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Brigitte Rix – Community Member Profile

Today we have an excellent exhibitor profile written by Brigitte Rix – Brigitte is a superb writer and public speaker. She is well known and loved, her books are fountains of insight and knowledge. Brigitte is a Channelling author and all of her books are channelled from those in the After-life, It is worth finding time to talk to Brigitte, her approachable and genuine personality shines all day long. Listen to Brigitte’s insightful and inspiring talk at many of the LizianEvents Shows.



Hello & ‘Bonjour’.
I am Brigitte Rix, channelling Medium, Channelling Author and Public Speaker, hailed as ‘The Afterlife French Lady’.

How can I help YOU?
My aim is to answer your questions on the Afterlife …and on how / why we chose to come to Earth/ why Mankind is suffering / why Minds never die!

I feel much empathy with puzzled ‘seekers of Truth’ and bereaved people struggling to grasp why and where their loved ones have gone. I can help dispel fears and distorted views, and offer hope and a greater understanding (But NO ‘religion’ is promoted).

Why can I do this?
I have been communicating with those in the ‘Spirit’ World for some 35 years.

I love sharing the astounding, uplifting and detailed information I receive DIRECTLY from numerous Communicators in the ‘Spirit world’: Not only loved ones but also Advanced Masters and Beings living in even Higher Dimension—They asked me to channel their knowledge and publish it as books, to help and inform Mankind.

Interested audiences are a delight to me. In Sept. 2015, I was invited as one of the Conference Speakers and workshop tutors (alongside well-known personalities such as ‘Near Death experiencers’ Anita Moorjani & USA neuro-surgeon Eben Alexander) —- at the International Conference, run by FINDHORN Spiritual Community- Theme: ‘We Do Not Die’: Expanding Consciousness through Near-Death and other Mystical Experience.

How do I link to the Great Beyond?
When I ‘tune in’ to their fine frequencies, I am in an ‘altered state’ of mind focus, enabling me to hear clairaudiently and converse with various people in the Hereafter. At the same time, I obtain ‘telepathically-guided automatic writing’–i.e. I hear the words ‘dictated’ at the very same time as my hand feels compelled to write them down at very high speed.     

What are my Channelled BOOKS about?
At my Lizian Events display stand, and other MBS shows and public speaking events, I am pleased to sign and dedicate to you or your loved ones, any of the 4 (so far) channelled books I have published to date:

What is it like AFTER we die?
Revealed in: ‘I’m Not Dead: I’m Alive Without a Body’ series. (Vol.1 & 2)

Volume One

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Two

This covers the first two volumes of the astonishing private DIARY charting 13 years of my verbatim, authentic conversations with several of my departed loved ones and my ‘Spirit Guide’. Its title stems from my own late mother’s comments, as she surprised me by suddenly contacting me of her own accord… just 26 hours after her passing! She marvelled at the wonders of still being alive and pain-free! She joked: “Everything you told me about the Afterlife is true! I played a dirty trick on myself to ‘die’ without warning myself”  

Readers are eavesdropping on my private full-length, lively dialogues, as several other family members joined her -including my husband Dave, who on Earth was a non-believer in Spirit communication and my eldest brother who passed in tragic circumstances (suicide because of pain).

Those conversations reveal astonishing insights. answering the question: “What do we ‘do’ in the Afterlife?!”   Details such as:-

  • Using Thought Power to create your environment and travel;
  • Learning to projecting your mind to communicate with Earthlings;
  • Analysing your recent life and understand your weaknesses, as NO deity judges you!
  • Re-discovering who you have also been over centuries and the multi-facets of the ‘Real You’;
  • Enjoying the colours of music and the sounds of colours, etc.

Those uplifting revelations bring hope to the bereaved: only the body and its brain ‘die’- Not our everlasting, crystal clear mind. Not the love felt for those left on Earth. Our loved ones are only a thought away!


