The Power of Changing Your Thought Pattern – The other night I sat in the quietness to relax and meditate. During this time, I experienced what I can only call a message that is to be collectively shared.

We live in fear and are so conditioned with judgement from school, religion or even our parents. But know that in in our mind we are deserving and of great worth, even though we constantly go searching for answers and reassurance.

I wonder if you have reached a low in your life and wondered about miracles and how do you go about making a miracle. Can you go out and watch a sunrise because this is an absolute miracle? When you look around and see the flowers grow, smell the fresh air and feel the rain on your skin you realise that heaven is right here.

While we all aim to connect, we forget that we are already connected to spirit, and It is so incredible to be in this realm and to be alive. That there is no death and there is no judgement. When we pass from this life we are going to be embraced by loving arms and asked what we learned because we are all unique yet a collective oneness of experiences, creations and learning.

The message to me during meditation was that we are all connected, and it is our inability to embrace it and realise it that holds us back.

I asked, when so much of our society struggles day to day there seems little time to help and assist others or make a difference. The reply was this “if you only take ten minutes a day to be still so that you can reconnect and remember who you are. Everything is in divine order, let go of the fear and doubt, that there is not enough”.

When we realise this, we begin to accept that “you are enough by simply being you”. By showing up in light and love, by energetically taking care of yourself and those around you. We will probably never make enough money but if you sit back and realise that energy is just money will it make you any happier one way or the other? These are just things, and money is not who you are. To clarify this, you are not the job, you are not your partner, you are not the shoes or the clothes that you wear. You are all of it, you are that that you are, you are the divine and you are enough just the way you are.  You make your contribution in the world by simply being you.

By letting go of control and expectations and comparisons you begin to realise that when you get in the river and fight the current the harder you try to swim you sink. When you relax and let go, allow the flow of the current to take you exactly where you are meant to be. The harder you fight the harder you sink.

When we relax and accept our situation, we realise that there is an order in the universe and we are exactly where we are meant to be to create and make peace and joy for everyone because as a collective, we are powerful enough.

Humanity is now awakening, and we are doing this worldwide, our bit of the whole of this experience is enough.

Never underestimate the power of change. 


  1. Thank you for providing me the platform to air my views. We are all back and winding down from one of our Mystic Magic in the Forest Retreats. This time a relaxing healing retreat but we have many for November packed with workshops and entertainment.

  2. Lovely article Jane and my comment on Linked in was life is simple, isn’t it. There is a tendency from many people to overcomplicate things. My advice to everybody I meet is to just be the genuine authentic you that you are meant to be. Bless you as always much love Rick.

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