I interviewed Jon at the Mansfield Show about his Weight Loss Workshop which he will present on Saturday 3rd of November at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show.



This is a superb opportunity for anyone who wishes to lose weight using the established and respected hypnotic band system. John has used the system in his clinic for the last four years achieving a 100% success rate. This is NOT a claim to be taken lightly. John has honed the system to perfection.

His generosity in providing this course for only thirty pounds is a measure of the man. Why not take up the opportunity to begin a new chapter of your life?

The Course Details

Our Shows are focussed upon ways of becoming a Well Being. One of the most significant problems facing our health is obesity. It is suggested that obesity is the cause of over sixty per cent of serious illness. As we all know, once weight is gained we have the devil’s job of losing the excess.

Some years ago a phenomena hit the headlines. It is a system of hypnosis which encourages the unconscious mind into believing the stomach has shrunk. And it works with fantastic efficiency.

John Richardson has worked to take the system to a highly refined and effective two-hour session. Yes! You should be skeptical, and it is an amazing claim to make: however, results are the key to success, and John has attained an excellent record of success.

“I’d like to give people the opportunity to take their life back,” says John “Imagine what it would be like to lose two stones over three to four months and keep on losing the pounds, week in and week out”.

John has enjoyed many successes in his clinical hypnosis practice:

“I’m a busy man; clinical hypnosis is a rewarding occupation. And I would like to give something back to my many friends old and new. I feel we have a responsibility to help our fellow humans and I can do this at The Lincoln Well Being Show”.

John has chosen to use the Lincoln Well Being Show to work with a group of people who would like to see themselves, fitter, healthier and slimmer. He has chosen to give a two-hour weight-loss workshop which will help those whose desire it is to lose weight. He will take the attendees through this highly refined and effective session. The objective is weight loss, and there is every reason to know the two-hour session will change your life.

“I know smoking is a difficult habit to break and I have helped many people stop lighting-up in a one-hour session. Like many clinical hypnotists, I feel smoking is the most difficult of all habits to break. I have an excellent record in breaking the need for the weed! Overeating is less of a problem than smoking, yes, there are differences. However, The Slimming-Band & Hypnotherapy Weight Loss System works on many levels and once the seeds of change are instilled within the personal sub-conscious magic will occur”.

Watch this video to find out more about John


John’s Website

Read John’s Introduction:



LEARN AND EXPERIENCE ALL THE BENEFITS OF JOHN RICHARDSON’S Original Hypno-Gastric Band Procedure – The UK’s #1 Slimming-Band & Hypnotherapy Weight Loss System – John says… The only way to achieve lasting weight loss is by changing the detrimental behaviours responsible for obesity: Making the significant lifestyle changes that induce stomach retraction. Therefore after much and careful consideration, and by successfully treating the many thousands of obesity sufferers who have sought my help, I can now reveal with confidence the secret of my success at The Feel Better Fast Clinic, The Original Hypno-Gastric Band  Procedure.

The Hypno-Band, or Virtual Mind Band, tricks the mind into believing the stomach has shrunk. Subsequently, the stomach itself retracts and after that eating smaller portions feels normal and, inevitability, natural weight loss takes place: Hypnotherapy is the fast and effective way of changing the detrimental behaviours responsible for obesity; 4LIFE!

The cost per person is just thirty pounds including a free cd & book which compliments the session.

If there is a weight problem, deal with it in this most effective way. Consider the possibilities, the changes, the health benefits. Do not think about being a supermodel or example of youthful wellness. Consider the gentle and effective loss of excess weight, made possible by allowing the mind to say “That is enough food for this meal, I do not need a portion this excessive, or the breakthrough ‘No dessert for me, I’m full’”.

One two hour session – One journey to freedom – John is giving something back to the world he loves: he says:

“I’m a busy man; clinical hypnosis is a rewarding occupation. And I would like to give something back to my many friends old and new. I feel we have a responsibility to help our fellow humans and I can achieve this at The Lincoln Well Being Show”.

Follow the link to John’s email for further information. Or you can book on the day during the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. This is what the Show’s are all about, helping Visitors to discover ways to become a Well Being.

See You Soon

Saturday 3rd November – Cost £30-00

John’s Website

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  1. Fantastic! A genuine way to LOSE weight WITHOUT horrid operations or stressful diets!
    Since our mindsets definitely affect our flesh bodies, that’s the obvious way to tackle this health problem … and become a Well Being again 🙂

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