Find out WHY you … and the Universe, exist!
Explained in:
Truths, Lies & Distortions’ and its sequel:WORLDS BEYOND the ‘Spirit World’

I also received –and still do!  –several hundred pages of dictations on mind-blowing topics (and truths, distorted and kept hidden from people by authorities), telepathically and automatically written at full speed by Advanced Masters. They asked me to make ‘their’ books available to the public.

 Their ground-breaking knowledge –merging the boundaries of Science with Spirituality- spearheads a new and more logical comprehension of:

*  How and why we and everything in our Universe exist as designed experiments, not accidents!

Why You chose to experience humanhood temporarily during various lives as different personalities;

* Why the ‘Spirit World’ frequency levels are actually only a small ‘airport’ transitional area, for Beings of Energy wishing to experience physical life as Humans on Earth;

* How YOU had originally first ever started to exist as the SPARK of CONSCIOUSNESS of a being of Pure Energy!

*  How Consciousness is within everything (even Plants) at various degrees of intensity;

* What ‘the Source’ is: that urge-filled,  Eternal, Intelligent Creative Thought Power, creating all matter and universes!

This knowledge goes far beyond my own limited comprehension of current-day Quantum Physics and Electric Universe’ principles. This proves that this cutting-edge enlightenment is genuinely shared by beings from ‘The Beyond’! They are currently dictating to me their sequel to that series!

I also appreciate groups, societies and Well Being/ MBS events inviting me as an Inspirational Teacher and Public Speaker. I tailor my interactive talks to each audience members’ queries, no matter the size.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Au revoir!

YOU HAVE QUESTIONS?  You can read more info — and contact me — on my colourful website 

Steven Blake – Community Member Profile

Hi, I’m Steven Blake,

Allow me to introduce myself and partner Trudy. We are fascinated with helping the human mind and body work in harmony. There are two main areas of our work: The removal of pain and helping people overcome major and life-limiting anxieties. We have trained in many different healing modalities which we combine to produce effective and long-term answers to pain and anxieties.

Trudy and Steven

Trudy and Steven

The removal of physical pain may sound and look miraculous when observed in a demonstration. The reality is we have simplified a method which many have found complicated to explain. We have developed an approach where we teach the body’s resources to correct a message that is no longer required – which is all that old pain is! For a detailed demonstration click on this link: demonstration to see OldPain2Go in action. In this instance, we watch the removal of pain and swelling from a client with arthritis. The method is called BrainBargaining, a term I created to describe how to gently persuade the unconscious mind to turn off old and unnecessary defensive programs. Our work helps people understand themselves so that healing can take place quickly, safely and be sustainable.

I give talks at most of the events I attend; my presentation explains my work using a mixture of facts, examples and teachings, combined with comedic observations on how life works or doesn’t! The audience is sure to enjoy our time together. I weave a little audience participation and leave time for questions toward the end of the talk. It is both encouraging and rewarding when people tell me how the talk has benefitted and changed their lives.

Steven's Insightful Talk

Steven’s Insightful Talk

Incidentally, at the shows and events, our stand is an information point. The visitor will be under no pressure or sales pitch. Both Trudy and I will be able to offer explanations of our work and methods. There is no hard sell; you will be able to talk with freedom and depth about the issues which cause concern and discord. Compassion and understanding are paramount to our work; you will discover genuine empathy and patience. To give you an idea of our integrity; we recently consolidated our promotional materials to reflect the overall nature of our business, which is to remove pain – both physical and emotional. Follow this link to my website – The heart of our work is to deal with the core issue, not just the presenting symptoms. This can take longer than the time slots we could give at events for treatments, so we no longer provide tasters or quick fixes as this does not demonstrate a genuine nature of our work.

I have helped hundreds of people overcome their major anxieties over the last six years – typically in just one session. Many testimonials can be read at this link: My Testimonials – We are proud of our achievements, and it is entirely due to our continuing success that we have ventured into providing a further way of finding freedom from the challenging aspects of modern life.

Pain Free - Demonstration

Pain Free – Demonstration

While attending the Lincoln event, I met Trudy, the love of my life. The empathy of love and kindness was immediately recognised, and within a few months, we began working together. Trudy has attended most of the events with me since November 2014. It is a great feeling to have gained friends and colleagues through our work; we are indeed thankful for this additional aspect to our endeavors. Many of the people we have helped over the years, stop and talk about their progress and how their lives have become transformed from discord to comfort.

