Nottingham Show – Sunday – Doors Open

What a brilliant day yesterday: Full house and an amazing stream of Visitors all day. The Community must be proud of their achievements and this must be a powerful omen for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Our stepping stones to the future are taking us to our objectives.

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Nottingham Trowell Map

Shows Open

The Nottingham Trowell doors open at 10:00 close at 17:00 Sunday

Our Community will provide Visitors with an entertaining, exciting and enjoyable day or weekend. The talk schedule is concise and fascinating.

See You Soon

Alchemy Products
Angela Barker – Tarot
Campbell Wallace
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Divine I – Astrology
Ethically Gifted
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Health, Wealth & Happiness
Inner light Hypnosis
Jeaneil Therapies
JS Natural Therapies
Lizian Crystal Shop
Magic and Mayhem
Moonlit Pathways
Natures Workshop
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Sanctuary Reflexology
Soul Sisters
Sutton Healing Centre
The Witch’s Heart
Woodland Trust

Talks List
Nottingham Trowell Well Being Show – 20 & 21 Oct 2018

Saturday 20 October 

11.00: Jenn & Paul – Divine I – Astrology

Beyond the Sun Sign

12.00 Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols

Crystals, choosing and using – including a demonstration of using pendulums

1.00 Paula North – Isagenix – solutions to transform lives!

Do you struggle with sleep, need more energy or need to lose a few lbs?  come and hear how Isagenix can help you.

2.00 Craig Martin – Talismayic

How talismans, amulets and charms can be used in modern times to aid healing, spiritual connection and meditation; their strengths, abilities and divine connection.

3.00 Peter Wall – Innerlight Hypnosis

Peter dispels myths about hypnosis before a group Past Life Regression

4.00 Di Wall – Counselling with Cartouche

Ghosts, Ghouls and things that go bump in the night

Sunday 21 October

11.00: Jean & Neil – Jean & Neil – Jeaneil Therapies

Crystal healing – an introduction to how we use crystals for healing therapies

12.00 Teri Clayton – Pure Foods Fresh

The world’s most nutrient dense food – just landed in the UK – RAW!

1.00 Jacqueline Seddon – JS Natural Therapies

Reiki –  Interactive talk &  demonstration of use for self healing and others

2.00 Jurga Proudlove ~ doTERRA

Essential oils for health and wellness for you, your home and family

3.00 Peter Wall – Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis – what is hypnosis?  benefits of hypnosis for self help

4.00 Rick Paul – Spiritual Medium

Rick talks about his journey, his work and concludes with messages

Sunday 21 October:

3.00pm Carol Wallace ~ Crystal Carols

Crystal Workshop:  mini-workshop during which Carol will show you how to create crystal grids and how to balance the chakras using crystals – book your place with Carol at her stand.

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