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Samantha Murdock writes about crystals:

She has an incredible award-winning WordPress Blog which is focussed on crystals, her love of cats and reflections of her life journey: Thank you for your superb contribution, Samantha.

As Clear As Crystal … 

When I was a little girl, maybe about three or four years old, I found a pretty stone in our garden. It was actually a little piece of flint, but it looked like a toffee, and holding it… I felt happy. My crystal interest was born…

But then, for quite a few years, Life got in the way, and it is only for the past two or so years that I renewed my acquaintance with crystals and began to learn a lot more  about how as well as just looking pretty, they are also quite useful too. I stepped through the metaphysical doorway into the magical rainbow world of Crystals, an entire spectrum of Mother Earth’s little gifts to help her children in their everyday lives.

Amethyst to absorb negative energy,  Citrine to add an uplifting sparkle, Rose Quartz for romance all the way through to Zoisite for zen …These beautiful stones are here to help. No longer dismissed as the province of the eccentric, crystals are perhaps more a part of everyday life than you would realise and not just as jewellery either.

Diamond tipped drills, gold-plated space paraphernalia, clear quartz in watches, lithium in antidepressants and calcite in lenses… so it shouldn’t be too much of an intellectual stretch to feel the crystal draw. How many of you have looked at or held a  pretty crystal and felt a little better? What you felt there was the beginnings of crystal healing…

Everything around us is composed of energy, atoms, molecules, that all vibrate at a particular level. We. Us. Humans – we are made of these energetic atoms too, vibrating, all part of the Universal grid of Life; however, if we are feeling depressed, or unwell, our own vibrations can be out of synch, out of time with the rest of the world and those around us.

Then the cornucopia of crystal wealth can come into play and re-tune our life energy: Citrine for that uplifting sparkle, Red Jasper for strength and determination, Smoky Quartz or Tourmaline for protection and Hematite for health… I generally carry Rose Quartz, a rough piece that was a gift from my son and has become my “totem” piece, Smoky Quartz for protection and Hematite and Pyrite to help with my back pain. Amethyst is another favourite, and I usually wear a pi-shaped pendant and a ring of this particular crystal. Clear Quartz, as might be expected from its name, helps to magnify the effect of any crystal it is used with, in addition to clearing your thoughts… you know what you’re doing with Clear Quartz around!

So then, when you hold a crystal, or put on a pair of Amethyst earrings or a Moonstone pendant, whether you are consciously or unconsciously linking yourself with the Universal energy grid, you are returning to the very dawn of humanity, using a method as old as Egyptian pyramids, as controversial as Atlantis…

Approach it with the open mind of a child.

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  1. Thank you Samantha, Lovely put. I also use crystals as part of my regression work to link to vibrations most effective. In fact when a client is under hypnosis and I pass a crystal to me they will talk about what the crystal is providing them at a soul level.

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