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During the early days of LizianEvents journey, two members of the community, Peter, and Debbie Thorpe; embellished the community’s ethos. In a conversation with Peter during the Lincoln Event, I realised his enthusiasm for the success of our community is without question. Debbie’s beautiful and unique work has universal admiration from visitors and community members. Crystal collectors take a bee line to Peter and Debbie’s crystal collection when visiting our shows. There is always something new to see, and of course, Peters’s and Debbies advice will always help visitors with their purchase. They are faithful and stalwart supporters of our community, kind and generous people who make a major contribution to our success.

Here we revisit their original ‘Exhibitor Profile’ – we all look forward to being together at the Newark Well Being Event 16 & 17 September.

Debbie at Work
Debbie at Work

Debbie has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Although destined for art school, Debbie chose a “sensible” career, becoming a secretary and working for a High Street bank. The early part of her life was dedicated to raising a family of three and caring for a menagerie of animals ranging from domestic dogs and cats to goats, chickens, sheep and horses. Once Debbie had nurtured her family, it was time to move on to her true spiritual path of Healer and Spiritual Artist.

For many years she has been a professional Wildlife artist and continued to work with horses. However, the time came to put her groom’s boots aside and become a Crystal Healer and work at MBS shows. She attained the highly respected Crystal Diploma provided by the SVA. Debbie is an established Reiki practitioner and has studied Aura Soma, Master Colour Healing and Quantum Touch.

Debbie’s artwork is intuitively connected to the highest spiritual level. Every client’s portrait is drawn from deep spiritual insight. She feels honored and privileged to draw your Spirit Guide during the shows and hopes that her beautiful portraits bring happiness and empowerment into her client’s lives. Her love of portraiture, nature and its magnificent creatures provides the most beautiful, inspiring and healing imagery. Debbie’s work has evolved from working as a professional artist, healer and many years of connecting on a deep intuitive/spiritual level.


Peter is a retired Chartered Accountant; He was Head of Finance at The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust. Having worked in nature conservation for the last 20 years of his life, Peter understands the message of preserving nature and he knows caring for our world should be a priority for us all. His main passions are watching wildlife and walking, especially in the wild places of Cumbria and Scotland.

Peter enjoys working with crystals alongside Debbie. They have built a solid reputation for providing quality stock and depth of knowledge. Aurora Crystals has traded for more than twelve years, and Peters appreciation of the appeal, infinite variety and beauty of crystals is evident to all who meet him.

When visiting Aurora Crystals, you can expect to find everything from natural specimens and clusters, to beautiful Herkimer Diamonds, Master Crystals, working crystals for healers, carvings of animals and crystal skulls, polished specimen pieces, spheres and a wide range of tumbled stones to suit all tastes and purposes. There are also written explanations to help the visitor make their choices. All this information is written by Debbie and is evidence of her long experience of working in this specialist field. If further advice is needed Debbie has prepared further notes for customers to take without charge. Visitors are encouraged to make choices based on personal intuition.

Crystal jewellery, from pendants to bracelets and original artwork is also for sale. Many examples of Debbie’s work can be viewed on Aurora’s stall. Crystals are sourced from a wide range of UK suppliers. Aurora’s stock is personally selected by Debbie, quality and resonance are paramount to her decisions. We carry an extensive range of crystals so customers can choose something which is personally pleasing. Whether you work with, place in your personal environment, wear or carry with you, crystals will help empower well-being and awareness.

Debbie has an enviable list of completed commissions; there is no doubt her work is of the highest quality. Her work demonstrates her ability as a consummate artist, the connection of kindness, artistic and spiritual ability shines through.

Aurora Crystals & Art established by Debbie and Peter Thorpe in 2005.


    • Debbie and Peter are stalwart Members of The Community. Peter looks after the amazing range of crystals and minerals. Debbie’s art has a deserved and enviable following of loyal customers. Enjoy talking to them at the show,

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