‘Forward Progress’ is a mindset: Think about the two powerful words. Looking to the future with a progressive attitude is activating ‘Forward Progress’. The words are ambiguous and reinforce the mindset.

When a group of forward-thinking people work together, the progress of their task becomes more natural. By looking ahead at the plan or objective: And setting the project within the mind: it comes to fruition.


Here is the objective for this year’s Lincolnshire Well Being Shows:

Key Words for 2019 are “Friends – Family – Community”

We have an amazing programme for Visitors to enjoy at both 2019 Lincolnshire Well Being Shows. With over 50 talks and two days of stage entertainments: There will be even more to attract Visitors to this growing and exciting event. We are determined to look forward to a fantastic future for The Community’s shows. Progress is steady and offers great opportunities for The Community to promote their work.

Liz and Jon were promoting in Newark this week. They dropped into The Epic Centre to look at the new talk room facilities, ready to formulate the talk stage schedules. As this year progresses readers of LEN will enjoy more insights into The Community: The Shows: The Promotions.

As John Richardson said to me “Your Nottingham Show must have been amazing. The feedback I have received is incredible”. My reply to John was simple: “The Community are giving Visitors precisely what they want John. We listen to Visitors and Community to provide the best way to fulfil the demand”.

See You Soon

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