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Jenny is a most popular and long-standing Community Member. She always has a good word for her fellow Community and Visitors. With her lovely smile and obvious kindness, you only have to talk to her to feel at ease. You can meet Jenny at Nottingham-Trowell 5 – 6 May – See You There

Hi, my name is Jenny Hough, and I own Through The Looking Glass. Lizzie & Ian have been so kind and welcomed me with open arms into the Lizian Events Community. My 1st ever stall started right here with them. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity they have both given me. It is like a family unit.

Through The Looking Glass is relatively new. It started with an idea with a terrific friend of mine (who you will see at the events sitting with me) helped me find my path. I desire to bring different spiritual gifts, tools and knowledge to others who are also trying to find their way. I feel it is essential to observe many different ideas and thoughts as we seek spiritual insights and wisdom. The greater the blend, the more open-minded your views. And of course, there are many ideas, some which you will ‘feel’ is right and other’s which do not work. This is fine; it is the way of the spiritual journey.

In the same way, we sell a balanced mix of products on our stall: everything from lavender bags, chakra cloths, clothes, pre-loved and new books to incense, oil burners and tarot/oracle cards and bags. I’m always looking for new avenues, and some recently have caught my eye.

Some of my stock is handmade by Mandy and me. The bird-feeders that are all natural, Tarot/crystal bags, Talismans which are hand carved and even Runes. There are more to follow, and we are working on these new products for the next event. We are forever growing and moving forward with new ideas. So if there is something we don’t stock that you are looking for, please ask. We always listen to customers needs to achieve a greater variety of our stock.


As a qualified Crystal Healer and trained in Hopi Ear Candling I possess a good understanding of alternative healing. I believe it is essential to be able to have an insight of how to work with the products being sold. It is important for me to be a teacher of the old ways of spiritual awareness and wellness. The simple methods seem to have great merit, and so this is where I’m focussing my attention at this time.

During your visit to the show we’d love to talk to you, and if you only say: ‘Hi’: That’s fine, we don’t bite! We are all about sharing happiness and knowledge. One of my favourite sayings is ‘knowledge will set you free’.

We shall see you soon at the next LizianEvent!



  1. Bringing forward ancient awareness techniques, tools and medicine is the way forward. Well done,

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