To Share Is To Care

Every time we help another human we help ourselves. Now, this is not to say we should be on a daily mission to help every person on the Planet. We have to help ourselves before we consider the plights of others. If we do not, then we become the one in need of assistance.

This short essay is focussed on fifty-four people.  You can help them in the same way they can also help their cause. I am asking you to share information about The Lincoln Well-Being Show, where they will be exhibiting.  Every one of these people will have put hours of preparation and effort in readiness for the Show. And they need visitors to come and enjoy their Therapies, Gifts and Products.

For my part, I have worked to promote the show. News-Paper Advertisements – One thousand five hundred posted notifications – E-Mail outs (times) eight to 7200 verified addresses. I have a newspaper editorial. And of course relentless social media communications. The statistics are as follows – 2500 website page views – 5000+ WordPress reads, and by the day of the show 52 individual WordPress Posts. Ian and I will be able to walk the floor of the event and look every exhibitor square in the face – We have fulfilled our obligations and walked the extra mile.

Our overheads are covered, and we are already reinvesting the profits into the next shows. You will never hear tales of woe and despair. Our plan is long term, and there are  more avenues to follow. The reinvestment is, of course, beneficial to all of our community. For the moment there is no need for personal profit, we have returned every penny back into promotion, faster website speed, videos, images and information between the events. At some marker in time, we will reap the harvest of our work, having grown our reputation with all who work with us. And then we will expand with more exhibitors and faithful and loyal visitors, and the cycle begins again.

Make no mistake; this is the way we work, profit is ploughed back into the future. Ian and I are proud of our ethos, for it is an ethos born of the nature of our events. Yes, there is a clarity to our approach which some misinterpret as hardness. The doubt in their mind is of their creation. There are no ulterior motives. Now I have cleared the ‘air’ of speculation; we can return to the purpose of the essay.

I cannot reach out further, although another 500 post outs, further emails and social media campaigns will continue until the doors close on the evening of Sunday 11th. Help our exhibitors to have an excellent show. Clicking the ‘like’ button on your FaceBook Page is great, because it shows you are reading the posts. However, when you click the ‘SHARE’, you are making a statement about yourself. Because the ‘share’ informs friends about the issues, comments and situations, about which you care. In many instances, the ‘share’ demonstrates the desire to see other people succeed. You are saying ‘Look at this, it matters to me’ Whether it is our event, a friend’s birthday, asking for assistance or a morning sentiment which made you feel good. Sharing the post is seen by your friends as an indication of the things which matter to you.

Now, if one of your friends is an exhibitor, you will be helping them. I have already made myself clear; our overheads are covered. Yes, we will take some money to the door. However, that money will be reinvested as already mentioned. If no-one comes through the door, we will have covered overheads. The ‘Share’ is for your friends and the exhibitors. If you only click the ‘Share’ three times this week, you will make a difference.

If you are an exhibitor and you do not share, you are restricting potential sales and visitors to your show. I will go further: – A reader who chose’s not to share another readers ‘profile’ because of fear of losing trade, should think again. The same will be written for therapists, retailers and those who are holding workshops. Sharing another’s profile, even in the same genre, does not take anything away from your potentials. Share everything connected to your show. If you have 15 or 15 thousand friends and you attract a few of them also to share – Magic Will Happen – In fact, we could consider we have started a chain reaction. When we do this what will occur? I am confident you understand the full implications of this essay, read it with care and then habitually share.

The ‘share’ button to the right of the ‘like’ button is the RIGHT button to click.

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