I provide training for practitioners in OldPain2Go either in group workshops or individually. This can be achieved worldwide over Skype. (there are now 38 practitioners worldwide, UK, New York, Canada, Netherlands, and soon in Australia) Below are five successful students after qualification.
Training OldPain2Go Students

Training OldPain2Go Students

Trudy and I share a home with peace and love. We call it “SanctuaryMuch” as a tongue in cheek nod of gratitude to abundance we receive in our lives. Some time ago we decided to open its doors to people who are looking for respite and calm from the conflicts of our modern world. It is the perfect place to stay when you need to get away from the stresses of life. Visit our website to discover a real haven of peace: SanctuaryMuch Website . Each room is ensuite, the kitchen, sun lounge, exercise equipment, garden and even a pair of bikes are available for the use of our visitors. We refer to our home as “The place to Be when life’s a B”. Guests often book treatments while staying with us and many who travel for treatments stay overnight to enjoy their ‘moment’ before returing home. It is easy to enjoy a peaceful break of calm, and remember we are in the background if there is anything you wish to know about our work. During training courses students find it beneficial to stay with us, the courses seem to have more depth because of the stronger connections to us their tutors. Of course, many visitors use “SanctuaryMuch” as a base when visiting locally and we are central to some wonderful countryside and historical attractions. You can book either directly with us or through AirBnB: Booking Link Here

When visiting a show where we are attending, seek us out, and we can talk in confidence with no obligation or pressure. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like and we will guide you with openness and respect. You will find us to be patient, amiable, and caring. Our work is to build a lifetime of mutual happiness with our clients.

Love Always, Steven and Trudy

Policy of Fairness

Liz Clark

Liz Clark

A question about stand prices:

‘Do you give any concessions?’
‘No, each Community Member pays the same rates for their genre.’

Here is the explanation

In the years we stood at shows, we were aware of stallholders receiving concessions. Some stood for no payment, and in reality, those who were paying for their pitch were paying for their competition to stand for no charge. Competition? Yes, when a venue is stacked ceiling high with as many exhibitors as possible the show is out of balance and the thriving exhibitors trade on the stall fees of the unsuccessful. For example – there is no way every reader can succeed when there is 20 of them in the room. Fill a hall with six jewellery stalls, and they will struggle to cover the overheads. How far do I need to expand on the reality of the situation? To counter this issue we offer a sensible balance of Community members to the visitors and the entry fee is gauged to encourage people to visit the show.

Community members have two viewpoints. Some feel if the venue is filled with the gunnels the show will attract more visitors; others prefer the idea of exclusivity. We attempt to balance the numbers relevant to the visitors. As the months have passed we see a steady increase in visitors and a growing number of people wishing to join the Community. There is no danger of us having to give concessions to fill the venues. The Community lists will go onto the website in late December, and the number of attendees is impressive.

The difficulty is diminishing returns; which is a vicious circle we will not allow to occur at LizianEvents. The situation begins with stall holders continually losing money. They become reticent to stand at a show. Behind the scenes, a venue is booked the show must go on, or the prepayments need to be returned. At some marker the organiser sees the show will be poorly attended, he hits the email lists and offers cheap stands to fill the gaps. The problem is compounded when exhibitors desire the same rate at subsequent events.

The venue may be full, but its full of people who have paid different amounts of their stalls, and those who have paid concessions are often indifferent or not 100% committed to the weekend. Concessions do not work and in the long term damage the exhibitors who pay their share. The problem is a dripping tap, and over a period the damage becomes irreversible.


We receive the occasional email from ‘celebrities’ who ask us for money to give talks at our events. They intimate their presence will enhance our reputation and footfall. One asked for 700 pounds. The standard rate paid by television production companies is 275 and that is for well-known celebrities, so, we decline their offers. LizianEvents will not pay one penny for someone to talk at the shows. Why would we? We have 100 members of The Community to call upon, and each one has paid their contribution to the venue. If they wish to present a seminar to their visitors, they have paid for their right to give the talk.

