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John Harris
John Harris

Soul Awareness

We’ve all heard sayings such as “you’re selling your Soul” or “I’m searching for my Soulmate,” but do we actually connect with our Souls and understand who we are at a Soul level? Having intimate knowledge of who we are at Soul level is a beautiful thing and can help us in living a life of happiness and abundance.

A Soul Realignment® reading uncovers the knowledge about our Soul by accessing the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are like a vast Spiritual reference library that is accessed psychically. A Soul Realignment® reading will reveal, amongst other things, our Soul group and primary Energy Centres which provide us with our Divine nature and innate gifts. Yes, we all have innate gifts, we may not be aware of them because to us they are natural, so we tend to think everyone is the same – they are not! The information is personal and is something that only you may recognise deep inside, but anyone else may not because it has been hidden by years of human social conventions and ego.

The reading will also discover if there are any energetic blocks and restrictions from passed or present incarnations that are having a negative or challenging influence in this life, when they happened and why.

We live in a world of duality; light & dark, positive & negative, yin & yang, etc. We are also all energetic beings, and we receive our life force energy from Divine Source. Receiving energy from Divine Source enables us to have a life of abundance and happiness, to do this we must make choices in line with our Divine nature, this is seen as a positive choice. A choice against our Divine nature such as choices made through guilt, obligation, etc. takes us away from Divine source energy, and this is seen as a negative choice, too much of which leads to a life of unhappiness and lack. This may appear straightforward but in practice not as easy as we live in a world controlled by negativity and fear.

However, the important thing here is a choice. We all have freewill and choice; this gives us the power to create the life we want. With choice comes consequence and with power comes responsibility. So we are 100% responsible for our choices, consciously or subconsciously, nobody else. To blame anyone else is giving away our power. Although it may be difficult to comprehend and accept this any energetic blocks and restrictions that are present are there because we let it happen through a ‘negative’ choice.

The good news is that once any blocks or restrictions are uncovered, they can be cleared from our Akashic records. Then with our new knowledge, we can begin to make choices towards our Divine nature and access more energy from Divine Source and create the life we desire. If we decide not to do this that is fine, there is no judgement because we all have freewill. However new blocks and restrictions will begin to appear if we continue to make negative choices against our Divinity.

A Soul Realignment® reading provides a comprehensive protocol to access the Akashic records to provide accurate and relevant information. They are carried out remotely from you, all that is required is your permission and some necessary information to locate the correct person in the Akashic records. Once the reading has been completed, you are contacted and a suitable time and place is arranged to deliver the results, either in person, by phone or Skype.

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