Friday, January 17, 2020
Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 12.01.20 - Time flies! We are a third through the month already and only five weeks to go before the first Newark Well Being Show. There are sixty confirmed Community Members standing,...
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It is evident she loved her work and connecting to the ’spirit world’. Her message is the spirit world is a safe place to connect to and enjoy. There is a reference to imagined dangers. She writes; people’s fears are manifest by inaccurate thoughts; often instilled by the imagination of the ignorant. Ida writes about certain methods of protection from ‘misguided spirits’. Interestingly she writes about how to protect from the negative influence of living people. Do not be surprised if you begin to like Ida very much indeed.
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I am not saying the journey was easy. We all have unexpected hurdles to overcome. I am writing that life is sometimes uncertain, and accepting the situation is one of the ways to move forward. Today the way I view life has turned around. Anyone who feels trapped on a treadmill does have alternatives. When I train people in alternative therapies, there is an understanding that the students are becoming more aware of their whole life. The healer learns to heal their own life; this is an amazing experience.
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Rick has a brilliant stage presence and is building an enviable reputation for his work. His articles have been read over 9000 times here on LEN. There is no doubt in our minds Mr Rick...
Dave Elliott MAR - Based in Nottingham, David is a Clinical Reflexologist registered with AOR (Association of Reflexologists), CHNC (giving treatments through Health Insurance providers) and covered with Public Liability Insurance. He can always be found...
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A lot of people will use December 31st as a closure point and January 1st as an opener, the line "new year new me" can often be heard being recited by the optimistic amongst us. We start with much energy and dedicate ourselves to making things work, January will see massive uptake of new ventures, car parks at gyms are full, diet clubs oversubscribed. Further education, courses are also often sought to prove to oneself the evolution of self. All very positive and then around the third week of January it starts to feel more like the year before.
Anyone who suspects they have unexplained problems with their homes, or ‘feel’ there is ‘something wrong’ with the structure or land. Or can relate to this introduction should consider this kit. Employing a Geopathic Stress Expert is an expensive proposition. The key to my research is this; we know our home and environment, who is better to repair the Geopathic Stress damage? There is, of course, the question of the workplace. I see no reason why the method should not be used to repair Geopathic Stress in this situation; after all, the builders and placement of the building were not done by the inhabitants.
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Lady Eastwood has space for me to try a new approach to how the tables will be set out. And sorry, I’m not giving any hints to the format. However, I’ve every confidence Visitors will like this. Community Members may take a little time to get used to the planned changes. Still, you know we want evolution, and evolution is very much part of the future of The Well Being Shows.
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I see all people as having the capability to do good and help those around them. It does not matter what the situation, a kind word or offer of help can put someone on the road to recovery. Few people listen these days. However, when listening to the problems of a friend or stranger, we could help them find answers to issues. This 'searching' is the bedrock of my clinical and spiritual work. My intention and desire is to help people to find ways to live a life of security and peace.
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Today's article is an interview recorded with Dave Harper at The Nottingham Well Being Show. Dave is the immensely popular powerhouse of The Simon Goodfellow brand. And It is my feeling Simon has forged a unique...
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Many of our Community Member choose to have their talks recorded during the shows and events. The archive has become a popular iTunes site visited by many hundreds of people each month. Philip Underwood's talks...
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You see, Liz and I do not see business as profit-driven. Our feeling is, mutual success is more rewarding and, in the long term, more secure. Certainly, the next three years are driven toward growth and expansion. Our partnership with Barrie John is only the beginning of partnership agreements. We see immense strength in working with people who see the long-term picture. This is why the new Connectivity Connected Shows have so much potential: Because those involved understand to become established requires years of learning and dedication.
A New Year Thought - During the early stages of mental illness, there are ways of self-help. Mental illness has many degrees of sickness ranging from anxiety to chronic psychosis. Many health professionals feel there...
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Good exhibitor speakers draw crowds, but at no extra cost to organisers. This is where practices diverge. Some organisers even charge speakers to speak, on the basis that the organiser is providing the audience and customers – the talk room being a virtual exhibition stand.