Hours Many Hours in The Week are Yours? 

Jane Osborne has put together a full weekend of empowerment and craft workshops.  Pause for just a moment and think, Given the time and effort you put into others, do you to take equal time to get the best out of YOU?”

This weekend is all about finding yourself. Unplug from the chatter of everyday life, relax in the beautiful surroundings of the woodland, and allow your creative mind to bring forward your full potential.

Tucked away in the forest the spacious log cabin sleeps 12. Jane prefers small groups of eight so there is plenty of room and time for you to explore your own goals and aspirations with the tutors working with her during the weekend.

One of the many workshops in the November Empowerment Weekend is how to create a vision board.  Easy but how many of us have done it?

Time does not stand still, and time cannot be replaced so why do we give it away so freely? Ever wondered what you could achieve if you focused on just you?

“Vision without action is merely a dream.”
 – Joel Barker 
Create a Powerful Vision Board

Create a vision/mood board with beautiful photos from magazines and collate them to create a vision board. This is a super powerful way to help you manifest your visions and dreams. It sounds crazy, is very simple, and it works by focusing on your dreams and goals.

Not only is it a way for you to tap into your creativity and dreams, but it also helps you to gain total clarity and focus on what you WANT to create in your life.

What is a vision board?

They have many names vision/mood board, goal/dream boards. They are a very powerful tool to support you in connecting with yourself, that subconscious part of your mind that knows what you want.

It can help to motivate you to take your life to the next level. Focusing on intentions you want to create in your life; what you want, need, value, how you want to feel, what you want to see, do or experience.

Who are they good for?

Anyone! And that includes you. You don’t have to be a Captain of Industry, it could be as simple as finding one night a week for yourself. It is about realising what time is spent on, and what portion of that time you give, to your own goals. All you have to do is take a little time out to create space for your own creativity, which will bring clarity to many corners of your life. You don’t have to be good at art, just bring your ideas along.

Vision board are more powerful than just writing down your goals down on paper. Why? Because it feeds your subconscious mind. Every time you see the board, it will remind you of your aspirations as they come to life in your head.

Visualisation is the formation of a mental image of something, and the more you bring these visions into your imagination and feel the emotion behind it, the faster you align your energy with what you’re wanting to attract into your life. This is the Law of Attraction.

As your achievements and life balance changes, so will your board evolve for nothing is permanent.

Having a board can help you create a plan of action for achievements. By doing this you are paying attention to your dreams and goals and you are taking a step forward toward growth.

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