A few exhibitors believe they attract people to the show and ask for free or concession stalls. They delude themselves; the only people drawn to the event are those who like their wares or services. Their groupies have little interest in other exhibitors. This practice damages the infrastructure of events, because, when paying exhibitors hear of the concession they become (rightfully) disgruntled. Exhibitors who ask us for freebies are turned down and not who asked to stand without charge applied to become a Community Member. We are pleased this is the outcome of our policy.


In the same vein, I am asked if charity stands receive concessions. The answer is we do not give concessions to charity stands. Why not? The first reason is we already give to our chosen charity. Our profits are used to benefit The Community with better facilities such as video and audio used for promotion of their work. When asked, most Community Members confirm they are happy with this policy. They are generous people who give to their chosen cause, and we feel this is the best approach regarding charity concessions.

All Equal

All Equal

LizianEvents work to benefit The Community. We make choices based on sound business practice, this is essential to keep us financially buoyant. We will continue to reinvest in our shows and The Community. We are not here for short-term gain, we as here to grow a substantial reputation for integrity and quality. Our Community makes the shows, and they can be certain of transparency of ethic and ethos. We believe it is essential for anyone who has an interest in our progress to understand how and why we make our choices.

When we use the word Community, it is not because it ‘sounds’ like a good idea. Most of us realise that together we have a solid foundation where we can all prosper. An essential goal must be for The Community Members to attend shows in the knowledge they will cover their overheads and enjoy profit for their efforts. Do not hold on to the idea that spiritual means there is an inevitable sacrifice. This is an outmoded concept and one which must be resisted. Our events are named Well Being Shows for a good reason; it is our desire for visitors to discover different aspects of becoming a Well Being. We will do whatever it takes to give our visitors the best experience.

See You Soon


Burn Out

Burn Out

Imagine old-fashioned scales. Imagine the dishes balanced and level. This is a simple representation can be used in meditations to adjust the ‘Scales of Stress’.

If we coax the mind into happiness, look after it, encourage it to be content, magic happens. The previous article touched on the idea of slowing down time. In this article, we consider using meditation to control stress. The ‘Scales of Stress’ is a simple meditation which can have the most profound effects. We will visit the meditation toward the end of the essay. Before we do so let’s consider the different aspects of the problem.

Most of us accept stress is a contributory factor to illness. Therefore, learning to dissolve stress is a worthwhile exercise. There are many ways to deal with stress, and two avenues to explore are –

Methods which deal with the stress as it occurs.
Strengthen the inner being to the degree that stress fails to affect our lives.

Searching the internet offers many solutions which work well. However, a significant question to ask is what the most effective method of learning the different techniques is? The suggestion or answer is to use meditation to ‘prepare’ the mind to cope with stress or dissolve the stress.

Let’s return to the idea of the ‘Scales of Stress’. If we were asked to draw the scales as a representation of stress how would they look? It is probably one side of the scales would be higher than the other. During the meditation, you will be guided to adjust the scales to the point of equilibrium.

Here is a brief synopsis of the meditation. We prepare to meditate and think about one specific method of dealing with stress. At the beginning of the reflection, we consider the unbalanced scale. During the meditation, we focus on the technique and how it can be used. At the end of the meditation, the scales are aligned and balanced.

The first meditations mantra is simple ‘I do have the choice to control all situations. I can decide to deal with the situation or close the situation down’. This is a monumental stepping stone to dealing with any stressful situation and one which has the power to influence outcomes. Imagine any situation you have encountered stress and ask how the solution changes if you said ‘We will work through this or I will close it down and allow the issue to find its solution’. If people fail to compromise or work to find a solution the latter choice is made. With the issue now ‘frozen’ there is time to work on the essential factors of life.

