Reputation Before Product

Update on previous ‘News Letters’

‘The Viper’ post received eleven shares and 350+ reads on this LizianEvents News page – Simply amazing – We learn from the comments; the essay resonated with many people. It would be worthwhile re-reading ‘’Walls Come Tumbling Down” which has a similar sentiment. The response to the two articles is evidence of the concern visitors, and community members have on the issue of malicious and mischievous individuals. For the time being, we will place them where they belong, in a room of the mind called ‘Of No Importance.’

Success Is In The Detail

Before continuing, I should point out the people mentioned in the next part of the essay are valued and respected friends. There is no bias; the lessons can be of benefit to all readers. No doubt the majority of us, will already know and use the principals about to be considered.

Working in the kitchen, left me no time to talk to visitors or community at Nottingham event. However, the ten minutes or so I did take ‘on the floor’ the atmosphere was electric. No doubt due to the determination toward the success of the community, by the community. Great feedback from visitors on each day and continuing days after the show indicate we are all heading toward a rewarding destination. It is brilliant, our community working with consistent effort to see their events succeed. Incidentally, there is something worth repeating:  Liz is particularly gratified each time a community member uses the words, our or my show. The words evidence the message of unification as accepted fact.

Carol and Campbell Wallace
Carol and Campbell Wallace

When someone is successful, or a business thrives, it is because of one word: – Integrity. Yes, there will be examples of the black sheep who deceive their way to short term illusion. And a few rogues who steal and become perceived as smart men. However, the majority of people who earn their own living are individuals of immense integrity. Integrity is: – Open-ness, working to clearly defined parameters, and financial acumen, the trio of essential requisites to success. Hard work is another factor although, effort needs to be carefully gauged. Many people fail to understand the ease of progress is an indication, they are following the right path.

We will return to Carol and Campbell. I zoom around the media pages and see what is happening. Don’t consider me a FaceBook addict; I’m not into scandal or intrigue, it’s the ace stories and life lesson’s which interest this writer. As I looked through my friend’s posts and acknowledgments I read testament to why and how they thrive in an incredibly competitive business: –

Catherine Telford reviewed Crystal Carols – 5 stars: –

‘I contacted Carol prior to attending a wellbeing event at Trowell, with regards to selenite ‘charging beds’. As promised, Carol brought a selection along and was so helpful & knowledgeable in answering my many questions (I’m pretty much a crystal newbie!). She did a great demo/ talk on chakra cleansing, clearly oozing enthusiasm for her gift. I shall certainly look out for you at future events! Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge. Very much appreciated x’

Read the relevant statement: “Thank you so much for passing on your knowledge.”

Crystal Carol’s Reply: – “
Ohh thank you for your lovely review x It was great chatting to you and have fun on your crystal journey. xx”

Catherine Telford follows up: -
”Well deserved, Carol! It’s wonderful meeting folk who are so passionate about what they do, and you were very patient while I made my choices! 
Thanks again….highly recommended.”

Read the relevant statement: “so passionate about what they do and you were very patient while I made my choices.”

Another comment: –

Hi Carol,
“Thank you so much for the info:
I was reading about nuummitte a few days ago and wondered if there might be some at the show, and there it was. It was one of those ‘I don’t want to put you down’ stones, so the fact that it turned out to be nuummite is an absolute bonus. Please say thank you very much to your hubby for his honesty and integrity in mentioning that it might not be nuummite; it was very much appreciated, having had a recent unfortunate experience from an unscrupulous seller (not at one of Lizian’s events I hasten to add).”

Read the relevant statement: “Please say thank you very much to your hubby for his honesty and integrity in mentioning that it might not be nuummite, it was very much appreciated.”

The point to remember is this: –

The review and testimonial are not focussed upon the purchase (it is mentioned) the ladies words are centred on, service, integrity, honesty and communication. There can be no doubt Carol and Campbell have secured new customers. More important is they will be recommended by the writers to other people. The lesson is, the price and product are irrelevant, the people who sell the product are the identity of the product. How So?

A friend comments: –

‘That’s a beautiful crystal. What is it?’
The answer will be.
‘I purchased this from Crystal Carol. It is quartz.’

Reputation Before Product:
Demonstrate this ethos to strangers, and they become more than visitors, they stay friends – forever.

I see this ethos being demonstrated by all of our community.

See You Soon

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