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Nina And Her Book
Nina And Her Book

I’m Nina Roberts, a single mother of three grown up children. I am the youngest of six children and part of a beautiful multicultural family; my parents emigrated to England from Ceylon in 1950.

My first psychic experience was a somewhat terrifying moment. Watching my mother’s piano playing without a pianist is something never to be forgotten. Fortunately, my Aunt (a great medium and healer) intervened and took control of the situation; and spirit was directed to leave me alone until my sixteenth birthday. When this birthday arrived, two friends independently gave me packs of Tarot cards. A coincidence which was also an indication of things to come; it was a memorable day for another reason because the decks were immediately put to good use in the local bar. I exchanged ‘readings’ for a glass of wine!

Over the years I have come to realise the depth of my Aunts influence and teachings. She carefully guided during life on many aspects of my spiritual path and her guidance continues even though she is now in spirit. My cousin also influenced my work; she has guided and supported me for many years. It is important to recognise those who mentor us during our life lessons. There are people and spirits who love us and watch over our progress. Teaching people how to connect and listen to our mentors is very much part of my work.

A most valuable spiritual lesson to accept during life is this:-

‘The fact someone has a spiritual ability, does not make them a spiritual person.’ On many occasions over the years this simple phrase has been proven to be true. My experiences have led me to ask difficult questions: ‘What are we learning on our spiritual path and why do we search for the answers to the maze of questions?’

The quest developed into my book ‘It’s not all love and light’ – It guides the reader how to deal with and use negative experiences to enhance spiritual ability. There are chapters which also helps us look at how our motivations affect our behaviour, with careful self-appraisal we can subtly improve the person we have become. This is key to improving our connections to the Spirit World.

My mediumistic ability is very much part of my work with my clients. I aim to give people guidance in many facets of their lives. There is no problem with directing my client to alternative treatments and sources of information, anything from a book to a site of spiritual significance can help them in their progress. Indeed my forte is guidance and direction; it is important for us to open our eyes and discover our way and purpose. I can hold your spiritual hand, but I cannot force you to walk the path. I can show you ‘how’ you have to build the temple.

When working with a client, I receive help for the Spirit World, Universal Love and Earth Energies. I am not entirely focussed on the client ‘present’ life; there is a reference to past lives as well. This enables me to help people find purpose, discover the issues and situations which restrict progress and with this knowledge, we work together to release negative feelings and energies. My objective is for my client to leave with a sense of ‘Being’ and ‘Positivity.’

There is no judgement within my work. I believe we chose our life journey before we are born, all we sense, all we love, all we know accumulates within our souls.  I sometimes wonder if I listened to instructions while in Heaven! Sometimes I ask ‘Why me, did I choose this?’ On reflection, I know we all ask this question many times during our journey.

To teach another human to discover their gifts is a majestic process. My students will reach a high standard of mediumistic ability, and if they desire, the student can go on to ‘Platform Standard.’ During the lessons, students will have their self-perception challenged, as it is necessary to understand aspects which block spiritual and mediumistic development. For examples: Negative attitude, poor behaviour, a false persona, will all close the conduit between student and The Spirit World. Imagine this in another way; our inaccurate viewpoints, low esteem, restrictive moralistic values and ignorance of certain truth will close the connection. Learning how to explain the restrictions opens the link with Spirit.

Teaching is an honour and joy; guiding students to expand their gifts and watching their confidence and knowledge grow is like watching a golden sunrise. Watch people leave with a clearer understanding of their path and better knowledge of life purpose is all part of the work. And one day when they turn to help other my job as a teacher is over for the time being. The ripple effect of my students is felt as they teach others and continue with the quest for harmony and peace for all humankind.

As a teacher was heard to comment:-

‘I only teach teachers’

Nina’s best-selling book ‘It’s Not All Love & Light’ is described below:-

A Spiritual life is meant to be active and full of love, sadly sometimes the reality may not fulfil the promise. There is no doubt many spiritual people lose their way. Vindictiveness and gossip overwhelm their purpose and life. Bad situations happen to all of us: For examples bereavement, loss of a job, separation, these are part of life. And the spiritual human should be able to deal with this type of issue using their inner wisdom and truth. The sad situation is, some seem to forget their calling and resort to blaming other for their plights.

Having been a medium & spiritually aware for over 30 years, I have had many negative experiences from people who claim to be Spiritual! The behaviour ranges from being merely misguided to downright evil, with everything in between. My book considers the importance of working with Spirit without ego. The chapters guide the reader to understand what is happening when the teachings are ignored.

There are lessons to learn from painful events. For example: Observing the law or rule of Karma, realising right will always overwhelm wrong, selfishness restricts – generosity rewards. If we consider what happens to us is of little importance, how we react to and the lessons learned from the situation is what counts! My book will guide the reader from the perspective of facing the realities of our actions and thoughts.

Nina is professionally qualified in Counselling and Social Welfare. She works tirelessly on a voluntary basis helping people who have problems with Welfare Rights and Social Housing.


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