This simple meditation has other positive aspects connected to the idea. For example, we may decide to allow a friend to sift through their issues ‘I can only help if you meet me more than halfway. If you cannot show an intention to overcome your problem I cannot help you’. Of course many will disagree with this attitude. And yet, a large percentage of worries stem from concerns about the problems which friends and family have created. We do have a responsibility to assist our fellow humans, however, there IS a cutoff point. The mantra ‘I do have the choice to control all situations. I can decide to deal with the situation or close the situation down’ is an incredible meditation. It covers many sources of stress.

The reader could try the meditation after reading the article. All we need to do is:-

Think about the mantra: ‘I do have the choice to control all situations. I can decide to deal with the situation or close the situation down’ for a few moments.

Sit in a comfortable chair there is no need to be concerned about the external environment.

Close your eyes and think of the balance one dish higher than the other.

Now allow the mantra to become the focus of attention ‘I do have the choice to control all situations. I can decide to deal with the situation or close the situation down.’

After four to five minutes considering the scales in equilibrium for around thirty seconds. Take two or three deep breaths and continue with the day.

There is no need to think about the aspects of the meditation or how it will help you to cope with stressful situations. However, the potential to make positive changes are within the meditation. When it becomes part of a meditational routine, the benefits are incredible. This writer rarely becomes stressed with any situation: and on the rare occasion when I feel an inner tension: I will close my eyes and see the symbol of the scales. I can visualise the scales being readjusted, and my inner-being understand the power of the mantra ‘I do have the choice to control all situations. I can decide to deal with the situation or close the situation down’.

Earlier I wrote: –  ‘Therefore, learning to dissolve stress is a worthwhile exercise. There are many ways to deal with stress, and two avenues to explore are –

Methods which deal with the stress as it occurs.
Strengthen the inner being to the degree that stress fails to affect our lives.’

This meditation deals with two important aspects of stress. The astute reader will ask how this meditation solves problems. The answer is it cannot solve any problem. Problems and worries require those involved to face realities and truth. There is need to compromise and embellish fairness and integrity. This is how all concerns are resolved. The difficulty is many people work solely to their agenda and bully their way into getting what is best for them. In the days when trade unions fought for the rights of the worker, their weapon was to ‘strike’. Unfortunately, this was abused, and they ruined the business which fed them. The institution called government legislated against the union and power of the strike because they realised how powerful a weapon it had become.

This power is still available to individuals, and it can utilise in the mantra ‘I do have the choice to control all situations. I can decide to deal with the situation or close the situation down’ – Consider what would happen if you had the inner strength to say ‘I have a life of happiness to enjoy. If there is no answer to this source of stress I choose to allow those who create it, live with stress’. The point is this; illness is directly related to stress. Do you need anything within your life which causes the body to become sick?

The Power of Meditation

Millions of words are written about meditation. Forgive me for making another contribution to this aspect of being a Well Being. There are many different ideas, how and why’s of this simple process. Let’s see if a simple guide to meditation can be condensed into a thousand words. First some questions and answers.

Q. Is meditation a process?
A. Everything we do has a process.

Q. Does meditation have a benefit?
A. Meditate often and feel the benefit.

Q. Is meditation difficult?
A. If you can think you can meditate.

‘At the most basic level during the process of meditation: all we need to do is sit or lay in a comfortable position: close the eyes and think about one specific question’.

Some will disagree advocating the only way to meditate is to sit in an upright position. I suggest we do whatever is comfortable. The more natural anything is to practice, the more likely we are to continue with the practice.

‘During meditation, the mind will drift, when it does, gently bring the attention back to the specific question. The objective is not to hold attention for extended periods of time’.

Again this will agitate those who feel the objective is to hold the focus of attention on a mantra. Some believe meditations purpose is to heighten one’s awareness and allow deep or profound thoughts to become awakened. There is no hard or fast reason to meditate, in the early stages, the objective of gentle relaxation will have far-reaching benefits to the meditator.

‘One purpose of meditation is to settle the mind and find calm.’

Few would argue with this comment. The ability to calm the mind is a majestic life skill. There is little doubt people who meditate are calmer individuals. The key to understanding meditation is to think about the influence of time. Indeed the idea of time is worthy of contemplation, so, we will begin with this focus point.

