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This mornings Exhibitor Profile is about Stephanie Sparkles and her daughter Caitlin. I would ask anyone who loves esoteric art to review their work. It is unique and contains incredible spiritual symbolism. It is evident Stephanie is individual who cares for the World and her personal environment. This is reflected in her artwork, no wonder so many people have personal commissions painted. Remember, talking to an artist allows for a deeper insight into their work, the power of symbolism to benefit our inner- being should never be underestimated.

Hi, I am known as Stephanie Sparkles, a mum of four, and during my spare moments, I run Sparkles Artbook!

I have always loved creativity and art, and for most of my adult life, I have painted pictures and murals on any available wall. The link between our creative ability and the spiritual being is an amazing lesson. The way connections come to us, in the right way at the right time is evidence of the power of the energies which surround us.

For example, I became a Reiki Master and healer, further along, the way, I learned about sound and chakra healing. Chakra’s are vibrational wheels of energy within our bodies. These energy centres are most often represented by colours and have associations with sound. As we begin to think about the ‘whole’ of our learnings, pieces of the spiritual jigsaw fall into place. I’m not sure we see the whole picture at any time, we see what is needed at any one time. These small facets of ideas, strengths, fortitude and determination can help us overwhelm restrictive aspects of our life.

The combination of Reiki, artistic ability, studies of Charka and sound (vibrational) energy would come together to have a purpose. During meditations and healing sessions, my guides indicated I should paint. The call eventually became too powerful to ignore. Three years ago I realised the path my art would be taken along. My work was to hold many symbols of healing and spiritual awareness.

The medium is acrylic on canvas. I usually channel energy from the full moon, Angels and celestial entities. I am aware of Universal Reiki Energy flowing through my body and the materials used as the paintings evolve. Whenever I am commissioned, I work in close collaboration with my guides to channel a connection to the client. The finished work will contain imagery and symbolism of love, emotional strength, healing and spiritual rebalance.

I took the decision to educate my fifteen-year-old daughter Caitlin at home. Just over a year ago she began to paint with me, initially as a way of dealing with anxiety. Again we see the connections of choices we make coming together to benefit our lives. Education, to art, to coping with anxiety transformed my daughter. She has gone from strength to strength both in inner self and with her art, designs and techniques. Caitlin has become an accomplished artist, and she has already sold more than a few painting, she is looking forward to a successful artistic future.

Cait’s primary medium is spray paint, and her present focus is on space and galaxy inspired pieces. We are pleased to announce Caitlin’s foam love hearts imagery is now available printed on t-shirts, hoodies and mugs. You can meet Caitlin at the Lincoln Well-Being Show, and this will be her first exhibition of her work.

The way to succeed is patience, taking one step at a time. With this in mind, my business is being built with love and care. I began with FaceBook, and now I have an Esty Shop. I can be seen on Instagram and Snapchat. The picture below is linked to my FaceBook page…



  1. It’s so pleasing to see that you have found a direction, Steph. I know life throws some monster hurdles our way; rather late in life I’ve learned to sometimes go around rather than waste my energy jumping them. I don’t know whether you go around, over or just plough straight through, but you are always the same kind and heartful person however you do it.
    And now; applying yourself, Cait too, and producing some beautiful pieces, you have another outlet for your passson that others can share.
    You are a unique and beautiful person. Stay you.

    • Thank you so much for your unwavering support! It means so much to me and Caitlin. We hope you enjoy your new piece 🙂 xxx

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