; we have to be able to demonstrate understanding and kindness when talking to a patient with concerns for their health. On reflection, I believe my time at the surgery prepared me for the future.

My Great Aunt (another Elizabeth) was psychic. She captivated me during my early years, her thoughts and ideas always helped me find my answers to questions. It is all well and good for someone to provide solutions, it is best when we are given the insight to work through our difficulties. There is little doubt the seeds of my gifts came from this beautiful lady.

As the years passed, I realised building trust and sincerity was fundamental to living a life of security. The realisation that spiritual awareness had guided me during my lifetime became the reason for me to make a major choice. An interest in the symbolism of the Tarot had the inevitable consequence of becoming a ‘reader,’ and for some years I helped clients through various situations. My reputation grew directly from the quality of the readings.

My job was secure and rewarding, however, my spiritual work was drawing me away from it. I continuously listened to the same message from clients and friends ‘Julie, when are you going to become a professional reader?’ A choice needed to be made between a daily routine or following my heart.

The Beginning of A Reading

The Beginning of A Reading

My friend, ‘Jewel Marie Leaf, ’ is a well respected clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. If there were anyone who could guide me, it would be Jewel. We spoke in depth about the options and our work. Jewel was convinced of my abilities, and so I gave notice to my employer and became a professional reader. Right from the beginning doors opened; I had no difficulty entering the Mind Body and Spirit events circuit; The experience has been an incredible and life changing experience. Every week I meet new friends and associates, and I travel all over the country with my work; most of all I enjoy helping people through their difficulties or finding answers to their issues. There can be few more rewarding way to earn a living.

I use the symbolism of the Tarot, Runes and Germanic Alphabet to connect to my clients. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of my readings. I interpret the messages given by my Spirit Guides to benefit my clients. We work together to find definitive answers to questions and messages from loved ones are given with kindness and clarity.

My clients are important to me and no matter how sensitive the information, you can be sure each message and guidance will be of the highest standard. We will cover present and future aspects of your life. It is important to discover the aspects which can be taken advantage of and the issues which should be closed.

Always Smiling

Always Smiling

Julie Elizabeth

website 🙂 Julie Elizabeth



Kevin Doe – Past Life Experience

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison.

Today we have an interesting experience of Past Life Regression for OUR Aura Specialist Kevin Doe. We enjoyed every paragraph, thank you, Kevin.


Past Life Regression   

From Royal Coaches to Lancaster Bombers

It’s true to say that over the years I have had some incredible experiences, ranging from the everyday strange, to the downright unexplainable. I’d like to think that I have the ability to rationally discern between fact fiction and pure scientific based theory. However in the passage of this life time I have experienced so much that is simply outside of the current paradigm of everyday life, These experiences are seated in the categories of both paranormal and esoteric of some description.

As a fully qualified psychotherapist with thousands of hours practice behind me. I specialised in the support of the elderly, and the bereaved, I also spent a short time as a sitter for palliative care clients in a Hospice, offering support in their final days or hours. On a more personal note I also  provided  24 hour care in my own home for my dear mother, until her last dying breath. I miss her dearly, but I would not be the person I am today without her calm caring nature to guide me.

I now spend my time travelling the country’s Mind Body & Soul Shows as a specialist Aura Photographic consultant, working with the general public.

The Aura is a direct reflection of our Physical, intellectual, emotional / spiritual balance. Dr Max Luscher, Theo Gimbel and Rudolf Steiner all made major contributions to the influence of Colour and how we reacted to it. Luscher discovered certain associations between Colour choice and states of mind. The benefits of having an Aura photo & interpretation  allows us to contemplate all aspects of our personality, it supports us in  making informative decisions form an informed prospective.  Colour energy is fluid, just like our emotion, understanding it opens up to so many new possibilities.

Past Life Regressionist Terry Baker

A few years ago now I had the pleasure of meeting Hypnotherapist Terry Baker at a weekend spiritual retreat. Terry was offering past life regression as a group experience, you could say I was somewhat excited at the chance to experience this process but was very reluctant to do it in a group. However curiosity  got the better of me and I decided I would give it a try.

I must be totally frank, over the years I have always had an unfounded dislike for Royalty for whatever reason, but nothing more. I’d also been drawn to Lancaster bombers for whatever reason. In a strange way I was captivated by them. In my late twenties I would become emotional when I heard the rumbling sound of their engines. I could even hear them miles in the distance before they came into view on the horizon. They just unsettled me somehow beyond any logical understanding.

First Regression 

Terry gave us some outline info on what could or would happen, and before we knew it we were about to start.

He talked us through a melodic process, I believe it was going down steps to different levels and being presented by different colour doors, and he asked us to stand in front of one then gave us more instructions individually. I very clearly remember trying to rationalise what was going on, but simply did not have the notion to change anything. I also intentionally walked past one door way because I just knew what was behind it. It was something to do with being in the RAF during the Second World War.