Set a part of the day for your meditation. You will only need five minutes at most and if you cannot find five minutes in a day your life requires assessment. The two most useful moments of the day are just after awakening and as we drift to sleep. At this time the brain wave cycle is in the alpha wave. The brain is ‘cycling’ at 7.5 cycles per second; this is acknowledged as the best wave-length for learning and creativity. Find a suitable time and stick to the schedule: five minutes each day for a week. Only plan week to week, before long, daily meditation will become an everyday pleasure. Over time you may decide to meditate three or four times each day. Keep this idea flexible; once a day is fine, allow the inner-being chose.

Prepare by thinking about the contemplation. In this instance think about slowing down the moving second hand of a watch or clock. There is no need to be able to visualise the hand slowing down. The mind can understand the meaning of the instruction. Those who can envision should create a clock with a second hand sweeping around the face. As the second-hand moves around the face, it becomes slower and slower. This is the preparation for the meditation.

The Meditation

The purpose of this meditation is to be able to slow down the perspective of time. It is an efficient way of enhancing decision making especially during conversation or negotiation. The elegant aspect is there is no need to meditate on anything more complicated than imaging the slowing down of the second hand of a time face. After following this mediation for two or three weeks, the pupil may discover his contemplation extending longer than the allotted five minutes. This is a real-time shifter and can be used whenever the need arises to find calm in a pressure situation.

After The Meditation

If the chosen time is waking hours take two deep breaths and either sit or stand up, say these words in your mind ‘My meditation is over, it has calmed my mind and body’. Then continue to your day. If your chosen time is before sleep allow yourself to drift into sleep, trust your mind to work in your best interests and discover the power of pure meditation.

I meditate on awakening – during the day – and before sleep. After so many years of short meditation; I can quickly enter an instantaneous state of absolute peace. Whether travelling on a local bus or across the Atlantic the place is of no importance. I can only think of three situations where I have lost my temper in fourteen years. I can think of no situation which has affected my inner-being in any way during this time. The reason for the inner calm is short meditation and the ability to ‘switch on’ this inner peace whenever needed.

Incidentally, if there is a situation where an answer is evasive the evening meditation is simple ‘Guide me during my rest to find a simple solution to this issue’. This meditation has never let me down, not once. Remember, I have used this short method of meditation for nearly a decade and a half, do not think you will have this type of benefit after three weeks. The time shift meditation is revisited two or three times each week. Other meditations focus on restricting waste of any kind, integrity, happiness and long-term security. These would make excellent titles for future articles in the future.

In conclusion: Once we learn to control mind time, the perspective of time grows, and this benefits all choices we make. The inner mind works in a slower and more deliberate pace relevant to the external environment. This is a real time-shifter: and can be used whenever the need arises to find calm in a pressure situation: all that is needed is to think ‘I will slow down time in this situation ‘ And while the external world continues at sixty seconds to the minute: you inner mind will function at 120 -180 seconds to the minute. Those who dispute this phenomenon may have experienced or listened to people who say after an accident or traumatic experience ‘My whole world slowed down’ or ‘Everything seemed to be in slow-motion’. The mind can see time shift, and this phenomenon can be learned to use to our advantage.

See You Soon

Interested In This Work? Try This Book

Cog in The Clock

Our work is about providing people with options. The choices are positive and can be used to benefit the life experience. Over the next few days, I will be writing about methods which can provide different ways of looking at life. There is no claim the ideas are definitive. The views are food for thought nothing more.

We are always looking for articles and contributions to The LizianEvents News. If you have an idea which you feel people will find interesting why not get it out to our 150+ daily readers? As each week passes the number of readers is increasing, so, anyone who contributes to the regular articles will make visitors more aware of their work. The momentum is gaining pace, and the uniqueness of LizianEvents cannot be disputed. The Community are coming to realise this is a platform where they can develop their potentials.

