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Well Being Part Two

Inner Strength

Inner Strength

When the mind is clear, and there are no external debt pressures it becomes easier to concentrate on emotional aspects of life. How so? We accept material problems cause stress. My opinion is the moment we enter into debt the inner being senses the long-term commitment. The commitment is often restrictive and continues for many years. For two examples; consider the possibility loans imprison people into jobs they do not like, and trap others in relationships they would prefer to leave. Some people subject themselves to situations like this and consequently lead desperate and unhappy existences.

Our emotions seem to control many foolish choices and are directly influential to material decisions. I comment to my friend ‘Do you need a newer car?’ she answers ‘I like the feeling of prestige’ that’s fine, although I know she is running close to the limit of her resources. Notice the important word in her reply: it is: ‘feeling’.

Her emotions are controlling her choices, and there is a real danger of problems ahead. Although I like my friend, I am not her keeper, whatever she does is her concern. I would not comment ‘I told you so’ or lose a seconds sleep if she is heading into heavy seas.

The choice is this: do we allow the intellect to control emotions or emotions to control the intellect? My friend has always preferred the latter. As a consequence, she has entered difficult situations without thought and paid the price later. I would suggest if she learned how to think with well-defined reason, the problems encountered would be few, if any at all. Anyone who takes time to learn to think with critical assessment will soon have control over their emotions. This is not to say their character and personality will change. The concept suggests an ability to control situations and not allow false intuitive choices to be made. Of course, very few people can achieve this goal! I’m still learning about critical observation.

The ability to learn to control one’s emotions should be considered. This idea is often countered with ‘I cannot change the way I am’ or ‘This is a family trait’. The theory of family traits is flawed. There are many millionaire business people, world celebrities, national figures who have suicidal children, poverty-stricken siblings and atrocious parents. Excuses are as easy to make and habit forming. What if’s and ‘it’s all the managements fault’ are the blindfolds to the truth of many sources of discord. Every excuse is formulated from an emotive perspective. When someone is in trouble, they look for reason or blame. To gain allies the game is to evoke emotive sympathy. Once this methodology is used a few times, it becomes the only way of dealing with a problem.

Emotions can be the driving force of the proverbial wheel of fortune. I listened to two young girls talk about a relationship. ‘I don’t need relationship’ the other answered ‘I cannot be without a partner’ As I thought about the connotation or the two sentences I was reminded that people do ‘need’ other people. Although, as we become older our understanding of relationships is more enlightened. The caveat to this comment is understanding relationships is a very difficult indeed. However, it is clear that people who have a common purpose and objective, are happier than those who live life from day to day.

The emotional aspect of well being is enhanced when we can think about the reality of any situation. If someone continually hurts us or we continuously hurt them, we cannot love or care for them. Happiness is hard gained and requires acceptance of our faults. This can result in the pain of emotional discord which is why many people avoid the cathartic exercise. Again, an active balance of intellectual and emotional thinking helps us in the quest to discover peace. From my viewpoint, there is a constant reflection on the material, intellectual and emotional aspects of my existence. If there is a problem, I will deal with it no matter how hard the method needed to return the status quo. The reader should understand I will take any course needed to rectify a situation. Even if the solution costs time, money or effort, there is no baulking away the inevitable.

Do not feel my words are fixed solutions which will work for everyone. The suggestion is a human who wishes to become a ‘Well Being’ could consider three primary aspects of their existence. The material, emotional, and intellectual and with careful attention to each one they will live a balanced life. The ways to achieve this end are discovered in this and the previous essay. Agreed these are only seeds of ideas and require a significant degree of determination to see results. With this in mind, we should accept, if the objective is to become a Well Being then life or existence may not be perfect. Many people fail to realise if they are unhappy, looking for reasons for the problem is not always the answer. This article suggests seeking ways to live life well and with integrity will overwhelm many restrictive issues and worries.

In the first part of this article, the word cornerstone is used and I have only written about three corners. To stabilise the article we consider the fourth aspect. It is embodied in the word ‘creativity’. When combining the three previous considerations, the mind will become creative. Every problem, objective, idea, suggestion or proposal has material, intellectual and emotional viewpoints. Most people only consider their Well Being as a group of issues or ideas to be navigated. When one takes the holistic approach, solutions are discovered and the world of possibilities changes to a world of probabilities.

The human race is not in a race. It is at a standstill. There are few people who can make a difference to the external environment. Those who could hang onto their beliefs without regard to the millions who are desolated by their stagnated minds. My feeling is those who understand the imperative need to become a Well Being are indifferent to those who feel there are saviours around the corner. There is a saviour in all of us; it is our mind which contains our thoughts. Those who control their thoughts – Control their destiny and become a Well Being.