Next I made my choice and walked through a totally different door. Terry went around the very small group and each person was relaying different information, you could hear it without any trouble but I was to relaxed to react. Terry came to me and asked what I was experiencing, what was I wearing, I looked down and could see I was wearing breeches and shoes with square buckles on, he asked what else, I said a hat with  points on it. Now this sounds so weird but I remember observing myself at some level and feeling emotionally removed from the experience  but still knowing that this was without doubt coming from me.

The session went on, I was seeing and smelling cobbled streets with chickens, small animals and very shabbily dressed folk walking around. Terry said he would leave me for a while and then come back to me. When he returned he asked me for more details I started to relay these but suddenly stopped.  I said with no hesitation,” I must go I’m being called,” Where are you going, “I must go,”  It was like I was being summoned back to work. I said the coach is leaving. I must go and felt panicked. So in my mind I recalled getting on something. He left me again saying he would return. I could hear him talking to a lady, but it was not of interest I couldn’t be bothered again, and seemed to rest. When he returned he asked me about the coach. I said it was a very bright coach with a lot of horses pulling it. He asked where I was, I said on the back on a platform. He asked who did I work for, (now this did reverberate) somehow I said “Regina”. Now, he asked me many questions and I was almost replying with all this stuff, from where I did not know, but I didn’t care it just came out involuntary . After some more other less interesting stuff Terry asked me if there was anything else before we would close down. The last thing I remembered recalling was we had all been summoned to a very long room with huge windows up high, to be told off. I recounted she was dressed all in black with a very pale face; I said “She’s a miserable cow”. Terry closed the session and we all individually recalled our experience. So that was it my first regression.

The coach was something like this but not the same.

We had a break and Terry asked if anyone was interested he would do a second session. You guessed it, I was I there in a shot.

Second Regression 

Terry gave another brief talk and said this time the process would be much quicker as we were still open to the process. He was right this time. Before he had hardly started with the regression. I found myself like a very excited child waiting outside the coloured door which I had deliberately avoided in the first session.

With Terry’s guidance I remember walking through the door and into a very dark place, I said “I can’t see,” but then there was a flash. Terry asked “

is it night time,” I don’t think I answered, I was immersed in something very different from anything I had experienced in this life time.

Terry told me to rest quite for a moment and he would return. When he returned to me again he asked, what I was doing, I think I said “I don’t know,” I could feel myself being literally bounced quit vigorously in my seat. I mean I was doing just that, bouncing on my chair as if it was moving or vibrating.

The strangest thing is whilst I sit here recounting and typing this experience the shivers are going up my spine and resonating with me at deep emotional level, and the tears are running down my face.     Terry ask me what else was happening, I said I could feel the thumping resonating vibrations of engines very close to me, I began to feel threatened like my life was in real danger, Terry settled me. Like a shot out of the dark I said, I could see I was in a tunnel like structure to my left,  with others around me. I was moving sideways. I was in the forward section of a plane with big propellers and guns going off. Terry stayed with me longer this time…

The tunnel is to my left.  (It’s the fuselage going all the way down to the tail gunner) 

I continued to recount what was happening to me whilst uncontrollably bouncing on my chair, but then it kicked up another gear, I started to sway first one side and then to the other. Terry asked “what are you doing” I said “the Germans are shooting at us;” there were very loud bangs in my head and extremely bright light explosions all around. I don’t recall anything else, just felt I’d lost the plot. As I sit here now typing this I’m deeply moved to tears like I could burst.  But the strangest thing is I somehow believe that I was the navigator on that bombing run, and maybe I died that day many years ago before this life time.

I simply don’t remember how Terry closed the session but I do remember feeling emotionally and physically drained, I don’t even remember the talk at the end.


To this day I still can’t get my head around what happened in those regression sessions, but I do know for sure  that it’s still so vivid in my mind as if it were all just yesterday. Why ? I don’t understand, but there is such clarity to the depth of my ability to recall this experience, it’s just like recalling events from this life time.
Foot Note

I really want to share this last bit of information with you, as I hope it will help provide more validity to the phenomenon of Past Life Regression.

Last year I was walking through London in the early hours of the morning after just wrapping on an all-night film shoot working as a background actor on Night of The Museum 3.

I was feeling tired after a very busy night and instead of waiting for the first underground service I decided to walk back to the train station as dawn was just breaking. But I felt the hackles go up on my neck like something was happening to me. I don’t know London very well so I just following my instinct in the direction towards Liverpool Street Station. After walking for a while I turned a corner and found myself following the old city wall. Strangely I didn’t feel alone.  As I turned another corner my eyes seemed guided to look dead opposite. “Oh my God.” The energy rushed up my back like goose bumps. I was staring straight at a Gilded Royal Coach in its full splendour. And yes it did have a platform on the back behind the interim section just as I had recounted in my past life regression. Was it the one, I don’t know, and maybe I never will.

As for the Lancaster bombers, I still get the goose bumps  when I hear them but only time will tell.  I truly feel a weight of emotion has been lifted from my heart, since experiencing the emotional release that I have had preparing this appraisal for Terry.

