Shirley is an amazing lady and you can meet and work with her at The Newark Well Being Show. Shirley has become a popular and highly recommended Spiritual Counsellor. So if you are attending a Well Being Show book early for a reading:

Shirley’s resume:

I am a medium, clairvoyant, healer and Reiki Master. My gift is within my family, I am following in the footsteps of three generations of mediums, healers and trans-mediums.

My life experiences and lessons have at times been hard. On reflection, this has enabled me to use my gifts to help and guide others from all walks of life. Knowing to some degree, I have walked a similar path; my clients realise a real empathy will make our time together both fruitful and enlightening.

Shirley during a consultation
Shirley during a consultation

I was born in Liverpool and moved to Yorkshire at the age of twelve. I lived in Spain for seven years, and it was here I started a small and thriving spiritual sanctuary. I was sad to leave, although because of family commitments I returned to the UK.

I was approached to use my gifts and speak publicly at psychic fairs. I was also asked to give platform demonstrations. And for some reason, there seemed to be slight wavering in confidence. With this in mind, I sought guidance at The Arthur Findlay College at Stansted which provides various workshops. After choosing to specialise in Mediumship, Trance, and Trance Healing, the confidence to use my abilities flourished. I realise all that was needed was confirmation of my gifts by like-minded people. I now recognised where to focus my gifts and have never looked back.

The last group I participated in was Simon Goodfellow’s Advanced Mediumship; it was the ‘cherry on top’ of my work. And now I’m very much part of the public arena, and although, I sometimes still feel those ‘butterflies’; my belief in my spirit guides has never let me down. Our work never ends, every time we help a client, we learn a little more, this is the way of the spiritual journey.

The best way to explain my work is I feel I am an ambassador for spirit. I am passionate about my spiritual work and try to reach as many people and animals as I can, my job is to give guidance, closure, healing, empathy and hope for the future. When you are broken, you need a little help to be put back together, I know, I have been there. You see, life is eternal and no hurdle is fixed, and when asked, spirit will help and guide us through the darkness.

Shirley McEvoy

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Thank-you Shirley for your dedication to LizianEvents and being part of the success of The Community.

Further Comments:

Shirley demonstrates a dedication to the community spirit which is acknowledged as a guiding light to her character. There is no doubting her ability to share and praise the people she works with, in fact when reviewing Shirley’s social media comments; I read nothing but generous appraisal for other people. Shirley is a shining star of spiritual attainment; she gives selflessly. Shirley must gain great spiritual reward from her dedication to the happiness and success of all people. Visitors will no doubt ‘feel’ the generous and kind nature of this wonderfully gifted lady.

During a conversation, a respected colleague says: ‘I had an intriguing reading with Shirley. She asked few questions and knew my present situation. She offered a way of finding inner strength. I thought about her reading for some time and realised, I had to show XXXXX I would not bow to pressure. In answer to your question Ian I would have another reading with her. She is a lovely soul.’

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  1. Shirley is a very gifted lady helping a huge number of people wherever she goes… Make sure you have a word with her at Lizian Events shows! x

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