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How to achieve Well Being

Inner Strength

Inner Strength

How to achieve Well Being

This weekend’s articles will cover the idea of becoming a clear-minded and healthy human being. I write from personal perspectives. The views are my own and should not be considered as definitive. The reader may dismiss the thoughts out of hand or embellish one idea or more. This is a personal choice, and it is suggested this article is read with an open-minded attitude.

Openminded Attitude

I have studied the process of critical thinking for over eight years. The word critical has two meanings 1) To criticise or find fault. 2) To analyse or evaluate. It should be made clear that my studies are focussed on the process of evaluative thought. Many people believe they have an open-minded attitude when in fact their actions demonstrate their inherent weakness of bias and discrimination. For example, John acts in a way which is against William’s beliefs. William is not directly affected by the actions or choices, he does not like them, and therefore he demeans John’s actions.

A critical thinker watches the situation and looks at the two people. He will delve deeply into their history and circumstances. Before long he can evaluate their relative opinions. Now the trick is this; the critical thinker is impervious to either John or William’s view. He accepts the world thrives on different ideas, beliefs and attitudes. The critical thinker also knows it is futile to attempt to change or persuade them in differing directions. The critical thinker can, of course, demonstrate his ideas and accepts without reservations only a few people may be interested.

We are not as important as we believe ourselves to be and this is a complicated truth many find difficult to grasp. From my perspective, there is little interest in those who do not help themselves. There is no concern for gripers, or moaners because they seem to have a problem of acceptance. The people or situations they moan about are very often successful or beneficial to other people. So, William complains to all who will listen to his opinion of John’s actions. And truth to tell, John’s esteem and reputation are lowered because people see him as a child.

To encourage an open-minded attitude which is developed in the fertile ground of critical thought is the first stage of my quest for wellbeing. Clarity of thought is a well-focused lens which allows us to have an unbiased approach to all encountered. For examples: I haven’t the slightest concern for anyone who criticises’s my work. It is their right to their opinion, and I accept we all have different viewpoints. With the same line of thought, there is zero concern for those who dislike me: because their loathing indicates my control over them. Control? Yes, if my words or actions drive someone to dislike me, I must control them, I control their thoughts. This is why I dislike no one, no one at all. If someone attempts to damage me, I talk about their words and discuss their actions. This is a powerful and efficient way of controlling anyone who wishes to ruin my reputation.

Conscience and Material Security

The reader is given an insight into why my inner judge never troubles me. Inner Judge? The ‘Inner Judge’ is also known as conscience and it reminds us of what is right and wrong. Clear and precise thought, fair and reasonable attitude, honesty and integrity. These are the words which are the warp and weft of the fabric of truth. I think about the actions and interactions of each day. I ask before the daily journal is written a simple question ‘How could I have made my journey easier?’ The ability to think with clarity is the first of the cornerstones which supports my wellbeing.

The second is material security. For me the way to is simple to explain ‘live within my means’. There is no need to impress anyone or prove we have great riches. Wealth is nothing unless it is believed to be an indication of greatness. Big house, small house, who cares? If it isn’t your property then so what? Big car or heap of junk: who cares? If they are not yours then so what?

Should we become entrenched in the values of other people? A diamond is a piece of carbon which when cut sparkles. An excellent wine is of no use if you are dehydrated. A wardrobe of Chanel clothes cannot feed the bankrupt. The Picasso paints on canvas nothing more. I see beauty in a small quartz point, enjoy cold spring water, wear old jeans, and Alice’s painting of a robot is priceless. The more we realise wealth is the simplest of gifts, the less burdened we become of the idea that wealth in some way signifies achievement.

The way of all humans is to be influenced by temptation. The Porsche motorcar, fast motorcycle, Leica camera, these were my desires. Today they are passing acknowledgements of foolishness, indications of closed-minded thinking. Unless you are super rich and can purchase outright buying any luxury on credit is a dangerous game. The downfall of many people is the need to attain recognition through acquisition. A mind which uses critical thinking is never stifled by this restriction.

An ability to live within one’s means is a hard-fought life choice. We have to be strong enough to overcome the traps of institutions, society and establishment. Each has designs which can make false impressions in one’s mind. We need to think carefully about the way outside influence effect each day of our lives. Many have no respect for the money they earn, and the establishment’s and business need to relinquish the fool of his money. Take the idea of bottled water: The cost of a bottle of water is a pound, buy one bottle each day, and in a year you have spent 365 pounds. It all adds up to colossal amounts of money. Those who are without debt live can live a more comfortable existence this is a simple fact accepted by millions of humans

In conclusion, the first two considerations of well being are intellectual and material. The two ideas blend and benefit their respective purpose. The clear thinking human can overwhelm any hurdle. The materially secure individual has fewer, far fewer problems which are the source of worry and anxiety. Many people seek a cure for the malady when they would fair better if they understood the reason for the problem.

Part Two Tomorrow