Before me are over sixty printed screenshots, they capture the words and titles of other websites. It is heartening to see the word ‘Wellbeing’ or the two words ‘Well Being’ on the sites because in previous screenshots taken of the same sites two years ago; there is no reference to the words Well Being or Wellbeing.

We enjoy the influence of our work; it establishes our ideas are on the right track. So today we announce another stage of our evolution. Our identity becomes “Well Being ~ Lifestyle Shows” Let us see how long it will be before “Well Being ~ LifeStyle Shows” becomes the signature on other sites. We lead and let us see how long it is before others follow.

This week we will announce the dates and venues for 2020 – 2021. We will also announce our the new price structure for the stalls. LizianEvents will be interested to discover if our new price structure is also followed with the same relish as our design is followed. 

We never hassle The Community. Our trading terms are fair. There is no demand to pay massive deposits months ahead of the show dates. All we do is open and follows well-defined parameters. We desire to offer The Community the best possible advantage’s to trade profitably. We chose to work with the best venues which will provide the scope to expand and deliver superb Visitor experience.

We care for The Community and its future. We can evidence our commitment to The Community and its success. Great venues, unsurpassed promotion, LizianEvents News, Instagram, Facebook page, Facebook Group and growing Twitter feeds. Readers can be sure we will not stop our relentless development of “The Well Being ~ LifeStyle Shows”.

The feedback from visitors is nothing short of astounding. Today I received congratulations on my LinkedIn private message board and email. We still see positive comments on our Facebook page’s two days after the doors close. Yes, we are gaining ground and Visitors are providing us with support for The Community and its work. 

It takes time to build a reputation. And every action we take has to reinforce the truth and integrity of our work. We have to ensure words become actions. The importance of the strength and wellbeing of the whole community is foremost in our objectives. Only by making constant adjustments and seeking the thoughts of our Visitors can we make the right moves. Of course, mistakes will be made. However, we have sufficient financial leeway to test the design.

Liz has visited two brilliant venues in South Yorkshire and Manchester. Both would suit our needs and be equal to the three show venues used for the shows. Indeed, Liz has pointed to the possibility of expansion in her video bulletins. After reviewing The Newark Well Bing Show, we feel pushing too far away from our home base would be the wrong move at the present time.

And here we use the review of last weekends Newark Well Being Show to guide us for the next year or so, and the choice is to have six shows during the year. And we will use The Epic Centre – Lincolnshire Showground, Nottingham’s Jubilee Conference Centre and The Lady Eastwood Centre at the Newark Showground. The Lady Eastwood is a large building which has just received a one million pound revamp. It will become the home of a 150+ stall event during 2020 ~ 21. We have already tested the viability of the new venue, and you can be assured something special is about to happen.


The Community success and future is part of the design of this series of “Well Being ~ LifeStyle Shows”. We are a Community driven organisation, our stall price structure is fair. Our terms and conditions are reasonable and transparent. 

We have chosen to build six great “Well Being ~ LifeStyle Shows” in three superb venues. The reputation for the quality and prestige of The Community’s work is becoming acknowledged by their Visitors. 

The Newark Well Being Event has taught many lessons. From our perspective, the future of the “Well Being ~ LifeStyle Shows” has unlimited potential. Those who join us will be part of creating a unique series of events which will entertain and captivate our Visitors.

See You Soon

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  1. Great stuff.

    The issue of expansion is a judgement of Solomon. On the one hand the argument for organic growth is strong, not least because, anecdotally, visitors to one show will go to another – if it is within striking distance. On the other, formats which work tend to work. The difficult bit is visitors.

  2. I can’t tell you in the right words what an emotional impact this last weekend has had on me, I look forward to the ongoing evolution and i will do everything I can to promote and be involved in it, Bright blessings and thank you as always for your efforts. Rick.

  3. If we, the Community Members, pull our weight selflessly, and regularly do our utmost (Not just ‘a bit’ = one click!) to CONSTANTLY promote not only yourselves, BUT our colleagues’ work too, we shall ALL BENEFIT individually… as we help offer our potential Visitors a colourful array & vibrant tapestry of exciting, intriguing & potentially very helpful products, talks & service!

    They won’t be able to resist the TEMPTATION to definitely improve their Life, physically , mentally and spiritually, THANKS TO our LIZIAN EVENTS!

    Liz & Ian are always several steps ( & years!) ahead … They are mapping the next sensible but forward thinking moves FOR OUR OWN GOOD…
    They have proved beyond any doubt how transparent and selfless their dedication is… leading to great progress within a short time!

    The copy-cats trying to pinch their ideas as well as their/ our Show names, can be seen as a COMPLIMENT and ACCOLADE! (One ‘copycats’ success not failures!)

    With Lizian at the helm, I look forward to 2019, 2020, 2021 etc…
    And to meeting not only even more new Visitors and ‘Seekers’ , but also more varied stallholders with the same ethos and desire to help!

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