Visitors are Explorers is the fourteenth most popular article here on LEN. It is an interesting observation of the way we see The Well Being Shows and the people who we call Visitors (the capital V is the difference).

There is an essence of exploration in spiritual attainment.

After typing the last sentence, I realise essence and spiritual are similar in meaning. The subject of this essay is about our work, and by our work I infer, the visitor, exhibitor and the individuals who decide to unite at our Well-Being Events. Liz and I do nothing other than providing a platform for our work.

I do not believe this can be done unless integrity and truth are the bedrock of our ethos. There is need to acknowledge the material, intellectual, emotional and creative aspects of our purpose. When we blend each of these ‘aspects’ together, we create something which works. If one is missing, ignored or demeaned the creative process cannot take place.

Liz and I fear failure; we fear it like a fool fears the Devil. And yet, we have to take risks, and we know everyone within our community is putting their trust in us. Your faith becomes an incredible responsibility, and all we can do to honour your trust; is to provide a platform for our community and work diligently with the resources available for us to succeed.

How do I interpret success? I will quote from a previous essay:-

‘Success is a knowledge of achievement. It is ongoing and ever-evolving. Success is reciprocal love, kindness, and endeavour. It has little to do with money; it is how others see us.’

Why should you visit our show?

Before continuing, it may be worthwhile to give visitors an identity; the word explorer comes to mind. Explorer’s search and venture into unmapped territory. What are we searching for? Kindness, giving, security, love, happiness, awareness, knowledge or wisdom. The answer is unknown, as there is no definitive solution to attainment. We could consider there is no answer, and this encourages us to accept our uniqueness. Rather than ask is this the way? We ask ‘What will strengthen my way, my confidence, my resolve? Why worry about another humans uniqueness? For example: –  When a woman’s shaman is another man’s occult symbol. (or) One man’s freedom is another’s idea of restriction. Why argue your standpoint? Acceptance is unified power and peace. Attempting to indoctrinate is bound to imprison the weak and cause discord.

Perhaps we may think about Attainment as Spirit-Well – Soul-Well – Body-Well or simply Well-Being. And acceptance is one of our greatest wisdoms. The explorer visits the Well-Being Event aware there will be much to admire and question. However, the explorer’s way is to mutually agree to respect the domain and accept all of us have a right to our beliefs and ideas. In this way, we benefit from the agreement of acceptance. We can laugh and cry at our mistakes; we can wonder within new ideas and revisit old concepts.

Many of our traditional ideas have become conflicted. Differing message’s and interpretation’s, confuse many who search for Well-Being. We are ordinary people with similar problems and difficulties. Most problems are founded in societies cultures and ideas. Millions say they do not believe in a God (any God) and worship their idols, sports, music, media and film celebrities. Are most stories in songs or films factual? Of course not, most are fiction, and the stories still have the power to influence. And the stories affect people who ridicule our desire to find alternatives. I hope you realise the inference of this, men are selective and do not see how much they depend on illusion and play acting. We explore the world to discover change, while many accept their world as progressive when the truth is their world is determined to enslave them.

I believe we can explore unconventional ways to navigate our lives. Our body is our most valuable possession, and the way we think enables us to use our bodies to its best advantage. Many of the ways society encourages us to live disadvantages us. These demands (for example; – debt, excessive work to purchase un-needed goods) damage’s our body and mind, we have a right to explore different approaches to become within peace. And the crowds follow poorly conceived ideas without question. Those who seek alternatives are often ridiculed by the masses who are small, and closed-mindedness makes them ignorant of their fate.

Allow me to suggest to you, being part of a minority demonstrates open-mindedness. Open-minded thinkers are more able to explore powerful ways to make beneficial changes to their lives. In fact, there is a paradox! It is possible by searching to discover how we resonate with, our planet, nature and fellow human beings. We find the answers to mysteries of everyday life which experts fail to see.

Every visitor who explores our well-being show enters a venue where we are connected by a common purpose: Which is becoming a well-being. If you are reading this, you will already be aware of the personalities and purpose of our exhibitors. You will also be a human with a comprehensive way of viewing your world. The outside world dictates and cajoles people into conformity. And enforced obedience can have sinister implications. Exercising the mind to go beyond imposed debt and short-term gain is a rebellious attitude. Yes, it is rebellious to be free from debt and desire to control our lives and destiny. The rebellion takes us nearer to well-being.

Consider this idea. What if the potential of our event is also a paradox? Although we are unified in purpose, our individuality is our strength. The idea that we accept the right for people to have diverse views is an amazing thought. And our interest in those ideas empowers our minds. The most beautiful gardens have various and well-cultured flowers. We do not have to like everyone, although we see the beauty of nature within them.

When we decide to specialise in a product, there must be a reason behind the choice. What makes a man make flutes, a trader travel hundreds of miles (or more) to source specialist goods, and another sell a product which can become an income or business? Every exhibitor has a story, and it begins with ‘How did you…?’ The answers may become enlightening and thought-provoking.

As you explore your event why not make a point of talking to a minimum of ten exhibitors? Why not make a point of talking to ten strangers? And when I write of talking, actually talk, consider the implications of mutual understanding. Here the magic begins, because we are turning visitors into friends. The magic I am writing about is this, the more we learn about different ideas, beliefs, and cultures, the better our chances of discovering happiness. There is strength in a feeling of well-being, bound and strengthened by many ideas, understanding the beliefs of others and searching unknown domains. Even if most of the ideas do not appeal, the common goal does, and it is a common objective which unites us.

At the Lincoln Well-Being Event, there will be exhibitors from every avenue of life. Fitness experts are talking about how to use their gym to best advantage. Aloe Vera experts are selling their products and demonstrating how it is possible to use their product to become financially secure. There will be excellent skin care products. You can have an Aura and Tarot reading. The twelve therapists will offer sublime treatments to ease your body into relaxation. A purchase of an individual crystal or a unique piece of jewellery. The choice of over twenty-five different retail stalls. There is without a doubt a whole day’s enjoyment and enlightenment. Every one of your exhibitors has something to give; everyone will find something to enjoy.


While on the subject of therapists and healers, do not restrict yourself to one treatment! Start with the feet and end with the head, and try different therapists and healers. Mix it and benefit. On the subject of mixing, we have a policy of mixing exhibitors. You will not find blocks of therapists, readers and retailers. The decision is to blend your exhibitors, and their ideas, gifts, arts, products, therapies allow the visitor to make their choice with more clarity. Come back to likening the event to a beautiful garden; all the beauty can be seen. A pink rose is not hidden by a red one. A fern is not lost among the greenery.

There are of course numerous talks, and we have blended the well known with some very eloquent new people. And finally, there are four workshops; two on each day, spiritual awareness, crystal healing, the power of mantra and Tarot. Each one will be well presented and enjoyable. Enjoy the day, a therapy or three, maybe a gift, a reading and some memories to take home from your visit.

There is no better reason to visit the Well-Being Show than to be amongst like-minded people. You should be in no doubt there is gratitude for your presence and time given to come to our event.

Release yourself from the mundane to Friday existence. Enter our WellBeing Shows and consider yourself an explorer – There are few of us brave enough to be open-minded these days.

See You Soon


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  1. And what a couple of days it was, 2018 was memorable in so many ways, this article speaks of diversity of thought and deed and so it proved to be with a wide range of stall holders, readers, therapists and stall holders all with a shared goal in helping all those that attended become a well being. I look forward to doing it all again in 2019.

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