I still feel incredibly drawn to visit old redundant WWII airfields. A couple of years ago I was invited by a group of paranormal investigators  to do an all-night investigation; it was at the Roughham Air Museum near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. During that night I correctly identified that USAF Marauder bombers had been relocated there from an airfield in Essex, from where I had once lived under the flight path in this life time. I also marked the exactly location on the airfield where one of the aircraft exploded whilst crash landing. Remarkably I also  named a tail gunner called little Joey. After carefully reading through many of the wall displays we found his full name Joseph Glen and his picture.  So you see there really must me more to Past Life Regression than coincidence.



Professional Aura Photographer, Intuitive Reader, Master Healer, Live Presenter

Background Artist, Stage, Film, TV.

Aurora Crystals – Community Review

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Cedric Ford Pavilion

Well Being Show
Cedric Ford Pavilion
Newark Show Ground
NG24 2 NY

16 – 17 September 

Visitors to the show can enjoy a balanced mix of therapists, retail, and readers. This is the first Newark Show organised by LizianEvents, and the effects of change in ethos are becoming evident from the quality of those who have become Community Members.

LizianEvents focus entirely on the organisation of each show. The idea is to provide a platform for the Community Members to utilise. There are certain parameters the Community Members accept, and number one on the list is an agreement to work in unison.

During the early days of LizianEvents journey, two members of the community, Peter, and Debbie Thorpe; embellished the community’s ethos. In a conversation with Peter during the Lincoln Event, I realised his enthusiasm for the success of our community is without question. Debbie’s beautiful and unique work has universal admiration from visitors and community members. Crystal collectors take a bee line to Peter and Debbie’s crystal collection when visiting our shows. There is always something new to see, and of course, Peters’s and Debbies advice will always help visitors with their purchase. They are faithful and stalwart supporters of our community, kind and generous people who make a major contribution to our success.

Here we revisit their original ‘Exhibitor Profile’ – we all look forward to being together at the Newark Well Being Event 16 & 17 September.

Debbie at Work

Debbie at Work

Debbie has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Although destined for art school, Debbie chose a “sensible” career, becoming a secretary and working for a High Street bank. The early part of her life was dedicated to raising a family of three and caring for a menagerie of animals ranging from domestic dogs and cats to goats, chickens, sheep and horses. Once Debbie had nurtured her family, it was time to move on to her true spiritual path of Healer and Spiritual Artist.

For many years she has been a professional Wildlife artist and continued to work with horses. However, the time came to put her groom’s boots aside and become a Crystal Healer and work at MBS shows. She attained the highly respected Crystal Diploma provided by the SVA. Debbie is an established Reiki practitioner and has studied Aura Soma, Master Colour Healing and Quantum Touch.

Debbie’s artwork is intuitively connected to the highest spiritual level. Every client’s portrait is drawn from deep spiritual insight. She feels honored and privileged to draw your Spirit Guide during the shows and hopes that her beautiful portraits bring happiness and empowerment into her client’s lives. Her love of portraiture, nature and its magnificent creatures provides the most beautiful, inspiring and healing imagery. Debbie’s work has evolved from working as a professional artist, healer and many years of connecting on a deep intuitive/spiritual level.



Peter is a retired Chartered Accountant; He was Head of Finance at The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Having worked in nature conservation for the last 20 years of his life, Peter understands the message of preserving nature and he knows caring for our world should be a priority for us all. His main passions are watching wildlife and walking, especially in the wild places of Cumbria and Scotland.

Peter enjoys working with crystals alongside Debbie. They have built a solid reputation for providing quality stock and depth of knowledge. Aurora Crystals has traded for more than twelve years, and Peters appreciation of the appeal, infinite variety and beauty of crystals is evident to all who meet him.

When visiting Aurora Crystals, you can expect to find everything from natural specimens and clusters, to beautiful Herkimer Diamonds, Master Crystals, working crystals for healers, carvings of animals and crystal skulls, polished specimen pieces, spheres and a wide range of tumbled stones to suit all tastes and purposes. There are also written explanations to help the visitor make their choices. All this information is written by Debbie and is evidence of her long experience of working in this specialist field. If further advice is needed Debbie has prepared further notes for customers to take without charge. Visitors are encouraged to make choices based on personal intuition.

Crystal jewellery, from pendants to bracelets and original artwork is also for sale. Many examples of Debbie’s work can be viewed on Aurora’s stall. Crystals are sourced from a wide range of UK suppliers. Aurora’s stock is personally selected by Debbie, quality and resonance are paramount to her decisions. We carry an extensive range of crystals so customers can choose something which is personally pleasing. Whether you work with, place in your personal environment, wear or carry with you, crystals will help empower well-being and awareness.

Debbie has an enviable list of completed commissions; there is no doubt her work is of the highest quality. Her work demonstrates her ability as a consummate artist, the connection of kindness, artistic and spiritual ability shines through.

Aurora Crystals & Art established by Debbie and Peter Thorpe in 2005.