Cog in The Clock

We sometimes feel stagnation, when this happens, it may be best to appraise personal environments. It is an unfortunate trait of the human that we are never satisfied with our lot. If humans could accept living a comfortable life is not tricky life would change. The choice to live in comfort or not is straightforward enough: we make it: and follow the decision. Humans become part of a problem or not; they can become within another individuals issues or not. They can make it clear their life and the life of their family is the priority.Everything is a choice: If the choice were made to be satisfied with our capabilities and achievements what would change?

Why do some need to possess the same lawn mower as the next door neighbours when their 30 years old machine works just fine? Millions of people wear designer clothes when Primark’s cheap clothes are fit for purpose. Cherry sees her sister Millie has everything in life and she has nothing. Millie is a pathologist and Cherry a shop worker. Millie stayed at home and studied. Cherry went out with friends and enjoyed her teenage years.

The last paragraph establishes the weakness of many humans (Millie types excepted). They need and desire and wish to do as little as possible to attain the desire. Apple and Galaxy know this very well indeed: They offer better and more sophisticated methods of communication with every upgrade to their phones. Do the majority of people need the upgrades? Of course, they do not, although, they are lead to believe they need the phone and its apps. I feel the need to own is associated with the need to store food. It is the same as excessive eating or compulsive collecting. Somewhere in the collective unconscious is an ingrained habit of hoarding and possession. This need is understood by advertising and marketing organisations, and the unwary can be caught in their net.

Millions of us have a fair standard of living and are in control of each aspect of our environment. Yes, there will be occasions when we question our existence, although, we are grateful for what we have. Unfortunately, the individual who feels restricted or stagnated is influenced by the ‘need’ trait. They look outward for ideas or help for a situation which may not exist. The situation that may not exist is one of perceived success ‘Am I successful?’ ‘Do people see me as successful?’ ‘Have I achieved enough?’ ‘Does he love me?’ are indicators of ‘need’.

As they look at other peoples perceived affluence they decide to follow or emulate the success. Instead of looking carefully at ways to improve what they have, the choice is made to copy the method of the successful. It is a process which never works. In fact, copying and emulation are almost guaranteed to end in disaster. We should consider marketing executives know and take advantage this point and use it each day of the year. Their implication is: ‘We will find the solutions, we will provide answers’ It is worth considering if there were any problems, to begin with. Is this why people buy the information technology to store the information needed to live a ‘normal’ life? Truth to tell our lives are not as complicated as we would like to believe or indeed the institutions would like us to think.

The moment we look to discover our ‘purpose’ or search for ‘success’ we search in vain. This writer believes we are our achievement; how we live our lives is the acknowledged by those who know us as either good, indifferent, or evil. With this in mind, the suggestion is this: to hone and live in the best way possible is enough to be a success. Becoming a success can only be achieved in our way; we cannot emulate another, it is not possible. In fact, this idea is accurate in many facets of our lives, from personality to business.

We return to the suggestion that to emulate or copy another will fail: The explanation for the failure is found in the mechanism of a wind-up watch. There are many designs of watch ‘movements’ each one has advantages over another. From Timex to Rolex and hundreds in between the choice is incredible. One fact should be remembered, the difference between a Grand Prix movement and a Chinese million a year copy is probably only three seconds in the hour.

Take the wheel out of the Grand Prix de Geneva mechanism and place it in the Chinese fake in the hope the will tell better time can never work. The fake will stop. It does not matter how close the little wheels seem to look; the cheap copy will not be the same. In the same way, deciding to take something which seems to work well for Mr Rich, may slow down or stop the methods used every day by Mr Poor.

In conclusion: When we feel ‘out of sorts’ or within ‘doubt’ the possible way out is to focus on what we have which is good. There is no point in concentrating for very long on situations which are restrictive or cannot change. There is a good reason to think carefully about the things we do well and our successes. We may be three or four seconds from perfect, however, we function well enough with small inaccuracies.

No doubt change is good. However, we have to be aware of our environment. Change for the sake of change can take us into deeper waters. There are times when we feel out of sorts or life is restrictive and in these situations, we look for alternatives. Before making changes think how to improve the present situation. Remember the cog in the clock, taking the methods of a genius, can often be the worst of possible choices.

Interested in this work? Try This Book

See You Soon